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  1. whats a post? im a new user and i have no clue wtf a post is, please reply kindly
  2. Stick slics on this skyline and it will slaughter the vette.
  3. Hey.....All you GOOKS can go shove your #$%#ing skylines up your ass you HOMO-SEXUALS! America is the best.....Get It?..Got It?..Good!!!!!......Look at all of our economies!!!!...America is the most successful.....YOU FUCKING FOREIGNERS!
  4. You own pony cars, it's a branch of muscle cars. I own an LT4 corvette, I don't call that exactly a muscle car, I'd call it a sportscar. What would you call it? The main branch of muscle car is dead, a big car with a big powerful engine. Pony cars might be here, but what is generally accepted as muscle cars are long gone. As I see it: Big body muscle cars, pony cars, sports cars. If it's American (as defined by the dictionary) and falls into that criteria then it is muscle. The only big body I can think of now is the Maurader, and that thing is pretty weak. The F-Bodies just died. So now the only thing in the pony division is the Mustang, no big body, and then sports cars. We have sports cars and a pony car.

    Why do you get to decide what a muscle car is or not, would you count an M5 as a muscle car, F40?
  5. Ok, I can buy that. But the suspension was modified, that thing wouldn't be putting down those numbers with all that extra weight up front.

  6. Re:
    The new lingenfelter will kill it

    please shutup! This car could not only waste the vette, vettes look like shit and this car is bad ass!
  7. Ok rookie, explain why.

    It would be a good race, no one knows for sure. We know that the vette would win drag and top speed, but the skyline might have the edge on a twisty road course. I say might because I don't know enough about the 427TT suspension to rate it against this car, no it is not factory stock suspension or else the 427, turbos, and all the extras would weigh the front down big time.
  8. American power yeah I read the mag and said 0-60 in 1.9!!!!!!
  9. 0-60 in 1.9!!! Ok, well, they were using slicks were they not?? Also, these tests done with the skyline are not on slicks, i looked it up on the Blitz website last year. Yes, ofcourse it was done on sport racing tires, but not slicks, so keep that in mind. Cars this powerful tires really can make all the difference. Either way the topic title is bogus, no car, without super slicks and a jet pack can KILL this car, maybe beat it, but no way would it blow it away, that just won't happen.
  10. Will938 thank you, the absolutist remarks about how one or the other would definitely win are ridiculous. Also, if you were two read almost any two magazines dealing with the same car the 0-60 times are almost always different. Smal example. The Honda accord..2003 V6 in i think road and track was said to go 0-60 in 7.3 seconds, but then in car and driver it said 6.4, or something to that extent, and i may even have the magazines reversed, but regardless you get the idea. The Honda S2000 has been said to go 5.8, 5.3, and 4.9, sometimes in the same magazine.
  11. "Hey.....All you GOOKS can go shove your #$%#ing skylines up your ass you HOMO-SEXUALS! America is the best.....Get It?..Got It?..Good!!!!!......Look at all of our economies!!!!...America is the most successful.....YOU FUCKING FOREIGNERS!" redneck! were you here before the natives? i didn't think so. YOU FUCKING FOREIGNER!
  12. Where were the Indians before us, they're "foreigners" too.
  13. son ... this means u no nothing about japanese cars
  14. You're so fired; they both have turbos, cheater slicks = "sport tires", the Lingenfelter uses just as much tech as the Blitz if not more, Olds started "VTEC" in the 60's so GM gave you your beloved VTEC. The vette can pull 69.7 in the slalom, 1.01 on the skidpad vs. the Blitz's .95, and brakes in 108 feet. Don't give me this crap about drag only.
  15. by the way silver the corvette your talkin bout the one with 650 would only get it in top end, because it is 1.5 seconds slower on the 0-60
  16. well u know what??.. i would like to see u drive it
  17. The silver Corvette they're talking about is the 2001 427TT that does 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds. Pic attached.
  18. show me where it says that
  19. It depends on how hot the tires are, what kind of surface your on, how dense the air is and the altitude, what temp it is, and how hot the engine is. So you can get a lot of diffrent results.
  20. The June 2002 issue of Motor Trend.
  21. you guys can be so stupid. things in the real world follow the rules of physics. it is impossible that two cars with 800 horsepower that are both geared for accel and top speed with nearly the same weight could not pilot to sixty in about the same time. the difference between the numbers is only becaue the corvette has better traction.

    besdies i thought we were talking about the c5r and i thought i had already established that a lemans GTS class car could beat a one-off tuner car built by blitz using parts from its own catalog to promote its own name. the c5r has 650 horsepower, the lingenfelter has 800.

    if any of your mother#$%#ers dont know what horsepower does (which i think a lot of you dont) then try picking upa book and learning before you make some abstract comment about how a car 'sucks' and saying basicaly that the car violates a physical law.

    shove it both cars are great.
  22. Ok, end of discussion, that's all folks. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  23. that vette is one ugly-as$ car. looks almost like a stock vette, Skyline is better, u try driving around a car ON THE STREET if it does 0-60 in 1.9 seconds. Good luck with those cheater slicks equipped
  24. kudos. someone that finally understands that slicks aren't something your supposed to drive around on the street. i dont think the corvette is an ugly car, i actually respect it as one of the better american cars and a decent all around sports car, but i get tired of these american-only car freaks who talk all this shit about this car. you wanna hate on imports? John Lingenfelter is currently campagining a sport compact car in drag racing!
  25. lingefelter suck cock big time, d hks 180sx does a 60 in 1.2 secs and 1/4 mile in 7.72 secs. i've also heard that d hks drag gtr does d 1/4 mile in d low 7s zone.

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