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  1. bullshit thats enough, I can say that there is a new camero coming out in 2005 with 450hp but it doesn't mean shit unless I can prove it.
  2. 2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1:
    Splitting the difference between GT and Cobra, the Mach 1 touts a 4.6-liter DOHC V-8 that produces 300 horsepower. Performance is enhanced with new spring, re-valved Tokico struts and shocks, unique anti-roll bars, and frame rail connectors to stiffen the body. Behind the 17-inch Magnum wheels hide Brembo brakes, wired for antilock and traction control. The Mach 1 is further distinguished from the GT by a functional "shaker scoop," low-gloss black trim, woven leather seats, aluminum interior trim, and, of course, a Mach 460 sound system. Mach 1 will be offered in Oxford White, Black, Torch Red, Zinc Yellow, Azure Blue, and Dark Shadow Gray finish.

    from motor trend online.

    I couldn't find anything about any of the other mustangs you are talking about.
  3. aren't the best mustangs u can buy roush and saleens??? or are u just talkin about stock mustangs.
  4. Im not listening to jaguar anymore he is a dumb shit, the mach 1 is 300 HP... just 90 shy of the SVT cobra... YES the best mustang is the saleen 5 which tops off at 500 Horsepower. And by the way i believe the svt cobra and the cobra R outaccelerate the m3... sad BMW beaten by ford

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    Sad a Z06 can kill this

    o and hot boxer way2fast4you is talkin about his nsx not an m3 about seatin 5! and i think m3s only seat 4?? at least i thought so..but i might be wrong
  6. jaguar x are you paying attention at all i said svt cobra is fastest mustang CURRENTLY BEING BUILT and i did mean by ford for production. the xj220 if i am not mistaken was twin turbo.and like i said the c5r did not runin the 2002 rolex 24 the vette you were talking about was AGT CLASS A SLOWER CLASS THAN GTS of coursethe jag would beat it and i am pretty sure you meant it won the gts title for that race because i don't think it ran any more races after that (quitting while they are ahead)

    so guys do you think jag x is paying attention yet?
  7. yup ur right my car, hey what car do you have im sure its not bad
  8. You're such an asshole. You're obviously just reading what you want to read... I never said you started the thread, numbnuts.

    Soo... how much did mommy and daddy spend on your NSX? What, $90K+? With the hp that the NSX puts out, that's got to be one of the worst bang for the buck buys in the automotive world.

    Maybe if you're good this year, mommy will buy you a Z06, so you can beat every single car you ever pull up next to.

    And maybe daddy will buy you a clue.

    LOL... lack of automotive knowledge, huh? Test me, #$%#head. Any time.

    May you wrap your NSX around a tree. And no matter how much money mommy and daddy have, you'll always be an asshole.
  9. i have a 94 ford escort, im 18...its alright for what i need it for right now(beatin the $hit outta it) but when i get into college and get some money saved i want to buy something i can fix up. I want to buy an old muscle car or i might opt for the tuner type but im not really sure yet.
  10. Re: Sad a Z06 can kill this and yes it can.

    may you wrap your nsx around a tree and matter how much money your momy and dady have youll still be a ass hole.
  11. no, the GT,2003 cobra,saleens,roush and hopfully the s197 in 2005.
  12. don't understand you people who starts these treads, why must every single performance car be compared to another one? oh this car can smoke this one blah blah blah. the only reason why this M3 is in the car magazine you read and other forums is that its unique, its different from other cars, and so is the Z06. And comparing car thats not even in the same category and class, is like comparing apples to oranges. There's really no comparasion of both cars. both cars has it's own individualism. Or whoever started this is very ignorant fool.
  13. Look, don't jank on the Z06. It is a stud car. Yes, in simple acceleration, it will inch by the CSL M3. I think that's cool and all, but what I find more impressive is that the Z06 has a monster V8 and this car has a modest 6cyl. That is what makes the M3 so cool. That and the fact that it is almost perfect for the track. Z06 is cool, but M3 is AWESOME.
  14. Well thank you VERY much for the warm wishes (rap your NSX around a tree) but guess what that will never happen...coz i never go above 150 AHAHHAHAAHAHAHAH

    P.S. not only is the z06 a monster on the drag, JUST LOOK UP THE HANDELING PLEASE WOULD YOU PEOPLE!!!!! for gods sake LOOK UP THE dAMN HANDELING and see that it just makes the m3 look sad in the handeling depo.

