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  1. I have to agree with 2000cobraR, there's no point making a car handle like its on glue if it hasnt the power to put this handling to use. If you ask me, I'd rather have a powerful with bad handling to pull me around the corners quickly, even with some skidding, than have a car handle like its on rails but be too slow to accellerate soon enough out of the turn.
  2. i think thier so much because there was only 300 made, and they have alot of upgrades done to them by the factory so thier pretty fast. passwordplease makes some really dumb posts if any one else hasnt noticed, your stupid the ford gt40 will beat most foreign cars. i want you to show me some facts camparing a foreign car to the gt40 showing how much it beats it by. did any one read that article on the elise vs. the cobra R, it ws stupid sports compact did the article, seems a lil bias if u ask me.
  3. See the problem is, that u dont know your information. For instance, u say that the cobra sucks to a zo6. It matches it in ever aspect except that the cobra has a higher top speed. It totally beats the other cars u mentioned in everything. The reason they have the price tag so far up is that ford did not spend 60 grand on the engine. They also spent it on luxury, sound and comfort and a smooth ride.
    So dont say that this car sucks compared to the zo6, because it beats it. Go home, you 12 year old and research a little further in.
    When you do, say something you actually know about about.
  4. Did i mention your a FAG? Linginfelter was built for SPEED and nothing else. And the Cobra would KILL this thing on a track but not in a drag because as i said before, it is built for SPEED.
    Obviously you were not built for brains so get the hell out of here.
    Oh! Did i Mention your a 12 year old?
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    Except for the fact that every track has to have a straightaway and then the Cobra would pass it and only see it in the rearview mirror.
    It makes me sadat how many people are stupid.
    Ex. You
  6. this is the only mustang made for road course racing and its the best cobra out there only 300 ever made WOW
  7. I don't know where some of you guys are puling figures out of, but this thing is not a 0-60 in 3 second car. They did a video review between it and the Z06 and the Viper of that year that it came out and it came in last on the track times. AND that's against the old 400hp Corvette and the still 500hp(not for long) SRT-10. It also had the slowest 0-60 out of the three, with the Viper being the fastest. You can probably find the video on limewire of google video or youtube or somewhere. Stop blabbing out lies about this car. It's not gonna beat a Corvette or a Viper unless it's modified.
  8. The sole reason why this car costs so much is that only 300 were made and I believe all of them were hand built. So therefore is it the best bang for the buck? Not really. However, its a beautiful car, and it sure gave the Z06 at the time a run for its money. And, not to mention, in 20 or 30 years, this car will be worth close to double its original MSRP.

    But if you ask me, this car is nonetheless an amazing car. Yes, the Lotus might be smaller, lighter, and more agile. But like I've said before, what good is it to handle on rails if you don't even have enough power to take the turn fast in the first place? The point I'm trying to make is that the Cobra R's natually aspirated 385 horses more than make up for its bulkier size.

    And, did I mention, that this car is practically race-ready? Almost everything from the interior was stripped to reduce weight. How's that for race-insprired? lol
  9. Guys, this car IS faster than an M3. The stats have proven that. If some of you don't like it from a personal point of view, that's your choice but pretending that an M3 is faster doesn't change the reality of the situation.
  10. "The (stock) cars with the best handling would have to be Lotus, Caterham and Porsche."

    Porsche? Even with their goofy weight distribution? I doubt it. Rear engine (as opposed to mid-engined) cars will always be inferior, because the rotational inertia or two identically weighted cars will be greater in the rear engine one, making it harder to turn The best handling cars in the world are Formula one cars, because they have ridiculously expensive suspensions, incredible aerodynamics, and now "slick" tires. The pathetic 1g (maybe a little more, maybe a little less) generated by a Lotus or Caterham is nothing compared to the 4g+ of a real race car.

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