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Discussion in '1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette' started by gsolinas, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Thats it, ok Porsche and Ferrari could of made a car to beat this if they wanted????????

    Now reading that, it tells me if you believe that you defnitly did not read up on the Sledgehammer, read up on the car and then you'll understand what I mean.
  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from CappieZ</i>
    <b>Ok, first. There was NOT only 1 SledgeHammer produced. If only 1 was produced. Due to its speed, it WOULD NOT be 400 grand, it would be much more expensive. Take the Shelby GT350, they are worth 600 grand. There are 10 left, that are known about. One of which is in Indiana, another in New Mexico. Another in California. Now explain this dip shit, how can a car that was considered a piece of crap when it was produced, be more expensive than a car that goes around 54 mph faster, than a car that has 10 know of them left?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    lol that's funny, i'm not gonna critize you sicne your a newbie on this site but please for god's sake, research the car your talking about before you make dumbass comments like the one you made above! there was only 1 made!<!-- Signature -->
  3. Ok there was 1 made and it’s not valued at $400,000 it could have been produced by Chevrolet for that much in 1988. The one that exists would probably go for a million and a half if not more.

    I absolutely feel that any auto manufacturer could produce 1 record setting car…it’s a question of whether or not it’s worth it. Ferrari and Lamborghini don’t care about that title, whereas Bugatti and Mclaren will produce record setters because that is their intention (not 1 car but a production record setter).

    For the record I find it hard to believe that no one ordered this car. With all the rich car collectors in the States (Nicholas Cage, Jay Leno, Michael Jordan, etc.) I’m sure someone would have ordered it. Chevrolet built this to set a record, producing it wasn’t feasible.

    Thanks for the support legacy, the level of intelligence in this forum just went up.
  4. Vette 1
    I hope you're not suggesting that ONLY Chevrolet possesses the technology to produce a car capable of 410 kph?
    That's absurd.
  5. CappieZ are you sure you didn't mean GT500
    I'm pretty sure less of those were made.
  6. yeah he's right! any car company has the technology to produce a fast rocket and break the record(except hyndai<IMG SRC="">)! but is it really worth it, i heard some people say that if ferrari is so good why don't they build a faster car! haha, well ferrari has the technology to build a way faster car then this but what good comes out of it! NOTHING, all that happens is that you waste millions of dollars and waste time, time that they could be using to produce new cars and money that they could use to improve their car through research and testing! So i don't think it's worthwhile to waste all that for jsut a simple title and bragging rights! and also ferrari is more focused on creating cars with exceptional handling and control rather then top speed!<!-- Signature -->
  7. To MCLAREN99, Legacy, and a few others....

    Do you any of you even know why this car was made?
    You think the people of Callaway just sat around one day and said "Hey lets just go make a car with amazing top speed". Yes they did have an idea of what they wanted to make, but for them to go out and produce it is another story. Something needs to push them to go ahead with the plan.

    Since no one else is going to bring this up I guess I will....

    The German magazine Auto Motor und Sport invited
    Callaway to the Nardo highspeed track in Italy to run a top-speed contest against a Porsche 959 and a Ferrari F40 (yes it was Europe that inspired Callaway to create this car not America). This is what pushed Callaway to make this car. However Callaway was too small of a company, though had good ideas, did not have the resources to finish this car in time for the contest.

    The contest went ahead without Callaway, and this is what Porsche and Ferrari scored. With driver Walter Roehrl driving the Ferrari and Porsche, the tricked-out Ferrari actually ran slower than a stocker, at 198 mph and the tweaked 959 went 210 mph.
    So you can say both Ferrari and Porsche were both glad Callaway was not there.

    Now you see guys here we are comparing the cars from these companies in the 80s. Now yes I do agree that Ferrari and Porsche could make a car that tops this record if they wanted to. But you know what SO COULD CALLAWAY. The reason none of these companies have done it is because there is no incentive to do so.

