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Discussion in '1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette' started by gsolinas, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Like hell your friend has one...only 1 was made.
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  3. Maybe you should learn to read.

    BTW - Don't start that shit again with national pride.

  4. If you all have to have a war of the words online (in a forum) then say funny things. I'm sick of reading 5 pages of shitty insults. This car is not a fraud, it's one-of-a-kind, literally.
  5. You guys repeat your opinions so much you think it becomes fact.

    I do believe you just admitted that you are anti-American, I'm starting to think Italians are the most arrogant people on Earth based only on you.
  6. wow, this branched into something way off topic
  7. Mario Andretti was also Italian by the way. And I don't think New Zealand did much to the car. Bruce Mclaren just drove it. He happened to be a New Zealander living in Britain at the time.
  8. The only threads I've seen that had anything to do with bashing were about the 800TT or the S7, only 3 in the all forums. I never saw any imports suck topic or anything of the such. I never denied it before because it was plausible, but now that I've gone and looked over Ferrari myself I doubt it. It is possible I did overlook something, so if you've already read these threads just post the links to a few of them. Shouldn't take longer than a minute.
  9. Hey gsolinas - yes, you. IŽve read some of your bullshit youŽve been spreading over these forums and IŽd say youŽre one of the biggest jokes ever emerged from Italy, or is your sorry wop ass currently in Canada or wherever, I donŽt care. To be ItalyŽs biggest joke is itself indeed an achievement, given that Italy as a whole is often considered by the other Union member countries generally to be the biggest joke in the EU - Italy is the most corrupt Union member and notorious of itŽs people not ever managing to get their lazy asses anywhere to do something useful properly. Not surprising, as the young Italians arenŽt usually mentally able to leave their parents until they are middle-aged, if even then - thatŽs why the whole nation is comprised out of a bunch of a bad cases of mamaŽs boys, LMAO.

    Your precious Ferrari is nothing but an overpriced piece of shit, especially when compared to likes of a Vette or a Viper. Hell, AutoVAZ Russia builds FAR more reliable monday vehicles than Ferrari ever does any day of a week. Those easily-rusting rattletraps remain popular still, as stupid people always need ways to show off that they have more money than they need and the best way to do it is to buy something totally useless and horrendously expensive - Ferrari certainly fills that gap ideally. Granted, it has some ancient racing prowess and even the current road cars can almost match the performance and handling of the aforementioned Vette and Viper, the little time that the Ferrari manages to remain operational. But when the current F1 is considered, all it took was 20 years, the biggest budget, British head designer, British head engineer, French team chief, German #1 driver backed with a slave driver, plus some indirect and direct FIA involvements in favor of Ferrari to put them on the top. ThatŽs fake even by my standards and as we know your strict judgement of this Callaway Corvette "as not being a Corvette", according to you, your pussy ass "Ferrari"F1xxxx is CERTAINLY not a Ferrari.

    I further saw you crying something about "brave" Italians in WW2 - holy shit, kid. If an average older aged European, or anybody who knows something about history, isnŽt already laughing when Italy is mentioned, theyŽre sure gonna fall off their chairs when "Italy in WW2" comes up. Sorriest stories ever in the sorry military history, compararable only to maybe Idi AminŽs Uganda!! :D As it was, YOUR little fascist regime invaded Greece and were soundly kicked in the ass by the Greeks until your current pal Adolf Hitler finally bailed you out. Then YOU started a campaign in North Africa and were soundly kicked in the ass by the British, until your current pal Adolf Hitler again finally bailed you out, for a while. Oops, the British also sunk your sorry Navy during the process. When the Americans came 1943, through North Africa, Sicily and finally Rome, all what you sorry little twats were able to do, was to surrender in masses, and your current pal Adolf Hitler had no longer means to once again bail you out, fortunately. Quality and spine of the Italian Armed Forces could and can be described exactly like Ferraris - shit, fresh and pure. But again, what else can a bunch of mamaŽs boys do: thieve, backstab and bully in a crowd - and then flee and cry when someone with bigger balls (that someone not really hard to find) comes over. Oh yeah, those tactics suit well for a mafia (from which Italy is not surprisingly very known of), but not for real men, face to face.