    P.S.S. no, my nsx-t was 78,900 out the door baby
  15. wait so its Chevrolet's fault that BMW cant produce a V8 without it having to weigh 4300 pounds I.E 7 class ? the reason these are in the same category is because the cost is somewhat comparible...although the z06 is about 90-100 thousand cheaper LOLOLOL <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  16. that post made no sense. If you are complaining about how BMW's are heavier than Chevy's, consider this, BMW's have much more solid and better build quality and they have much more luxery equipment. And the fact they are heavier, have smaller engines and are nearly as fast most chevies just makes them more impressive. And what car where you comparing price to the ZO6 I don't remember seeing anyone mentioning ferrari's in this thread and the CSL if produced would not cost more than the Z8 and probably not more than the M5. Don't get me wrong I love Chevy and I love the ZO6 but get a fukin clue.
  17. Haha I come here in the indies for a good laugh
    Oh JaguarX I hope you're joking for most of your post
    if not you're talking out of your ass
  18. he isn't joking, beleive me.
  19. when you have family working in a car company you get to hear and see some things.
    It was printed in a Ford Magazine, that the 2003 or 2004 Mustang Bullit would be 400 HP. It will be a late 2003 model.
    the mach I stock (without supercharger) is more powerful than the cobra, which is around 250.
    the mach III (name could change) will be the supercharged version of the mach I.
    Mach I seen at the NY autoshow 2001.
    Thus you prove to me, that the Cobra isn't the best mustang.
    then comes the bullit, with codename GT390.
    Seen in the LA autoshow in 2000.
    390 meaning the 390 horsepowers it will give stock.
    Though we all know that ford likes round numbers.
    example Ford 3.0 engine is 200 HP with 200 lbs/torque.
    expect this 5.0 to be 400 hp, with 400 lbs / torque, or at least close to it. (390, 350 in last figures)
    the bullit will be out in 2003. Couple months after the mach I.
    These are next years cars, not 2005.
    the 2005 Mustang Model Year, will also see the Trans Am 6.3L block engine. Which is basically the Corvetee killer with 700 HP.
    see jaguar XKR trans am, for the engine spec, is has the same engine.
    Plus there will be a limited edition bullit with a big block engine, probaby 5.4L. Which will by far surpass 400 hp.
    Also call the Bullit GT, shown in 2001 at san franciso nicknamed McQueen 001.
    Guess some people haven't been reading Car and Driver or haven't been going to car shows.
  20. ok first off i want to say that i think its ok to compare the std M3 to the Z06, i dont see any reason not too. But since we dont have any performance numbers for this car,(CSL), its hard to say anything with certainty. If you want to compare the std M3 to the Z06, the Z06 wins in almost all categories. Im getting the following statistics from R&T, according to R&T the Z06 and the std M3 have the same 0-60 at 4.7 but then the Z06 pulls away at 0-100 doing 10.8 and the M3 having 11.6. Now if we go to the issue of handling which some of you are too quick to give to the M3, the M3 gets .91g on the skidpad and the Z06 gets .97g. Now i want to put some of these insults towards the Z06 to rest. I remember someone calling the Z06 a "white trash car"? i dont know where you live but around here white trash cars are burnt out 20 year-old pick up trucks not $50,000 sports cars. I dont know of many low class people that can afford a $50,000 car. the Z06 costs as much as an Audi A6 4.2L V-8. Most of the people you see driving corvettes are old guys or young rich kids not some farmer named bubba. Now some people say the build quality is shit? Where are you getting this from cause ive never read it in any car mag or consumer guide on cars. In the latest consumer guide, they put the pros and cons of the corvette. the pros were Acceleration, Steering/Handling, and Instruments/controls the cons were fuel economy, ride, and rear visibility. and the car got the award for best buy in its class. so saying the car cant handle or thats its made out of cheap materials is just unfounded prejudice against american cars and has no truth to it.
  21. handling and price, the Z06 is far better.
    everything on paper looks beter for the Z06, except maybe fuel economy. the csl has no luxury options. So you can't even say that.
    However, for a 6 cylinder, it's a super car.
    Also to note, this BMW has a lap time of 8 seconds (car design news)
    designed at a limited production model in 2003, with a hefty price tag
    to note, the Mustang Bullit in 2002, had the following spec:
    412 HP and 390 Ft/Lb Torque; granted it had a supercharged.
    Yet again, a Mustang faster than the Cobra, even with a 4.6L engine. 2003 version will come with a 5.0
    sources: , car and driver, edumunds, ford exclusive magazine
  22. you realize that the whole argument was over current mustangs right? Out of all the currently available mustangs the Cobra is the best and fastest with 390hp and IRS. Its also funny how you are the only one who has access to the info on mustangs that don't exist yet and not even magazine have been saying anything (except in concept form with no specs) about the cars you just listed off

    and this

    the Mustang Bullit in 2002, had the following spec:
    412 HP and 390 Ft/Lb Torque; granted it had a supercharged.

    I just went to and that is a PROJECT vehicle not a production vehicle from ford.

    and this

    the mach I stock (without supercharger) is more powerful than the cobra, which is around 250.

    which car has 250hp? the cobra has 390 and last I checked 250 isn't higher than 390.
  23. the project cars, were the basis of the new mast produced bullit.
    the cobra with 390 hp, is actually supercharged, not stock
  24. Just having money doesn't mean that a person isn't trashy.

    It's been well established that General Motors build quality is not the best in the world. Having said that, they have made incredible strides in build quality over the last few years, so this may be an invalid point.

    The car can handle... but it is made from cheap materials. How can it not be? A $50K car that performs like the Z06 (or even a standard 'Vette), has to be made that way. If the Corvette had the interior fit, finish, and amenities of a Mercedes, it would cost more like a Mercedes.

    None of this takes away from the Corvette, it's still a great sports car. But there is some truth to this "unfounded prejudice".

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