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Discussion in '2001 Lotec Sirius' started by HaCk3r, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Good explanation. But there's only a thing remaining: Why it needs de double of the power of the F1, and gets 7.5 MPH more "only"(Still, it's being one of the most F_______g fastest cars). It should get like 265 with no so much hard.
  2. i is wrong with mercedes benz transmission? their cars all have automatic..and this one, if related, has 5-speed and goes up to 250mph? wtf, my celica gts is 6-speed...other than's a sweet car, but i think some stats are fake
  3. To DodgeMS4 and all the people who took Endocles seriously do not know what sarcasm is. Hey dudes, think about it for a while. If someone says that a megawatt is too wimpy to power an automobile, you think that person is really serious? Lighten up, or take some pills to cure your manic depression. Do not explode. It's just a joke.

    This car is cool. I have 50 of them in my garage. Hey, I was being sarcastic, guys. Are you okay? Calm down. If i hadn't told you that I was being sarcastic, maybe you would have taken me seriously and made yourselves sound retarded by saying something like "Hey! I know you are not that rich! And plus, this car was never built, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....I'm gonna shoot you now!"

    Back to the subject, I'm surprised noone in this particular forum commented about the weight of the car or the engine itself which might affect the 0-60 time. There are a good number of people who can whip out 2000 hp engines for their hot rods, etc. I'm pretty sure they could not post a 2 second 0-60 like the '02 Lingenfelter 427TT. Suspension also has alot to do with it. As somebody mentioned earlier, you need to keep that power on the ground through the tires, meaning you gotta have the right tires, some really radical drag springs, a relatively high roll center, and a weight distribution moderately biased to the rear.

    And cars built just for posting fast acceleration times SHOULD, and usually are, automatic transmission.
  4. yeah, I got more horses in my penis.

    Wait... did that make sense
  5. yes i think it is justgeared for top speed as well. + just think about how careful with the throttle u would have to be when lauching it!
  6. if only it were four-wheel-drive... i'm sure the increase in traction would more than make up for the weight increase...
  7. Thnx a lot for that comment! N1! Thats one was necessary for a long time.
  8. Facts

    1. The reason why the Sirius doesnt have a 6 gear transmission is pretty simple. There is not even one on the market that could handle a torch of 1300nm. They would all break after some time. Finding a 5 gear transmission that can handle it was difficult enough.

    2. Lotecs aim was not to built the fastest car in the world but the fastest reliable street car. For that you have to find compromises between design, aerodynamic and safety.
    The 400km/h frontier had to be broken for marketing reasons. Nobody ever would drive the car as fast anyway.
    By the way, the 400km/h are estimated and the car is probably a bit faster. It might go up to 420 km/h. Thats also the difference between german and US engineering: Understatement.

    3. 0-60mp/h says a shit due to traction and turbo lag problems. What counts is from 0-120mp/h. And there the Sirius beats the shit out of EVERY competitor.
  9. As far as points 2 and 3 go - yeah, you are probably spot on, but get a German dictionary and translate "getrieb (..) 6-gang" from the Lotech page and you'll find it's actually a six speed box.
  10. ill make this fast. V12- twin turbo = HEAVY = LOTS OF INERTIA from standstill. to overcome that inertia u need HUGE contact patches of tire. however u cannot put dragster tires on a track car. what ure left with is a mediocre 0-60 time because of a hugely tall first gear, but tremendous acceleration once the car is on the way and the risk of burning out is gone.
  11. 1300hp+ is more then enough.
  12. Now before i saw anything this thing is bloody fast, but for a twin turbo 6 litre v12 with over 1300 hp and only weight 1280 kg it is slow. i would have expected it to beat 0-100 in 3 seconds.
  13. the member called "Endocles The Mighty" is VERY stupid or is just makeing fun with us... but i rather call him stupid... as said before, 1334 hp is the most hp ever put in a roadcar, and a V12 is a very large engine, and 6000cc is'nt very small either... and i call you stupid becouse of what you've written above, ive copyed it so you all know what im talking about:

