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    #$%#ing bullshit! yes the supercharged cobra is stock because ford puts the #$%#in thing on there and there is no option to NOT have it, therefore its STOCK. Is the F-150 lightning not stock? The definition of stock is something that retains is original equipment installed by the manufacturer. Do you really think ford would put a warrenty on a car that wasnt stock moron?

    ford does not have contracts with most of the companies that have parts on this particular car. the only supercharger ford puts on thier vehicles including jaguar and aston martin are eaton superchargers, not centrafugal vortech's. jesus man you get less beleiveable every second.
  2. ok X someone doesnt have there facts str8.\

    1. the new 03 cobra stock has 390HP
    2. there will be NO buillt in 03-04
    3. the buillt only make around 270HP

    now i have no clue where you are getten this but the cobra is called stock with the supercharger CUZ IT COMES FROM THE FACTORY DAMNIT.
  3. Alright this is F****** pissing me off!!! The BMW may be the more luxurious car but if you want to talk speed from 0-60 and through the quarter the Z06 will hammer the sporty luxo-car. The 2002 corvette Z06 has a #$%#ing amazing 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds. Look it up if u dont believe. But wait there's more.....lets check out the power to weight ratios....Zo6=7.69 lbs. per hp BMW CSL=8.15 lbs. per hp. I dont give a #$%# how good Germans build and modify cars, the facts state that the Z06 is simply faster than the BMW CSL M3! And no I'm not a redneck just trying to give props to American tell the truth I dont have a favorite out of these two just tired of false information being spread. Thx for reading!!!
  4. the Z06 will kill this yes.
    and luxury, this is not a luxury BMW model, it's a lightweight.
    everything has been taken out.
    almost like that special edition Mustang, that came out a yearor two, which had nothing both two seats as its interior, no radio, and no ac. Same thing is here. "Basically the cost for higher performance."
    For a 6 cylinder car, it does give a nice punch.
    this beemer will kill any stock GM 6 cylinder!
    As per handling, i believe that the z06 will handle better. Lower speed, the BMW will be better due to its low weight.
  5. good now we all agree that the z06 hammers this, and yes we do have numbers for this damn car, before posting REad the god damned previous posts ass holes, i posted a link with csl's data, now look back and click on the link to see that the z06 SLAUGHTERS the m3 csl PEACE OUT MOTHAFUCKAS
  6. I would really like to know of any worthy publications that say the Corvette is made out of cheap materials, cause ive never seen it in any car magazine or consumer guide on cars. In a recent consumer guide, they commented on the pros and cons of the corvette and the instruments and controls were a PRO attribute to the car. and some people say the handling isnt up to par and that is just an uninformed guess since all the car magazines talk about the superior handling of the corvette
  7. Usually those remarks are made in comparison to previous Corvettes. The 'Vette is not cheaply made, but it is more cheaply made than the CSL. Sorry, but it's the truth. I've test driven them both (though I can't afford either because my mommy and daddy are poor), and the M3 blows the Corvette away in terms of fit and finish.

    The handling of the Z06 has gotten very good reviews. That part, no one can argue with. But I place no stock in numbers. So it pulls a zillion g's on the skidpad... does it communicate with you? I'm skeptical that way with all cars, though, not just the Corvette.

    All in all a great car!

    I'll still take the M3, though.
  8. i'm still amazed at the amount of posts, this topic had.
    I think it's time to wrap it up too.
    Z06 has a faster 0-60.
    So in a drag race, the clear winner is the Z06.
    In a track, the Z06 has more G's so we'll say handling is better.
    However the BMW is lighter, requiring less effort to handle the vehicle.
    Which basicall means is this.
    In a race between the Z06 and the M3 CSL, with both professional drivers, the Z06 will win.
    Then, a race between the Z06, and the M3 CSL with normal drivers, the BMW will have a slight advantage. Will it be enough to beat the Z06? perhaps.
    price advantage goes to the Z06.
    Also to note: On paper, the Z06 virtually clean sweep the M3 CSL.
  9. well of course the M3 is better built i never said that it wasnt, im just saying its incorrect to say that the Z06 is poorly built. but yeah compared to the Z06 the M3 is more luxurious but we dont really know what kind of luxury features were sacrificed to make the CSL faster. I dont know if you read the article but like JaguarX said in a previous post the car is a lightweight, that means they've taken out some of the usual luxury features that can be found in the standard M3.
  10. all yah need to hush dude, the CSL can hang with the z06 but when both cars are in high gears the z06 will just waistttt the CSL, the z06 is superior in every way, GUESS WHAT BMW LOVERS, the z06 has more options than the CSL... hhahahaha the z06 is more luxirious than the csl HOW PATHETIC IS THAT ? god damn, bmw embaressed itself with this one...... wow wow wow... BOW DOWN TO THE Z06 YOU LIL ho ass CSL
  11. stfu, u don't own non of this... beside the CSL hasn't been giving out to test or even manage to have a 1 production CSL yet because it hasn't been done.. and they only have 5 prototype right now with only 1 working and testing in the world... what u seen in those pages for specs and stuff is wrong, even a regular 2002 M3 can manage 4.7 sec from 0-60. u think the CSL with almost 500 pound lighter would only manage to do 0.1 second better? u dumb ass? use ur fukin brain no? drive ur fukin cheap ass acura no?
  12. first of all the most consistent time for an m3 is 5.0 sometimes 4.9 on a nice cool windy day. and yeah the csl with just 17 more hp will do 4.6 -4.7, so who is the dip shit now? oh and my cheap acura nsx costs more than anyone would give for your life
  13. Yeah, we all know how much better you are than the rest of us mere mortals.

