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Discussion in '1966 Dodge D/Dart Super Stock' started by Legacy, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Stupid + Mistake = This Truck

    Would someone please tell me the purpose of this Pickup Truck? Why does it need 500 hp? Unless you intend on towing trains or elephants, this vehicle doesn't need to exist. If you want an automobile with lots of speed and horsepower, then buy a sports car that is designed to go fast. Want a pickup truck? Then buy one. There's no purpose for a bigass, gas guzzling engine that's moving something that weighs 2.5 tonnes.

    I personally believe that this concept was created to satisfy the extremely small market of rednecks who somehow managed to acquire a small fortune who want bragging right to power and speed in a vehicle that wasn't meant to go fast and should never have been created.
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  5. You don't like this vehicle? Fine. No one is going to force you to buy one. You want to verbally attack people that want to buy one? Don't waste your breath. People will buy what they want to buy. Suck it up and deal with it.

    In my opinion, if someone has the money and wants to buy a vehicle that can haul a small house or two during the week and ***** slap a few sports cars on the weekend, then more power to them. It's a free economy.

    If you really want to argue that there's no practical reason for this vehicle to be built, I'll concede the point. But then I'll ask what the hell you are doing on this website? NONE of the vehicles here need to be built! No one *needs* a McLaren F1. No one *needs* a Porsche 911 Turbo. No one *needs* a Skyline GT-R. They were all designed for "extremely small" niche markets, for people with "a small fortune who want bragging right(s) to power and speed." In comparison to those vehicles, the Dodge SRT-10 is practical. It can actually do some work.

    And finally, if the best you boys can do is throw out a couple of insults, then go back home to your mommas because you don't have what it takes to run with the big dawgs.
  6. I agree with TGA. Although I do have some things to say about the SRT 10. Im not trying to shoot anyone down, Im simply stating my oppinion. (We need to learn to tolerate other peoples oppinions, because thats what makes this country great. We can have an OPPINION. Thats why we're USA and not Shitganistan). I know its a niche market "Toy". But...I think its completely retarded for a truck to have 500 horse power. I think this idea is even worse than the lincoln blackwood (it only comes with 2 wheel drive, trucks have 4). I am an American and I think our auto industry is overdoing it with the trucks. The suburban is a monstrosity on wheels its overly big ,and a waste of space. I won't even talk about the ASStek, and many of our so called "trucks" are built off of car platforms. These "trucks" are for poseurs. A real truck is something that works hard. A truck for instance is what you see the sanitation department take away your garbage with. It works therefore its a truck. They have no purpose in civilian hands. Unless you work in construction or something. The only real truck is a hum-vee and even that is overly flamboyant, and gaudy. I think we're stretching it just a tad. Seriously gas prices in NY are almost a dollar fifty and the last thing we need is a gas guzzling truck. If you want all that power than get a viper or a ferrari.
  7. I like that Shitganistan thing, But i dont like the truck much granted it is a beautiful machine but i love fords and if it was up to me id get a lighting.
  8. hmmm, where do I start? This truck was designed to shoot down the Ford Lightning. There are a lot of people that liked/bought Lightnings so Dodge wanted a peice of the action. And for the same price of a Lightning there is really no comparison, sorry ford.
    By the way, I think every import lover is just jealous because we American's can smoke them in a TRUCK! And yes it is only rwd because it is a sport truck, I sure as hell wouldn't want a 500 hp 4X4...its designed to go fast not off road. Tell me how many 4x4's or imports that will do a 12.9 sec 1/4 mile stock!
  9. Whats not to like? Yeah, its big, inefficient (almost certanly) and wont stay with much in the turns, but who cares? It's a fairly cheap vehicle for the kind of HP shown here (assuming it is competitive with the lightning). You think most sprts cars with that kind of torque and HP are low emmisions vehicles? Its a toy for someone who wants a show truck with out using the aftermarket. The people who buy this don't care about gas prices, and they can buy all they want. 1/3 of the price per gallon gas in this country is in taxes, they can pay all they want. Makes it easier on others<IMG SRC=""> Why get all rabid about it?
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  10. What the hell is ur problem u guys? If it's so ridiculous to build this awesome truck then why is Ford still selling the F150 Lightning? Trucks for the longest time have been left in the dust when it came to performance numbers. Why do you guys ***** so much about having a fast truck? It's going to be built for one reason: enjoyment. What's so ridiculous about that? I know tons of guys who want to have fast, bad-ass trucks (I run a stainless exhaust company and I make thousands of exhausts for trucks and talk with thousands of customers). Start being a little more open-minded and this truck could be a hell of a lot more fun to drive then any piece of shit japanese banger. Bottom line: if you don't like this truck then just pray that you don't meet it at the stoplights cause it'll blow you outta the water.
  11. This truck hauls ass. Period. And whoever said that this truck would be fun except in corners obviously doesn't know how to read. This thing posted a .92g on the skidpad. That was Ferrari territory a few years back. If I had the money, I'd buy one just to beat a ford lightning. Because, FORDS SUCK MY ASS. And one more thing. It even looks better than a lightning.<!-- Signature -->
  12. my question is, why can dodge only get 500 hp out of this thing
  13. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from fordbronco</i>
    <b>my question is, why can dodge only get 500 hp out of this thing</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> They are only giving the Viper V-10's and the New SRT-RAM 500 HP, cuz if it has a 700 HP v-10, it would be a huge gas hog. im talking 8 MPH.. with only 500 HP.. its so low RPM power, that they will be getting way better gas milage with this HP. dodge wanted something Fast.. and something people would like to drive around. without having to stop by the gas station every 10 Miles.. LIKE FORDS!! and to the dude that started this post.. u suck. this truck rules,, the only mistake in your like. was being born..
  14. This truck rocks and i can speak as a changed person... see i use to be like a lot of you who spout off about their import cars and rag on big blocks and american muscle. To tell you the truth i still love imports because hey its fun to go fast bottom line. Anyways this truck took me right away from the supra's and the 300zx twin turbos of the world and back to something that was beautiful and sexy. I mean i live in a city where the ground clearance of your vehicle is tested all the time and a fast sports car low as they are will not last long without some major cash spent on suspensions etc... so with this trucks hp and clearance not to mention the gobs of torque i think im pretty sold on what my next vehicle will be and its gonna be a beast. So drive your hondas and nissans if you like but if i catch you at the light you will be eating domestic exhaust baby!
    And by the way, just to add on why this v-10 is "only" making 500hp/lbfeet well its because anymore would make this way too hard to drive and secondly there are things called emissions standards... look them up.<!-- Signature -->
  15. Re: Stupid + Mistake = Your Life

