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Discussion in '1999 Blitz Skyline GT-R R348' started by Godspd, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. yeh the hks supra runs off the lexus v8 from the sc400. by the same token, however imports recently made it into teh 6's with the two toyota solaras sponsored by the bullish boys (if anyone knows they previously raced a 9 something second supra...). the rwd chassis focus and the next few civic drag racing coupes with rwd chassis and nsx engines running offa methanol should be running into the low sixes. fwd drag racing is hitting 8's and about 200 mph in the quarter mile.

    anyhow i agree that the skyline would be better on a track. i acltually made this comment several times, but people like to not read previous posts.
  2. The Blitz Skyline uses a twin turbo to achieve this performance, while the Lingenfelter Corvette simply uses displacement. I think both cars would kill each other in a race track. This is definitely what I call competition.
  3. SHUT THE HELL UP!! SKYLINE CANT DO an 8 sec quarter, The Lingenfelter WILL KKKKIILLLLLL IT!!!!!!


    ALso....u idiot just because its 2.6 liters and the vette is 7 liters the skyline is all of a sudden better? WHAt an Idiot! dont compare stupid stuff like that, the fact is its still way slower than the Lingenfelter, plus then why dont i say that Oh its not fair the skyline is 4wd and corvette is Rwd...or the skyline is DOHC...U cant use stupid stuff like that , So SHut Your Hole U jap lover, race traitors!

    skyline vs z06 in(speed and accelaration and handling) = Zo6 KILLS
    Buick GNX vs stock skyline= Buick RIPS apart skyline in speed and handles almost as well and has the body of a luxury car!
    Cobra Top speed vs skyline top speed= Skyline loses again!

    Highly modified skyline vs Corvette Lingenfelter= Corvette Mutilating and Brutally beating it in speed and accelaration, (I dont know about handling , because cars with that much power cant really handle well, even If they are something like a porsche or cars made for handling!)

    But im sure Corvette will still handle better, because Zo6 handled better than a reg skyline r33 and r34

    Bottom Line AMERICAN CARS RULE AND WHOOP SKYLINES @SS!!!! and for that matter v8s RULE!!!!
  4. This car would own the Corvette at the track.

    Let's just look at it this way for a second...

    American Sports Cars - good acceleration, not exactly the best handling...

    Japanese Sports Cars - great handling, moderate acceleration (for the power and weight class)

    European Sports Cars - good handling, good acceleration...

    now, you see, they all balance out, so shut up...

    (yay! that was my first post! *dances around in a small circle*)
  6. CLK GTR would kill this

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