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Discussion in '1989 Mazda RX-7 GTUs' started by skylinegtr33, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. should i buy it

    I can getone of thease but its a gxl for like 3500 it has 50k on it shold i get it.
  2. what year?
    If its a 89' or newer with that many original unturned back mileage, then its a pretty good deal. GXL has the larger brakes, and it may even have the LSD dif. Also, it depends on the condition of the paint. whether it was garage kept or repainted are also concerns.
    If its all good, then offer him 3,000, but be willing to take 3,500.<!-- Signature -->
  3. no, the GXL is heavier and slower you should be able to find a GTU or a Turbo 2 for that kind of money or less<!-- Signature -->
  4. hey realm you know if your that high up then you are loosing about 12% of your engine power. I know I'm up in Salt Lake were I'm loosing mine. Just FYI.
  5. Although the GXL is heavier bc it has extra garbage, the GTU doesn't have 4-pot calipers up front like the GXL. The turbo II would be great if you could find one with that little mileage. however, if you can't find a turbo with 80,000 or less, you should prob stay away. the turbo II's are more prone to blowing apex seals, especially if not properly maintained. good luck man and long live the 13B<!-- Signature -->
  6. Its your choice, and your first car(i guess) Maybe it would be worth getting something not so high on performance(but this has alot for its age)would be a good idea, but not Daewoo sort of performance :p a late 80's early 90's are good for firsts, i wanted a 1988 Silvia K's 1.8 but then changed my mind when i saw an ad for a Trans-Am Bandit fullr restored for 13,000AUSD(sweet) so i gotta save up another 4 grand and it's mine baby, so you see it's all about personal choice and taste good luck finding that beast you want..<!-- Signature -->
  7. Re: hey i have GXL

    Hey man i bought a 1986 mazda rx7 GXL it for like $1500 CANDAIAN, it needed a new engine so i put a new one in for around $1300 canadian. now it runs perfect, it has all options expect for A/C, it leather and its a 2+2, meaning 4 seater. Should i keep it, its in perfect condition, no rust no accidents, 2nd owner. Are these cars any good<!-- Signature -->
  8. Re: hey i have GXL

    rx7's kick ass, consider getting your car ported e.g bridgeport, tallport etc, and be amazed with the increased performance. also watch your friends get pissed off when they find out that your car is only 1300cc!
  9. go visit there a thred that has the listing of all the features available twards the rx7's, it's a very helpful thred. me personally, would chose a GTU, stiffer suspension, and handles great, or you could find a TII model. TII gets you more hp.
  10. Re: hey i have GXL

    Or you could be like me a buy a 1984 Rx-7 13b-Turbo, extended port,3 inch through out, extractors, blow off valve, dump pipe,boost control and pod filter. All this for $8500 Aus. It will make your friend wonder why they brought a thrashed out 5 litre.
  11. Re: hey i have GXL

    Bridgeport severely effects driveability and gas mileage, and is usually only for racing cars only. It's not a good idea for a daily driver. Also, depending on emissions testing in your area, you would most likely fail emissions with a bridgeport.

    However, that seems like a good deal, depends on what year the car is. Altough the GXL is heavier, it comes with many technological advantages over the base model, so I'd say get it. That's a decent price for the mileage.
  12. what is bridgeport?
  13. Re: hey i have GXL

    you can expect to get over 100000k out of a bridge port(BP), it just depends how you treat it and what sort of quality the port is. Here in NZ race rotors use PP's (Periphial ports) also road cars use them, my mate has an RX3 with a 13b PP. And who cares about milage! You can get around 350k per tank(55L) on the open road.

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