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Discussion in '1999 Bentley Hunaudieres Concept' started by Analogic, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. The Bugatti is nicer man

    Nearly the same car. However Even though I love Bentleys with a passion, I must say I do like the Bugatti Veryon better than this. <!-- Signature -->
  2. well, of course, the bugatti veyron is much bigger, much more powerfull and the design is only 1 year old but you have to love the hunaudieres cus its British!!<!-- Signature -->
  3. bugatti kicks @$$! <IMG SRC="">
  4. yeah
    I like the front end, because its forward-looking, but the rear is rather uninspiring, looks like an 80's Buick Riviera or something.<!-- Signature -->
  5. my thoughts

    its a beautifull design - if they flatened the back a little with more apparent bumpers, and made the front grill chrome to match the skirts it would look much better. <!-- Signature -->
  6. I also think that bugatti is nocer too.<!-- Signature -->

  7. Bentley is a classy car. one of the most luxurious cars you'll find around. it has that rich appeal. but this car gives you the more sporty side of Bentley. i think it is a nice change from the ordinary.

    i like it the way that it is. <!-- Signature -->
  8. Hmmm, thats a hard one... If I had to go for power, I'd take the
    Veyron. But in my opinion, the Veyron isn't the most attractive beast
    on the road; but it DOES have power. The Bently had a relatively fair
    powerplant, and I'd take it any day. But this in my eyes, this is the
    most visually attractive, agressive, jaw-dropping car. If good looks
    could kill, I would be dead right now. And If anyone knows where (or
    posts them here) -hi resolution pics, it would be greatly appreiciated
    <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  9. i would rather have this than the bugatti EB110, but certainly not more than than the Veyron... this has nicer styling than the Veyron, but you can't argue with 1001 hp
  10. the bugatti is way better than this
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  11. Yes, the Bugatti is a much better performer. Case closed. But, Bentley is British, classy, and most of all, quality. I've had a burning passion in the groin for Bugatti since the day I saw one, but you all must admit, this would probobly last a lot longer and cost ton more; that's quality(not the price, the reliability), and that's the most important thing in my opinion.<!-- Signature -->
  12. Bentley has ultra luxury, but Bugatti has exceptional performance. Tough choice, I think Bugatti will do nice......<!-- Signature -->

  13. Hunaudieres vs. EB118: Bentley win!

    Hunaudieres vs. EB218: Bentley win!

    Huanudieres vs. 18.3 Chriron: Bentley win!

    Huanudieres vs. 18.4 Veyron: BENTLEY Lose!
  14. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  15. i think the bugatti is more than just exeptional performance.....1001 hp?
  16. You can't compare EB118 or the EB218 with Hunaudieres.There are different types of cars.There are luxury cars.Hunaudieres is supercar like the EB110 SuperSport,18.3 Chiron,18.4 Veyron,16.4 Veyron.
    But above all Bugatti is Bugatti.True supercar and luxury together
  17. I'd take the Bugatti because it has 378 more horsepower then the Bentley. The Veyron will probably weigh more, but it's definitely going to be faster, and it will still be comfortable too.
  18. Bentley dont usually come out with stuff like this. This is a great car, and a move in the right direction. But I would take the Bugatti coz they have more racing experiance. (Well it depends what your looking for, speed or luxury.) Bentley has both, but rather too heavy, but bugatti is heavier (the veyron) but has the speed.

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