    If you guys REALLY, want to find out, well try and organize something for a top speed contest, and convince these three companies to attend (not happening I know).
  8. I'm going to have to agree that if Porsche or Ferrari or BMW wanted to make a car to break this record they could. Callaway did do a great job on their car, especially considering that it was 1988, but still it wasn't a true production car. Did any of you ever see any of these things sitting on a showroom floor because I never have, and never will. And in case anyone thinks that I would be bias because of my nationality, I'm not. I'm proud of being an American, but let's face it, 99% of our production cars suck as far as performance goes. I drive a BMW and there's a reason for that. American companies don't participate in F1 and there's a reason for that too. We make our cars go fast in a straight line, but they don't corner. It is great to have that kick-you-in-the-@$$ power off the line, but import cars are where it's at when it comes to real all-around performance.(Hope I didn't burst anyone's bubble)<!-- Signature -->
  9. I can’t say I knew exactly why this car was made but I assumed it had to do with setting a record. Regardless that doesn’t really sway my position on this vehicle.

    Psycho Meerkat said it like it was and I appreciate that.

    Bigblockbrawler needs to make a relevant point or leave. I might disagree with some of the other guy’s opinions but at least they don’t sound like they came out of a pre-schooler.
  10. You state that 99% of all American production cars suck when it comes to handling. I agree with you but I will state that 99% of ANY countries production cars suck when it comes to handling and speed. The purpose of production cars is not top speed and performance in most cases. Most people want good gas mileage, comfort, maybe a bit of power to get up to speed on a highway but face it, production cars are generally not meant to be fast. Europe has such cars as BMW or Mercedes, the U.S. has cars such as Chevrolet, Buick, or Ford. Each has differences when it comes to handling, top speed, and comfort. It's a trade off.
  11. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from gsolinas</i>
    <b>Will938 needs a history lesson in WW2 and racing. The Russians, the Americans, the British and the Italian rebel forces defeated Germany and the GTO lemans and 365 GTB/4 Daytonas conquered the racing world in the 60's and 70's.

    And the 360 costs more because it’s a better car. Face it.

    And if I were you I’d leave military out of this forum since the States got cleaned by, Vietnam, Cuba, Somalia, and even Canada in 1812. It seems the American military is nothing with out Nato.
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->


    Unless you argue further on the point this is the last time I will bring this up. If the Americans had not helped Britain before we joined the war there is no doubt they would of run out of airplanes and supplies to fight the Germans with and been open to bombing and invasion by Germany. Assume Britain is now out of the picture because of surrender or is at the least uneffective fighting-wise. That leaves them to go full force on the Russian front or finish off southern Europe. Remember that America is committing zero help as is Britain. Japanese don't have us to worry about so they can keep pushing west. Soon Russia would have two fronts to worry about, southern Europe would be crushed because 2 of the major allies would not be there to hold ground. There would of been no Normandy invasion, no major allied offensive. Face it, the allies would of been screwed. Cuba - American's wern't even sent in, they were cuban rebels. War of 1812 - we got what we wanted in the end, i.e. the winner. Somalia - we got our man and had a kill ratio of 50/1. Vietnam - Kill ratio of 20/1, but I agree we lost. So far we're 10 - 1 Again, I won't comment on that anymore unless provoked.


    Ford has 13 F1 titles.

    Modena is a better overall package than the ZO6, and if I had a priceless decision I'd get the Modena. But I live in the real world were you must buy things and the Modena compared to the ZO6 is overpriced. Take the times for the cars from every magazine you can and keep only the very best. That would be the edge of performance and truely what a car can do, and the Z takes that edge better than the Modena.
  12. hey Will938, when you said that Ford has 13 F1 titles, well that's wrong Ford has no F1 titles since they never entered F1 ( I think) But i guess what your trying to say is that different teams won 13 times using Ford engines which is not the same thing but i just wanted to make things clear on that, but besides that i agree on what your saying about the modena and the ZO6
    <!-- Signature -->
  13. That quote on "what may have happened" was stupid and unprovoked since that quote you lifted was days old and I was pleased to see that it wasn't being brought up anymore.

    We are not here to compare price tags, we were comparing cars. And the Modena is better.

    If I need a suit for an event I'll buy a Franco Tassi for $800, because that is what I'm willing to spend on a suit. But I won't go to a guy in a $2000 Armani and tell him I'm getting more for my money.
    Thats silly. But that is what everyone is saying relative to the two cars.
  14. I hate to bring this up again but Will pissed me off. I appologize to those interested in speaking about cars but this needs to be said.
    I don't want to read anymore bullshit about Europeans kissing American ass because they won WW2. I'm going to take this opportunity to remind all of you that USA wouldn't exist had it not been for Lafayette and his French army. Don't know who he is? Look on a map of Indiana they even named a city after him. So thank Europeans that you aren't still paying taxes to Queen Elizabeth.
    By the way 50/1 kill ratio hahaha, you were shooting at women and children soldiers...same with Vietnam but that is beside the point.
    Enough with the military bullshit.
    On with the cars!
  15. this car is a fraud!
    its not a callaway
    its not a chev
    what the hell is it
    so what if it holds a doesn't get raced or sold
    so what good is it
  16. My car would blow away your tempos and tricycles so shut the hell up.

