Re: That AZNPRIDE guy don't have AZN pride..You don't know what

Discussion in '2001 Hyundai Clix Concept' started by aznprider, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. OOps, sorry brother. Didnt mean to dis asians
  2. That AZNPRIDE guy don't have AZN pride..You don't know what prid

    If you choose this name, then you should help all the AZN guys defend the AZN cars. I don't know what car do you drive, but from what you just said you just lost your pride. So don't try to get a rice car, because you don't deserve to drive a rice car!
    Korea got lot's AZN pride.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Civic people you are sooooo #$%#in dumb. Just because you have asian pride doesn't mean you have to defend an asian car. I am korean and as much as I hate to say but, HYUNDAI's SUCK!!!! And another thing, FUCKKKKKKK AZN PEOPLE. I am Asian, but I am not those #$%#in AZN's. There is a difference. GODDAMN, didn't know dumb #$%#s like you still exsists. Both of ya'll, that AZNPRIDE shit went away like 5 years ago get over your damn high school years.
  4. WTF!?<!-- Signature -->
  5. shut up u are a disgrace to us koreans azns *****!!

    -{ AZN PRIDE }-shut up u are a disgrace to us koreans azns *****!!

  6. lol it really dont matter if yo azn or not, really<!-- Signature -->
  7. and one more thing, IM NOT KOREAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  8. ya yi ssip sae kka!! jon na jok gat ten nom!! ur a fuqin disgrace to korenz~!!! gay as dickless *****!!! and u fuqin aznprider shit! wut da hell r u then?? ur probably some gay as azn geek who wants to be white!!! hahaha white wannabe fuqa~!!!! azn pride!! korean pride!!! and thanx for all of yall koreans who backed me up and backed up all other koreans and asianz!!
  9. #$%#in calm down man. I'm Japanese by the way.<!-- Signature -->
  10. u r a dumb racist korean. :<!-- Signature -->
  11. shut da fuq up ya fuqin jap!! i like japanese ppl and japanese food and their carz buh ur juss a one fuqed up jap!i got nothin against japanese ppl buh u r juss fuqed up! peace out fuqa^^ lol
  12. FUCKIN HELL! u fukin americans dont have any pride in your country?....jesus!........i wonder y you people cant do anything right. and also.... in Australia, Korea, New Zealand and in Indonesia u see alot more Hyundai cars than some pieces of crap(Ford).....SO **** U TO!
  13. sungjoon is talking the right thing...
    Ford sucks....
    Hyundai sucks...probably...(but i don't think so)
    but the truth is that Hyundai is better and popular than Ford...
    Because here in Indonesia, the only Ford you'll see are those
    'Lasers' from late 80's or early 90's..
    and they are used for the taxis...
    But there are more Kia's or Hyundai's then the Fords...
    All of u guys say Kia sucks....
    i know that Hyundai is much better,
    but i see more Kia's then Hyundai's here in Indonesia.....
    so...those guyz who dis Korean cars,
    don't look at 'em
    I'm Korean...
    And i'm proud of Hyundai, Kia and Daewoo (although u guyz think they suck) cuz i got lot's of Korean Pride!<!-- Signature -->
  14. Aznprider....didn't you know that Hyundai sold more than 1000 cars to Japan last year? If Japanese people can buy Hyundai cars,...they know that Hyundai isn't a shit/crap car at all. However, in Korea...Japanese cars can sell only 2 or 3 hundreds.... So don't ya look down on Hyundai or other Korean cars for they are crap. Even the UK jornalists say that latest Hyundai Tiburon can match up against Celica and Civic Coupe.... Since you are Japanese, I'm sure you don't think that Celica and Civic Coupe are crap, shit or useless....does that shock you?!! I'm sure you'd say "No" but deep inside you, you'll boil man!! <!-- Signature -->
  15. uhm nice...
    so Ford's aren't popular anymore and Hyundais are the bomb...???
    hmm... I'd die the day I see that over herde (I live in Mexico) by the way have u realized that its obvious that if u live in an Asian country the best sellers would be asian cars? I mean, do you think Hyundai outsells Ford in America or something???

    <!-- Signature -->
  16. I'd rather push a korean car than drive a japanese car
  17. Whats with all this "Asian Pride" B.S. anyway? I'm an American but that doesn't mean I have to like American cars. Personally I think Pontiacs suck so I don't waste time defending them. Besides that, companies like Hyundai, Kia, and Daewoo really DO suck. Just accept it.

    Ferrari = Love at First Sight.
  18. Well....

    Daewoo, Kia and Hyundai SUCKS becuz

    those companies started making cars only around

    30~40 years ago, when most of the other car companies

    around the world started making cars over 50 years ago.

    It's like comparing a 6 years old immature girl to

    a 17 years old hot teenager!<!-- Signature -->
  19. To a2lpiavce....
    Don't #$%#ing're not korean. 'I'm not that kind of AZN'...So in your infinite wisdom, you have came up with classification for AZN people, huh? You're, ofcourse, is THE top #1 AZN, i suppose, and anyone otherwise is 'those other kind.' You're a disgrace to humanity altogether. I'm not even gonna mention about AZN at all. Don't have to. You don't belong anyway.
    And You IVANHOE! I don't see Mexico manufacturing cars so shut the #$%# up! And for that sales record, IVANWHORE? Hyundai is within top 10 sales record in the WORLD! But then what can you do, when you're holed up in some damn place in MEXICO? Do you even get any POST? Hmm? You moron?<!-- Signature -->

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