    Your ranting over the internet tells that youŽre nothing but a weak homo kid not worth to be dealed with, but as you previously wished an other forum member to get a cancer and die, I wholeheartedly wish the same thing happening to you. Or, when your pos MR2 finally self-ignites, your foot simultaneously getting stuck between the pedals may suffice, if the fire spreads slowly enough. Good bye and have a nice day - and tell your momma I said hi. <IMG SRC="">
  10. Give me the number.<!-- Signature -->
  11. :( sounds like no fight, too bad....oh well, back to cars!
  12. Can we stop talking about the god damned WWII? It's getting really annoying in the SUPERCAR.NET FORUMS, and "Frankly, Scarlet, I don't give a damn." Back to cars. No American/European bashing. Just talk about cars and how you love them. I know I love cars. How about the rest of you? Seriously, what does Corvette have to do with WWII. It wasn't even created until 1953. If history serves me correctly, WWII ended in 1945. EIGHT F*CKING YEARS LATER! GO CARS!

    gsolinas, sorry for the insults and racial comments from me. I truly have no clue who you are and I clearly have no basis (other than these forums) for the judgemental comments I made.

    Takes a big man to fight with someone he doesn't know. Takes an even bigger man to know when to apologize to someone he doesn't know. Learn from logic and experience...They're the best teachers (yes, cornu, even the ignorant can be taught).<!-- Signature -->
  13. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from gsolinas</i>
    <b><!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Will938</i>
    <b>Don't act so innocent gsolinas, you provoked everything that has come up. You didn't say anything to the likes of, "Yes this car is fast, but certainly you must see that in a tight course the XXXXXXXX would be the victor?", more like, "You ignorant bastard, if you wern't so stupid you would see that I'm right and the Ferrari would destroy this in everyway possible exept for top speed which isn't really a concern anyway."

    People didn't just get pissed off at you because you thought you proved them wrong, they got pissed because of your attitude.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I never said that shit. Why do you put words in my mouth. I went out of my way to prove that all the claims you guys posted were wrong. I must have said that it has an incredible top speed half a dozen times. As far as I’m concerned I gave it the respect it deserves. But I showed how it isn’t the fastest in the world and maybe lacked in other areas. Intimidated by it? Hardly, like I said, it isn’t the fastest anyway even though apparently that is all it was built for. Provoked everything? Read from the beginning. There was arrogance before “gsolinas the arrogant bastard” made a posting. Where can you find a quote from me saying “the Ferrari is the best car in the world from the best country in the world”? That stupid shit came from others. I responded. Somehow I’m the bad guy though. I think it just bothers some people here that I along with others pointed out things that certain people didn’t want to know.
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Damn this site and its posting system, I posted this 2 days ago.

    I put no words in your mouth, if you read it closely it says you said something, "to the likes of".

    And I can't remember if it was on this forum, but if you really want to compare the reliability of a Ford Tempo against any Ferrari.......the Ferrari would need more mechanical support than the Tempo.
  14. I'm not even going to dignify that last post. Talk about a brutal comparison. Give yourself a chance man.
  15. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Vette1</i>
    <b><!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from gsolinas</i>
    <b>You are confusing. How is a 5.7 litre V8 two seater Corvette less of an exotic than a 3 litre V8 Modena.
    You are too conditioned to American TV and American literature. Invest in a satellite and watch tests that go on in Europe and Asia and you'll see Vipers, Vettes, and Shelby's getting killed by everything from the 355 to the NSX...and since the Z06 is the top of the line production Vette they should put it against the top of the line Ferraris like the 550. But then it would get destroyed over and over and over again so I doubt Speed Vision would air it.
    I need to learn respect? You are telling me facts are facts! Formula 1 is being won by Ferrari, Lemans is being won by Audi, and Rally races are won by Asian cars and European cars constantly.
    Broaden your horizons. All this car is is a record. Don't worry though...Bugatti will put an end to that too.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Hold on hold think the Corvette is an EXOTIC!
    For a guy who claims he's all about extoics, and you don't even know how to tell what car is an EXOTIC!

