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  1. Thanks Ettore

    Another piece of art from Bugatti , a pleasure.
  2. Yeah, but it could have at least a 3 speed for its max speed of over 80 mph. Its engine is great, plenty of hp. Good job, Ettore.
  3. notice how much of the old bugatti's are named after torpedo's?

    wonder why...<!-- Signature -->
  4. TORPEDO STRAIGHT AHEAD!<!-- Signature -->
  5. Torpedo is the body style, it has nothing to do with Bugatti. A torpedo body is a car with a very high beltline (the top of the doors), a low windshield, a generally rounded body, and usually has a tappered rear end. As such, this car's bodystyle was a torpedo since it has all of these things.
  6. I like the new bugatti, but the old ones look dumb. The old bugatti's though, I know were sports cars of their day and could haul. That 90 hp is more than some cars on the road today, example, Geo Metro 55 or 50 hp!
  7. You're missing the point... they may not look anything like today's cars, but everything had to start somewhere. Like mentioned in the first post here, this is a piece of art and even more so, a piece of motoring history. Do you even realise how long ago this car dates from? I wonder if your grandfather had even been born in 1921.<!-- Signature -->
  8. i wish there were more pictures.<!-- Signature -->
  9. Great car and all, but we must remember that 90 hp with a top speed of 81 is not all that impressive considering the 1908 Delage Type F hauled @$$ at the same speed with 5 times less power.<!-- Signature -->
  10. nice one, this is a classic, full respect to ettore<!-- Signature -->
  11. deffinetly a beautiful car..but were most cars of that era beautiful in a certain way? im sure that at the time this car was one of the hottest around..and 81 miles an hour is alot faster than you think..especialy when considering your in an open-top bathtub with tires that are barely 3 inches wide...not to shabby for 1921 if i do say so myself. also, the 8 cylinder was a big achievment then too, thought 90 horsepower does seem meek for an eight cylinder today.
  12. damn sweet

    bugatti. respect.<!-- Signature -->
  13. Ettore was the master no... he was genuis and thats all you can say. Simple as that.<!-- Signature -->
  14. 90 Horses in 1921? Amazing indeed. that was more unheard of than Micheal Carchorski... see know knows who he is either. My point it was an amzing feet to have 90 hp's in an old bucket like that... good for you Ettore!

    the Killer

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