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  1. stiffing up the chassis. i have not driven very many american vehicles lest a few. most that i have driven inspire the tail first type driving style. depending on how your car does, i would suggest larger anti roll bars (again depending on how you like your car). on my car i have the rear anti-roll bar larger tha the front. strut tower braces, and tie bars would be good too. roll bar gies some good stiffening and safety (make sure to get them tested). is the car lowered? perhaps a camber kit with some fine tuning to get your own feel. again i do not know the mechanics of the trans-am, so i dont know if any other modifcation for use would be needed to make room for other componenets. of course brakes are a must. a higher redline is always better to, but i dont think the trans-am could really handle it.
  2. ah ic. this is really like talking across forum posts. i replaced the stock engine from mine and ripped the sr20de from a nissan sentra spec-v. it has a hybrid turbo package made more for instant response than huge horsepower. it has a piggyback nismo chip for better engine management and better fuel delivery system. better wheels and a s-15 silvia front finish the external modifcation. i have most of the suspension modification that i listed.

    as i said my e.t. time is not that fast, but fast enough for me and runs mid 13's.

    i am in the process of collecting funds for better block internals to make it rev higher and a functional spoiler.
  3. thats sweet. u got me right now. I am up around the hig 14s. I have a new elderblock pro cam on the way and lt4 aluminum heads. I have a program called desktop dyno. with these mods I should be around 350 hp. If u want the program i can send it to u. it si very accurate and has just about every block made. u can put on turbos nitrous, new cams, heads, change the compression and many other things. if you want it I will email it to you. it is about 1 mb.
  4. ah i went to sleep the other night. but its cool but i dont feel like posting my email on a forum to have a bunch of people email me stuff. do you use aol instant messenger? you could send it through me through there.
  5. not on my new computer. I do have msn instant messanger. if not you can send your email adress to me at [email protected]
  6. Hey, I want in.
  7. o well #$%# it i think my email is posted under my screename anyways.

    its [email protected]
  8. sorry guys I cannot send the program. download Kazaa media and download it from there.
    hey blaze, i just got done putting in my pro cam and my eibach springs. it should be ready to drive tommrow as soon as I put the engine back in the car.
  9. that's pretty cool. is that your car in the icon near your name? did you do the paint job yourself?
  10. ok look.... American cars are on top... im runing 10's and still get 15+ miles to the gallon... so b4 u talk... shout ur mouth and do ur homework b4 u post again... thank you....and the Corvette will take this thing out in road course.. the '02.... try beating the handling of the vette<!-- Signature -->
  11. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from sr20deth</i>
    <b>Really if American cars were any good at all don't you think they would have them exported all over the world in vast numbers with people lusting after them and everyone wanting to own one????? wouldn't that be great for the American economy.

    Obviously this isn't the case. I have never seen an American car company outside of the US making and selling american cars to a foriegn market. I don't think anyone outside the US wants an american car, wonder why that is????</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> come on now... y is that they dont get sent out around the world is b/c people around the world care for there own cars... they like only on type of car b/c they are just to closed minded like you... ur just anothere ignorant kid with out a clue in the world as to whats wanted....<!-- Signature -->
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    You get a calculator, work out the price of US cars for other countries. Or if you don't know how to do exchange rate conversions go to and do it there.

    go to You could also search for US cars and japanese cars, 2 you might want to compare would be a Corvette and Nissan Skyline GT-R.

    The ignorant 26yo who can only buy Japanese and Aussie made cars cause US crap costs to much.

    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from SnakeSkinnerLT1</i>
    <b><!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote come on now... y is that they dont get sent out around the world is b/c people around the world care for there own cars... they like only on type of car b/c they are just to closed minded like you... ur just anothere ignorant kid with out a clue in the world as to whats wanted....</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
  13. you run 10's and get 15 miles to the gallon. what car are you running? can you do a 10 without slicks? i doubt that's even true.

    the vette is only perhaps a good buy in america. believe it or not there are euro cars for hte same price that go just as fast or faster.

    tvr tuscan S, )
    TVR cerbera (every single version)
    Sun internation Lotus Elise (all of its variants)
    Lotus 340 R

    and for the pricing of a viper
    TVR cerbera (runs almost to 200 mph for only 50k)
    TVR tuscan R
    Ascari Escosse

    i think the pagani zonda (not the -S version) is about the viper's cost as well.
  14. the vette is only a good buy in america? i bet the euros would love to see vettes and vipers on european streets as much as we would enjoy seeing thier TVR's over here anyway those TVR's you mentioned would cost a hella of a lot more than a base vette if they're sold over here.
  15. the corvette is sold in europe. it costs almost double what it costs to over here. it doesn't sell well primarily becuase well i mean the interior come on. the low tech engine. that works fine for a car that costs like 50 grand here in america because 405 horsepower and great handling characteristics is pretty good for that much horsepower. i thinke hte corvette is a great car. but for 100 grand, i dont think the corvette would be as idolized.

    TVR has no dealerships in america, that's pretty much why it would cost a lot. like i said its all about perspective.

    the bmw m3 CSL is a mighty fast car. 350 horsepower 1200 kg. 60 grand.

    its all about perspective.
  16. Corvette lowtech? Theres an oxymoron.

    The LS1 is considered one of the most technologically advanced engines in the world.
  17. your kidding me.