    How stupid are you?!

    I'll tell you this slowly the Z06 is not an Exotic little man, where the hell did you get that information from?!
    And next I don't remmber reading that the Vette lost to the NSX? Where did you get that information?!

    You know what forget it, you've just proven how dumb you are.
    Guess you think the Supra is an exotic too unh!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    the 360 modena is a 3.6L engine with the same HP as the vette z06..that is pathetic seeing that the vette has 2.1L advantage.....that is pathetic.....look at the technology that Ferrari put into their car to get that kind of HP..

    and Am Car Fan...holy shit...the Porsche that took 14th was a class lower and lets say about 300 HP less .....and it was 4 places behind your viper with about 4.3L more ....hahaha....that is sad
  16. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ReeK</i>
    <b><!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from vader</i>
    <b>Damn straight! Anybody that doesn't talk about cars from here on out can refer to the last line of my signature. You know...IMO, the best car isn't even invented and is probably impossible to invent. Here goes...the torque and sound of an NA American big block, coupled with the performance and styling of expensive European cars, with the economy factor of the hybrid Japanese cars and with a price tag similar to a Korean car. Now THAT would be a near perfect car. GO CARS!!! Can I get a HELL YEA?!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->


    dunno about the price though, if a car that awesome was the price of your local hyundai, every idiot would buy one.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    So...Let the idiots buy one. If they are true idiots they will end up killing themselves and that means less idiots for us to deal with.(plus it might help with the population crisis :))<!-- Signature -->
  17. HAHAHAHA!!! This gets funnier every day. I have now whole three more or less Italian little pricks on me - woo wee itŽs getting really scary. Soon there will be an army of you and then weŽll really see some havoc. And the last time you did that, you lost, what, 135 men versus 1? Heh heh. Sad part for you is though, that as you seem to be so obsessed with multiple accounts, there probably is only one or two of you. But even if there were an army of two million, it really wouldnŽt make that much difference, as the near history has conveniently proven.

    Only thing sorrier than yourself is your response. "Fears the verbal retributions that result in the near blasphemy you post". Holy shit IŽm in fear, IŽm shivering. IŽm here, reading and laughing, you dork. "Was our army poor? Yes. But that didn't stop them from occupying both Greece and North Africa" Oh yes it did stop them you dumb shit, not surprisingly this wonŽt get through to you. Without the Germans you would have been kicked out from Greece in no time flat and not occupying anything but the Libyan desert, from where youŽd also have been kicked out in a second. British helping them? You stupid little prick. It WAS Britain you fought against in N-Africa, not the natives. You with numerically superior forces to throw against them as well. YouŽre well informed my ass. "Could I mention victories. Absolutely" No you canŽt, dipshit. Overrunning some scouts and small garrisons canŽt be exactly described a campaign level "victory", not even by Italian military standards. And the stories that were made up by you later, wonŽt pass either. "Every country in the European union have blemishes" Heheh, just name one who has recently blundered more in a battlefield than Italy. 135-1, HAHAHA!

    So you didnŽt fall for Galilei, well I thought it might have been too obvious even for you. It was the Copernicus from Poland who officially presented the theory however. Galilei was thrown in jail by a bunch of other Italians for presenting evidence later on. What has Columbus got to do with this, by the way? Is he one of your jack-off fantasies? "Keep in mind, officially Italy is one of the few undefeated countries in military history. Name a war they lost." Try the WW2 you dumb shit. Officially according to themselves, the Soviet Union was the best place ever on earth. So I guess for you that must have been true too, if you had been living there. "BTW asshole you still haven't made a point about cars" Well, as your own "points" have proven, you donŽt know shit about them, so it would be a lost cause. You undauntedly think that a Ferrari is more reliable than a Chevy. That tells just all. "I'm the sorry one? You created an account just to talk to me. You #$%#ing queer. I suppose I should be flattered that I was that important to you" Somehow IŽm not surprised, that if someone pops by, looks around and pours piss down your throat, you consider it flattering. And makes you feel important. My my, youŽre really a lost case and beyond sorry. <IMG SRC="">