    We all know this truck rocks. There is one thing on my mind though. If Dodge produces this truck, I seriously doubt that it will have that much power right off. The Lightning is throwing 380 ponies right now and will do 0-60 in less than 4 seconds. This has 500 and will do it in 5?! Thats just not right. Everywhere I turn I see a stupid Lightning, I am a huge Dodge fanatic and would love to see this on the streets instead. And, when I own one, it will definetely have to be a bit faster for my tastes in order to beat down a Lightning, Mustang, and Camaro. Not that I hate Camaro's but I do think it would be nice for Dodge to have a competitor against em, even though the Camaro leaves us at the end of this year. Besides, this will teach that stupid SSR what a real performance truck is in terms of power and beauty.<!-- Signature -->
  16. 4 seconds?!?!!? dude. . .the lightning takes 5.2 seconds to get to 60. . .<!-- Signature -->
  17. well here is one question that will cancel out yours, why the hell build a million dollar machine that gets much less than 12-14 miles per gallon?(*ahem*MacN'Cheese F1*ahem*), the same damn reason why someone will build a car that can achieve over 100 MPG, its because they can, and if Dodge can build a truck with a Viper V10, let them!, and quit yer bitchin' and respect it<!-- Signature -->
  18. Well, I guess everyone's entitled to drive whatever the hell they want but I always felt that trucks were for farmers to haul hay in. A few points: nobody is going to haul anything in the bed of this truck; this truck will have marginal towing capacity due to the compromised rear suspension; the production engine will be detuned (ie more low and mid-range power) to better accomodate the (greatly) increased chassis weight over a Viper; and finally, there's going to be a lot of SRT-10's wrapped around light poles when their drivers find out that pulling .92g on a smooth, flat skid pad is WAY different than sliding this thing through a decreasing-radius off-camber pebble-covered turn with uneven pavement! It'll be quick off the line though - I'll admit that. I'll just make sure to be driving an M3 or a chipped S4 in order to put Mr Truck driver and his ego in their proper place. Either that or I'll hang back while the Marlboro man lights the tires to 60 mph then has to haul it all down and try to get it to turn in when the curves start, giving me plenty of time to close the gap, late-brake, and clip the apex until I'm right on this pig's bumper!
  19. This truck kicks ass its shweeeet.
  20. you guys need to do more research on the svt lightning. the 2001 ford svt lightning takes 5.8 secs to get to 60. Please know what your talkin about before you start talkin outta ur ass. And if you think about it..5 secs for a 5000 pound truck to get to 60mph is pretty damn impressive. And does anyone know if chevy is thinkin about making a performance version of its silverado. That would be awsome.
  21. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from luvnCamaros</i>
    <b>you guys need to do more research on the svt lightning. the 2001 ford svt lightning takes 5.8 secs to get to 60. Please know what your talkin about before you start talkin outta ur ass. And if you think about it..5 secs for a 5000 pound truck to get to 60mph is pretty damn impressive. And does anyone know if chevy is thinkin about making a performance version of its silverado. That would be awsome.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    chevy has had a silverado ss concept around for almost two years now. the concept is pretty nice. i don't think it'll be able to take the srt-10 however.

    as for all of you saying this truck has no reason to be made. this truck is for the guy who wants to move his furniture and kick some ass at the red light...AT THE SAME TIME!
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    this truck is good but if you want to see a mad ute , check out
    the holden maloo ute !!! similar power and torque but way better looks!! <!-- Signature -->
  23. Interesting note. I've read that Ford will be bumping the Lightning up to the 450hp range in the next year or two, and the Lightning does weight about 800lbs less than the Ram SRT-10, so it should be a VERY close competition.

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  24. looks like we have some competetion!!!!!!!1<!-- Signature -->
  25. This truck is tight. As u can tell by my s/n im not goin to argue wit this beautiful truck. They shouldnt even call it a concept car. Most concept cars are ugly. I have a good feeling bout this truck. Maybe it will put FOrd on its toes and it might have to come up wit something new for the lightning. The reason why the lightning only does 0-60 in 4 sec, is because its supercharged. Dodge is just goin with raw HP. Dodge is coming back thats all i got to say. With this truck coming out and the Charger is coming back.

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