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  1. that show your intelligence level !!! IDIOT!!!! the car weights 2 tons moron!!!! its not meant to be only a fast sports car like the Z06!!! its a luxurious, confortable GOOD LOOKING fast roadster!!! the folding hard top mecanisme alone weight over 100kg!!
    and 4.6 sec is gr8!!!! and its done with 2 persons , all fluids, and luggage!, without all this load it will do it in something like 4.4 sec..

    Ignorant... go back to your BMW forums...
    this car is lame huh??? dork...
  2. I agree with ya' because SL is good and a automatic hardtop wow!!!
    Any way Z8 is a ant for SL 55 and I would buy a Sl 500 rather than a Z8.
    Never say best in the world because in cars theres no best and no last.
  3. Well there is,
    in each category, there is best and worst..
    I think in the category of roadsters, the SL55 is the best...
    Not only me BTW, it was awarded the best roadster in the auto express car honour show...!
  4. I dont think its the best but its good, any way I heard that its already had a recall something about not enough power!!! HA HA!!!

    Thursday 11th April 2002

    SL Is Recalled To Get Extra Power

    t's red faces all round at Mercedes – engineers are going back to the drawing board after they realised the SL55 AMG wasn't as fast as the new hot E-Class. Not yet launched in Britain, the 476bhp supercharged convertible went on sale in Germany in February. Around 100 had been delivered when production was halted for six weeks to uprate engines to 500bhp.

    This move ensured the SL55, the flagship of the AMG range, wasn't overshadowed by the next performance E-Class. The E will use the same engine, but as it's lighter and more aerodynamic than the SL, it had proved quicker in testing.
  5. 493HP actually...
  6. that's old news my friend...

    And I don't realy C what's your point here....
  7. Best car in the world? Very impressive indeed, but I don't know about the BEST...for starters, can you imagine shagging in the back of this thing? Although, not many of the SL55's natural competitors have much space to spare either.
  8. Nah.....the Mercedes Vision SLR is way better lookin and also alot faster. Plus, the inside of the SLR is really cool lookin.
  9. Well yeah, the SLR is awesome, but its still in concept.. planned to enter production in the late 2003..

    anyway i consider this car the best roadster in the world.
    MOtor Trend september issue did a comparison between the SL55, the Z8, the Aston Martin DB7, and the Ferrari F360 Spider, and the overall winner was the SL55 cuz its the only one that combines luxury/confort/innovation/technology/sagety/reliability/looks/performance and a folding Hard Top unlike Other soft top roadsters...

    So here you go!
  10. Very true, now that you mention it...I have to agree the Vision SLR looks fantastic, and has the go to match its show. I'm still on the fence about the interior though...very nice, but it would take some getting used to, for me anyway.
  11. #$%# yeah! this baby is damn awesome. u should remember as well that this super-machine can actually take the car over 250 kilometres per hour, u just need to take the thing that stops it going beyond 250 off.
  12. to say this a best car in the world is a pretty damn bold statment to say. especially in a place like this where the morons roam free. itz to anyones choice. i like it, but to say best car lol i dunno. a lot of cars are good. not the best.
  13. MMM, how about best roadster in the world?
  14. in ur opinion that is. this site is wrong, this car weighs 1900kg+. i forget the exact figures but it was nearly two tonnes and man, thats a heavy car! anyways this car rules! long live Mercs and AMG indeed!
  15. Pagani Zonda Roadster
    Porsche Carrera GT
    Mercedes Benz CLK GTR Roadster
    Diablo Roadster
  16. Well its been a while we haven't posted in this thread. and in that time this baby got some awards that also prooves my point.!

    and The AMG V8 of this car was awarded best engine.

    wait until the SL65 is released, i heard its gonna have something around 700HP!
  17. The CL65 AMG has 612 bhp and 1000 nm's of torgue. Maybe the SL will get the same engine.

    Does anyone know where to download sounds or videoclips about the SL55 AMG? I really love the sound of it.
  18. Sorry, not torgue, but torque
  19. It isn't gna be released. It will remain a limited production vehicle, just like the S63 and CL63 were. And it will have the same specifications as the CL65 did, 612HP... stop exaggerating, be honest with yourself.

    Wait for M's V10. Should reverse the tides, big time.
  20. Um... no. It's way too common and it's boring... it is probably the best womans car, but definetly not my kind of car.
  21. No seriously, i know the CL65 have 612 Hp, but i read it in a magazine that the SL65 will get 700Hp.
    and u said it not going to be released??? it will be a special production vehicle, like the CL63, S63, CL65 and the old SL73. but i don't get your point. even if it will be a limited production vehicle, but it will be released!! don't you consider the Ferrari Enzo a released car??

    and as for M's V10, it will get 500 HP...
  22. How can a car with 476 bhp and 700 nm of torque be boring and common? Are you out of your mind?
  23. I would have to say not the best car in the world. It is the best open-top car I have ever seen. The thing I don't like is that here in California, USA they are all over the place. Maybe not the SL55 AMG but the SL500's are. There is not a big difference. I can't wait for the SL65 AMG to come.
  24. In terms of looks, luxury and overall performance and not forgeting price this would have to be up there with the very best.

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