    And (all) you geek-o-troopers describing what you do with your moms and dads and your twisted sexual desires (so you give them massages and blow-jobs?) - holy shit. Your insults are as intimidating as looking at retards with prostate problems pissing against the wind. You really are such wimps itŽs giving me the creeps. Moo moo "I bet if someone gave you an Italian car, Italian, suit, and an Italian dinner you would love every second of it." Oo IŽd be in heavenly bliss! You caught me now! IŽm so envious IŽm writing all this! Not.

    Hell, you are just like a bunch of little bare-assed apes ranting and raving in a zoo. I bet that just like you do, those sorry creatures also think they are top shits in their stinky little cubical world. Guess what, twerps, you are not. "I have been in numerous physical altercations alone and faired beautifully" Hehehe, ooh what a magnificient specimen you must be in your cube, IŽm so very impressed. As we have now your whole word about all your glorious little tussles, we can conclude that no-one in this planet can never harm you physically. Wowee, 135-1 computer thug. Unless you wouldnŽt be such a sorry little piece of shit, which you so obviously are, youŽd be cute.

    PS. I knew youŽd fall in love with the "ta-ta" goodbye. ItŽs so you. <IMG SRC="">

    Vader: YouŽre right in that this kind of discussion does not belong to this site and I apologize, if IŽve caused you trouble / irritation with my postings. I found this site and checked out the top speed vehicle. And what do I happen to find with it? Stream of bullshit from insecure, misinformed, nationalistic / racist little kid(s) (not you). Their whining here is worth as much respect and response as a fart in Sahara, but anyways I farted back. Sorry about the smell - and the worst thing is that unfortunately their kind is usually very resistant to it due to prolonged self-inflicted exposure. ItŽs been most fun to me to kick the glass of their cage and watch them jump and shriek, but as said, you were right. Fighting fire with fire (or in this case, a fart with a fart) just doesnŽt make much sense.
  18. $400,000 14 years ago is not $400,000 today. I'm not an economist but I'd say the two are pretty damn close in price. And don't say no one has come close to it in 14 years because, whether certain peopl want to admit it or not there have been cars produced that can top it. Their capabilities are just not always posted on supercars.
  19. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from EvilNinjaMoby</i>
    <b>Gsolinas you #$%#ing moron, your ONLY "reliable" website is some shitty ass one thrown together with an UNNAMED FRENCH MAGAZINE!! For #$%#s sake, can you be that #$%#ing stupid. I mean the #$%#ing callaway website has something that ONE website you showed doesnt.. reliabilty. If your so #$%#ing NAIVE to #$%#ing believe some third rate website with nothing but a quote from an UNAMED source.. you might rethink your interest in cars. I never said there isnt faster.. I said show me the PROOF, of whats faster. It has to be RECORDED to hold the RECORD! I mean hell even Gemballas OWN website has NOTHING on that Diablo... you speak of REPUTABLE tuners falsifying their information.. GEMBALLA says NOTHING of it at ALL. I think if Gemballa DID have something faster wouldnt you think they would promote it in some way.. like devoting at least one webpage to it. Yet again all you show is some losers website, whos name we dont know, whos sources we dont know. I mean shit man, your #$%#ing hopeless, Id rather teach a legless man to walk that try to get any sort of reasoning through your thick, unfilled head. Again that is PROOF, a REPUTABLE site... you have some sight some guy made with a quote from an Un-named magazine... sorry in ANY court you would lose this one. Ignorance must be bliss for you Gsolinas.. you enjoy being in it.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    true wut he says about record holding, it does hafta be recorded to be considered a record, and i heard sumone say sumthin bout a 300mph cavalier, thats a private owner thing, tell me wut company built that?, tons of owners have cars that can smoke anything, my friends cousin just told us how sum guy dropped a 911turbo engine in a VW, now i know that shit moved, but it cant set no records not recorded...

    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Neocodex</i>
    <b>This argument is plain and simple.