    "Poor Chicano"? hahahaha
    I'm not Hispanic, read the previous pages you illiterate trailer park piece of shit.
    And if you knew what I did for a living you'd be trying to suck me off.
  17. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Am Car fan</i>
    <b>Only 3 companies last year beat the Corvette and the Viper in the Le Mans which were both in the top 10 (Corvette at #6) Audi's took the top 3. The Panoz Spider took 4th and some other odd car tood #5. Not Porches or McLarens or Ferraries.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Ferrari haven't had a factory team at Le Mans since like 1973, The Mclarens are old now, and comparing US cars to Porsche at Le Mans! don't even go there.

    back to the topic...I remain sceptical that this should be classified as a 'production' car, but nevertheless all credit to Callaway for producing this machine, it obviously achieved it's goal - to set a speed record, what more can you ask for? sure Euro exotics handle better, but they're designed for it. I'm pretty sure when Callaway offered it for sale at $400,000 their selling motto wasn't "great handling", it would have been something more like "254 MPH!".
  18. Well, I respect the fact that the french helped us out right at the end of the war. I don't really need an asskissing, I need for you to admit that you probably wouldn't be here had we not become involved.

    If a woman picks up a gun and fires at a soldier, she should damn well expect to be shot at. She is no longer a civilian, she just became the enemy/soldier/target.

    As for the suit deal, you can get that 2000 dollar suit and it can scream your status. But that 500 dollar suit could be more business-like and sell more products for a company. Which is the case here in this argument. ZO6 is a better performer/economy car and while the Modena follows close behind in the performance part they make the better status symbol/comfort car.
  19. No it's not. The Modena in no way follows the Z06 in performance. But that is not why it costs more. It is hand made, even the interior is hand stiched leather. Those perks add up. They can sell the Z06 for less because it came off of an assembly line.

    I'll also remind you that you wouldn't be here either had it not been for an Italian discovering the place.
  20. bigblcokbrawler shouldn't make racist remarks

    shut the hell up ***** i will kick ur ass
  21. Send me your personal e-mail then. I want you to try and kick my ass!
    Anytime yank! Anytime
  22. Well someone had do discover it sooner or later. All of the best specs on either car I've seen lean towards the ZO6.
  23. How do all the best specs lean towards the Z06? Can you read? Look at both real close, the 360 has a better 0-60 and 0-100, and top speed. It doesn't say it but it's got a better brake distance too (60-0). All the slaloms I've seen them on the 360 wins too. Learn to read.

    I have plenty of friends in the States (Detroit, Chicago, NYC, Boston, etc.). It's not Americans I's this stupid American attitude towards the rest of the world like you are superior. Your cars are not as good as the European ones. Face the facts.<!-- Signature -->
  24. Well here is one...

    Motor Trend High speed Shoot out Nov 2000
    360 Modena/Z06
    1 Mile MPH 152.47/160.73 (Z06)
    1 Mile (seconds) 32.56/31.32 (Z06)
    0-100-0 (sec) 14.1/14.5 (360)
    600 FT slalom (mph) 68.9/68.5 (360)
    0-60 3.92/4.34 (360)
    1/4 Mile 12.25/12.59 (360)
    Braking 60-0 117/111 (Z06)
    Lateral G .90/.98 (Z06)
    EPA MPG (10/16) / (19/28) (city/hwy) (Z06)

    Thanks rthompson...

    The 360 and Z06 are close performance wise, I would like to see a the new 2002.

    gsolinas, the Z06 has managed to beat the 360 on the track before, even though the 360 has beaten the Z06 as well it doesn't remove the fact that the Z06 has won as well.
  25. Lets see the Z06 pull that off against a Modena that hasn't been converted to the US specifications.
    Besides...are you seriously using gas consumption as a point of comparison? I don't think many people purchase an exotic for its fuel economy. <!-- Signature -->

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