    Shut the #$%# up, and get help for your god-complex. You may be a spoiled #$%#ing bratty rich kid, but your shit still stinks.
  14. As for talking about those numbers really being in a straight line. I must ask why anything else really matters. Sure if were talking about track times go route for your bmws our your porsches. Dont get me wrong there nice and id take one but when ur on the street and someone pulls up to u do u tell them hey lets go hit the track this saturday or #$%#$ you lets see who hits the next light the fastest?!?!
  15. yeah but we are talking about which cars are better overall not just 1/4 mile drag race speeds because they mean almost nothing about the quality of a car. some stupid suped up civic may be able to go faster down a straight street but when you try to make a turn and it flips over and falls apart its no good
  16. All I have to say is that this post has gone too far. The Z06 will indeed beat this car. (I'm a BMW fan too of course) This says nothing though. The two cars have no reason to be compared. They're in different classes. Therefore, there is no reason to get pissed off at one another because someone is dissing your favorite car. It doesn't matter who beats who in this situation.
  17. eat poo of men
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    ok here is the entry list for the 2002 rolex 24 if you look at this you will see that there were no gts class corvettes entered none the c5r is gts class it didn't race and then ther is the results the jag won the gts class for that race but corvette has been dominating the season like i said the vette the jag beat was a car from a slower class i have checked the stats of both cars (also below)the horsepower and torque numbers ar wrong on the vette though they are for the old 6 liter version since they switched to 7 liter it makes about 550 torque and 700 hp. the jag is no match for the c5r
  19. yah the vette c5-r is really dominating the gts class right now.

    if you look at the history of the c5r there was a period when it was substantially less successful. its good that they started pouring in some more funds into the car so it runs better.

    i thought the c5r made 650 horsepower?
  20. I don't think so.

    The R8 develops 620hp , that is what makes me think the C5-R can not have more.
  21. but the r8 is a LMP 900 car isn't it? so it weighs substantially less.

    i'm pretty confident in the statistic that it has 650 horsepower. i remember reading a review over it.
  22. I remember seeing similar numbers to what blaze is saying in several magazines (or online, I can't remember)
  23. Too true. Well said.
  24. ashenshadow, you state that going in a straight line isn't the true performance of a road car, but the nurburging time.

    well the standard corvette gets beat by the standard m3 on nurburging aby about 5 seconds.

    now the CSL can beat that by 30 seconds with a 300 lb weight loss and 17 horsepower gain and some suspension work.

    can the z06?

    ah yes i will quote the EXACT remarks on the quote after two rounds around nurburging posting times of 8:44 and 8:52 respectively:

    time is slower at 8m 52.63 and the car's so hot when he gets back you can't stand near it. Smoke is billowing from the wheel arches and the rear of the car is covered in a film of transmission oil. As a precaution the 'Vette is gently driven to and fro to prevent the brakes and other parts from welding themselves together. he comments that the tires also got way too hot and lost grip but that though it was quick, it was grossly overgeared and underdamped. 'It was bottoming out everywhere," he noted.

    article taken from a top gear.
  25. I remember when they're was like 2 pages to this CRAP can I getta MOD MOD!!!!

    as for the Z06, not a race car
    the bmw is not a race car stop acting like they'll see each other in the Cart race.

    To lifestyle 2 buyers, which is better ask the person with no eyes or ears then you'll get an unbias answer and for what your still gonna think 1 way or the other

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