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Discussion in '1999 Leblanc Caroline' started by jackass 22, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. that's a true sadness
  2. This forum is so stupid, that i'm not even gonna post in it...DOH! Too late! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  3. and ya consider yarself as clever?
  4. good point.
    To all you critics who post a remark abut how much they don't liek a thread please we've already had a fair share in this one. So could you please not post in this thread's stupid comments anymore
  5. if ya are not happy go away! some of yar free remarks haven't got sense so stop givin me orders. ya post what ya want and i do the same. are we ok? bye and have a nice day
  6. I'm not givign you orders, I was askign for the 2 people that posted
    "you are all gay" to stop postign that, I have no problem with what you have posted, If you want I will delete all my posts in here even the one's that are talking about how good the car is
  7. sorry bro, i had made a mistake i excuse myself. accept my apologizes i have overreacted. your posts are ok so no reason to delete 'em. but when ya name someone pleaz put the user name. thank ya and have a nice day<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  8. yes, long live ferrari. And the Enzo has more hp than this, but you still can't make bad comments about this car. It's a great looking, fast piece of work.
  9. That's allrite mate. I'll do that in the future, cos you know how that sean guy and some other guy jsut said hey i feel dumber for reading this, that's th people I was talking too.

    Where abouts are you from??
  10. Cool, glad you like the car, would u prefer this or the Enzo?
  11. i am from france and i live nearby paris but i have lived nine years in the us from age 4 to 13
  12. learn to spell, and you think it sux, that dont mean it duz
  13. for the figures it says that this car can hit 348kph but with 512hp that isnt a great deal (it is, but not for the speed) the ferrari enzo has a claimed 660 and can do over 350kph, the W12 volkswagen has 600 and could only manage 350kph. Also the W12 and Enzo dont have wings, they may have downforce but the wind affects the drag coefficient and that wing would atleast take 40kph off its max speed maybe even more.

    Im saying its max speed would be closer to 305kph, but I may be wrong
  14. 914 6 you may not agree with the fact that the Leblanc Caroline is faster then the Ferrari Enzo but sorry to say it is. In fact the Leblanc Caroline has the 4th fastest 0-60 time on this site following that of the 1994 Dauer 962 LeMans, The 2000 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Concept, and the 2000 Dodge Hennessey Viper Venom 800TT as you will see in the 0-60 times list, utilizing a inline 4 twin turbo engine. Yet your fabled 2002 Ferrari Enzo with its unecessarily big 65 degree V12 producing a very low 660bhp came in 40th place with its pathetically slow time of 3.5 seconds for 0-60. However what you will not see on this site is the fact that the 1999 Leblanc Caroline comes stock with its twin turbo inline 4 producing 512bhp meaning that hardly a thing on the Leblanc is upgraded and it is street legal. Also check the Leblanc Caroline's top speed agains the Ferrari Enzo and u will see that the Leblanc is 2.4mph faster then the Enzo thus proving the fact that there is no need for a bigger engine then a 4 cylinder. Unlike the rest of the cars on the 0-60 list the LeBlanc Caroline doesnt need a custom engine, turbo /s supercharger /s even nos to acheive top speed higher hp and a faster 0-60. About the speed this car can reach 914 6 you are once again wrong the Leblanc is going to always be faster then anthing bigger then a inline 4 being that it is a more lightweight vehicle which will produce a higher top speed, faster 0-60 time, and faster takeoff. Seriously people before you post something at least study the car you are disagreeing with.
  15. the enzo is mora a show car than a road car.
  16. rich men could own one.
  17. i think jackass 22 got a good kick out of this, he intended to piss ppl off for his own amusement, and he got it. you all got all upset and saying that this car doesnt suck and i know its awesome but you need to chill out.
  18. no offence but i think he's a bit of a weirdo, to get a kick out of making up shit and seeing how people react, he doesn't have much better to do then, hey??
  19. jackass 22 is that what you are "jackass"
  20. Your user name and sig resemble yourself.
  21. jackass!!!!

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