    Is the Sledgehammer Corvette a freud? No. End of story.

    Its the age old fight, are North American(Canada too) cars better than European cars? Honestly I say no.
    Europeans are making high-tech cars while America is still old fashion with its big block beasts.

    You compared the engine size? the smaller Ferrari v8 to the large vette v8. Thats like saying that the RX-8s 1.3 250hp engine is better than a firebirds engine. You just cant compare.
    American cars are big, loud, produce smoke from burnouts and are often used for fukin.

    You want to see who makes the better car? take a ferrari and then take a Firebird T/A....add one chick, and try to have sex. With the Ferrari, its soo small u cant even sack her on the hood without damaging the delicate components...while with the US car, after you lay it to her in the back seat, you can slam her on the big heavy hood over and over.

    If you want to compare the Z06 to the Ferraris, your gonna have to rember that the Z06 costs WAY less than the Ferrari.

    Want a little engine that goes "Zing" or want a BB that growls.

    Im happy for Callaway for its record, but I know some other car will smoke it sooner or later.

    Its like my RX-7, its way faster than a stingray, but the stingray has an attitude that only vettes have.

    No one can deny that this car is not awsome, if you ever saw it, you would prolly wet your pants.
    I say w00t to the 1988 Chevrolet Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette. It kicks ass.

    just rember, your a geek on a computer FIGHTING over what car is better.
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    and again i say true to most of this. the whole bangin sum girl on the car part is true, "slam her on the BIG HEAVY hood over and over." yes true, thats y americans run big heavy engines, they need sumthin for them cars to get up and go without throwning another 10-20K in performance parts on a small 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder and still have ppl buy it. they sell a big block plain so they get tons more money when ppl go to upgrade, that ferarri is a small v8 already making lots of horses, costing that much more than the american car. which leads back to another thing. americans have them big block cuz they love the rumble of sum 300+ ft. lbs. torque under their foot on stock v8 cars and trucks. plus when they go bigger, they run slower, so they need tall ass gears, imports again r small make quick horses, but cant back it with torque

    and my opinion about the chick #$%#in a dude in either car gasolina, i would say a vette seriously, i mean ppl drool over vettes and mustangs than a god damn viper....its scary wut they woudl choose, and no u cant say most of the pop. woudl choose the 360, i know america makes up a hell of a lot of the pop. and just about all of us would choose one of our own cars.....
  20. I was refering to the "semi-official" production status of the VTTT. To bad its not a production Lambo!

    <!-- Signature -->
  21. Ever think maybe guys like myself, gsolinas, mclaren99, liquid child, cornu, etc. Come to this forum because when we go to the ones we like people post shit like “vettes are better” and “vipers kick ass”. If you guys wouldn’t be so arrogant (and I don’t mean you in particular even though you’re being a cocksucker now) maybe we’d never run into each other on these forums. Besides all gsolinas has done is post facts. The fact that it hurts your morale doesn’t make it “crying”. So keep on bringing up Ford’s brief (co-produced) race history but don’t ever knock Ferrar’s. Tune into Formula 1. They went 1,2 again last Sunday and are on pace to win it all AGAIN! So shut the #$%# up unless you can post some kind of fact.
  22. I wouldn't be too proud about your associaton with LiquidChild. I once asked him if it was possible to like more than one car. I actually asked it about 3 times. Still no answer.
  23. Regarding the "fraudulent" nature of this car, I've yet to come across anyone who is trying to pass this off as a factory Chevrolet. Not that anyone here has never done so.

    But how even-handed are you guys? Why not go into the Ferrari Koenig forums and blast the F50 Turbo for being a fraud? Or how about going into the Porsche Gemballa forum and blast the GTR 600 for being a co-production?
  24. You guys can't prove that this car is bad so you resort to saying that it isn't production (although it was because you could have bought one) and that since callaway won't let people test it (if that is true) then the stats must be lies. Give me a break! Maybe they don't want people driving it because it's 14 years old and is the only one left. If something happens to it what then? You don't take cars thatown the record for top speed, are 14 years old, and that only one exists for a spin whenever you like.

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