    "What a wussy car with a weak little tiny engine that cant produce any HP. I spit on it"

    LOTEC SIRIUS would eat koenigsegg CCR, Ferrari ENZO, Bugatti VEYRON, Hennessey viper venom 1000, McLaren F1 and all other supercars ALIVE!!! (if you would put better rubber on it) like Bridgestone or pirelli or michelin...

    just a moron would think that a V12 with 1334 hp is tiny... MY DAD IS SMARTER THAN YOU! AND HE DOES NOT EVEN KNOW HOW TO TURN ON A CELLPHONE!!! i hope that you (Endocles The Mighty) have learned something after reading this... OR when you red the texts above, they're smarter than you anyway... MORON!
  14. Just joking?
  15. I agree with markotarma becaus he is a real car enthousiast.... f�resten marko �t inte f�r mycket vitaminer du kan f� diaree smart ass!
  16. by the way he is my friend and were from sweden thats why i wrote in swedish earlier! becaus he takes to many vitamins from the jar!
  17. f�rl�t mej! men det stavas "diarre" smart ass (fart ass). vilken fin bil du har p� bilden! saleens enda bil de gjort. o typ en av de b�sta i v�rlden! faan vad vi �ger de andra p� den h�r sidan ass�!!! ska �ndra min bild snart, om du ser en litec p� min bild, s� har jag �ndrat den redan, f�r vem vet n�r du e inne h�r n�sta g�ng o l�ser??? vi sees min kompis!!!

    ...and for the rest of you, i only talk swedish with my friend becouse of some private life! (the text above is none of your bussiness!!!)

    i tought him that with the cornflake-pakages!!! and i think its rather funny!!!
  18. (swedish) jag har ingen aning vad v�rat snack har med bilar att g�ra, men vi forts�tter ett tag s� att vi kan reta dem!!! vi h�rs anton!!!

    (Translated into english) i have no idea what this friendly talk have to do with cars, but we keep on doing it just to tease everyone on this site just for fun!!! see ya later anton!!!

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  19. i agree with you, because its good to agree with me, in the car-category anyway! Lotec has RAW POWER!!!

    hur mår du din gamla galning! du har inte varit i plugget på ett tag! det är kul att mobba Lars-Olof!!! hatar honnom. faan va vi äger honom! ja vet hur man får junkman-delarna på friåkning (utanför karriären!) och det vet inte du, du e så ägd! skojja bara (om att du e ägd)typ alla bilar e aaaaasbra!!! lustgas med unik e fett bra, kan toppa bilarna när ja vill!!! o ja tycker fortfarande att carerra gt e den bästa bilen i spelet MED unika delar! annars e den inte så jättebra... men den e snygg iaf, men McLaren mersan e endå typ snyggast i spelet, men ford GT e oxo feet!!! och jag ska inte äta så mycket vitaminer, men ja kissar ut dem som inte tas emot, typ alla alltså.... svara något roligt på det här meddelandet nu, hoppas att få garrva lite till idag!!!!
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  21. marko jag kan bara s�ga " all hale pagani zonda" dom har kommigt med en ny zonda som �r s� j�vla b�st!! AAAHH! and all of you who thinks that ferrari enzo is cool and awesome can #$%# OFF!!
  22. you should have said "can #$%# THEM SELVES!!!" hehe, hur m�r du f�resten??? din gammla galning!!! lotec ���ger zonda och enzo tillsammans!!!!! hahaha
  23. Har ni kanske t�nkt att andra kunde ocks� tala lite svenska?

    Not everyone is from the States.

    I can't but admire and ponder how could anyone ever have the potential to create a car like this. Imagine the huge amount of air consumed by this evil machine... It must be hot on the driver's seat.

    By the way, markotarma, your swedish sucks. If it's your mother language, please don't disgrace it by spelling it wrong.

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