    2 valve/cylinder pushrod engine touted as one of the world's most technologically advanced engines? your kidding me right.

    do you have any idea the gain made through doing a cylinder head /valve seat cutting job on an american car? you can achieve almost 80-100 horsepower this way. cylinder heads have always been neglected by american car companies being the last thing to be designed whereever room has been present.

    it is not an oxymoron it is a fact.

    the corvette is a good car, but the reason its cheap is because the level of technology used is rather low.
  18. even if its low on technology it doesnt rely on turbos or superchargers to get more power plus american companies arnt japanese to be worrying about hp/liter they make motors to make power. not to make a 2liter 4pinger with 200 horses that makes 100hp/liter.
  19. in japan there is a gentleman's law that states that cars cannot be made in excess of 280 hp from the factory.

    therefore it is a rather waste of material to be making v8's that only make 280 horsepower is it not?

    besides you said that american car companies make cars for them to have a lot of power. you can make just as much power with a smaller engine. besides what the hell is wrong with using superchargers or turbochargers (the latter is favored by the japanese). turbo technology is really quite advanced and there is a lot to be learned about them.

    its not of any shock that a 2.6 litre car can withstand 800-900 horsepower on stock internals. does this not say anything about the strength, quality, and durability of this engine? and i assure you that this car does not cost that much to modify. obviously if you took a 40 year old msucle car and modified that it would be the pinnacle of hp/dollar value. but ok not everyone purchases cars like that.

    in the end. i really dont understand why people can't just look at a car see that it has EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY (regardless of nationality origin) and just say "wow what a fast car" instaed of complaining.
  20. do u actually know how much was spent on this? no the gentlemens agreement in japan was 276 only till now that theres new concepts coming out with more than 300 horses even though in japan 276 was a false figure cuz skylines,lancer evos,WRX Sti's were having around 300 horses.
  21. the supra twin turbo (us and europe rated at 320) is not sold in japan. they get a non-turboed version of the car which makes 280 horsepower. true those lancers often have around 300, but your not going to see a 500 horespower car being rated at 280.

    actually this car isn't too hard to modify. if you discount the aero which doesn't really induce any use except show and maybe downforce.

    Future motorsports has an r33 skyline that has 1000 horsepower and does the quarter mile in low low 9 seconds on drag radials. with the following upgrades (not all of these modifactions are necessary)

    tomei titanium stroker kit (2.7L) (unneccesary)
    HKS T51R SPL turbo kit
    Future custom fuel system
    Top secret 1000 hp computing system
    6 Blitz 1000 cc fuel injectors
    HKS blow off valves (2)
    Greddy oil cooler kit
    Top Secret titanium exhaust kit
    HKS intercooler

    HKS 6 speed transmission (unneccessary as r33 spec-V's have six speed and the r-34 have it too)
    HKS triple plate clutch

    Top Secret body kit (unneccessary)
    Cusco Wing (unneccessary)

    SARD stack meter (unneccessary)
    Top secret Roll cage
    Blitz dual-sbc boost controller
    Recaro FIA-approved racing seats (unneccessary)

    Top secret suspension kit

    rays 10x18 rims
    Bridstone potenza super soft

    Brembo ferrari f50 type

    as you see for perofmrnace only oriented this car isn't at all expensive to modify. the r33 costs about 53 k to import to the united states and costs about 20k in the japan (if you live there).
  22. in addition if you really want a v8 you could rip one out of a gs430, sc400, or toyota tundra or something. there are some supras equipped with such v8's and recently the scranton brothers ran a turbonetics stretched chassis tundra block powered rwd celica to 200mph in the quarter mile at nhra.

  23. You just have lost your bet.

    In the EU we do not care about the Vette , try to get it , we got 10s of sport cars.

    The 344hp C5 is sold 60400€ , the Z06 is not street legal unless the power is reduced to match our emission law.

    The C5 convertible costs the same than the TVR Griffith or Chimaera in their 340hp version(69800€ vs 70966€).

    It is only cheaper by 3000€ than a Cerbera Speed 6.

    A new Tamora with 350hp costs 51465€ in the UK , that is cheaper than the price of the Z06 convertible (if it exists) in the US.
  24. Alright kids,
    Stop the b.s. The import v. domestic argument has been beaten to death, repeatedly. first off, the handling argument is weak. Japanese cars handle NO better than Amercians cars. I'm sure you've all driven enough Camaro Z/28's, Trans Ams, Cobras, and Vettes to KNOW how crappy their handling is compared to say, your Civics or Integras. As for gas mileage, my friend's Integra (with your oh-so-awesome VTEC) gets about 25 mpg. Hmmm, that's about the same gas mileage as a Z06. So your "hi tech" Japanese cars are getting the same mileage as a "low tech american p.o.s.". And honestly, I see more 70's era domestics than 70's era imports, so I tend to doubt the claims on the fact imports are more reliable. I have nothing wrong with import cars, they're great for driving. But when you're trying to compare a car used for basic TRANSPORTATION and a car built for transportation WHILE trying to deliver a modicum of performance, I suggest you learn what you're talking about. The people who build Mustangs or Vettes aren't saying "Oh no, some kid in a souped up Maxima is going to beat our car, we better build it better", so just drop the argument. No one cares anymore.....

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