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  1. granted this is a sweet car but a Z06 would run over this in a heartbeat
  2. LoL!! I think its funny, this thing loose in speed and power to a vette on this guy thinks this thing would kill one. What an idiot.Also the berger camaro beats this thing.<!-- Signature -->
  3. this car is sweet. it would beat a camero but a vette could spell trouble. It would be a good race though. 0-60 in 4.4 is pretty impressive!
  4. Trouble with cars, this one in my opinion (being a die hard chevy fan) looks better, but the Z06 would embarrass your high cost car at the light any day of the week
  5. It wouldnt embarass the series 1 with the vortech supercharger and 450 hp
  6. If the Shelby driver knew how to drive it<!-- Signature -->
  7. um its nice but the z06 is alot better....this thing is a gm with a oldsmobile v8

    Anybody who thinks a crappy chevy is better than this can just kiss my A*s!
  9. Your an idiot<!-- Signature -->
  10. any vette eh well lets just bring up a few names shall we
    Lingenfelter Stage 2 650 Corvette
    Lingenfelter 427Ci Corvette 747 HP
    Normal Z06
    Callaway Sledge Hammer COrvette
    Hennessey 600 COrvette

    o ya it looks like all these cars just eat this peice of shit shelby<!-- Signature -->
  11. The corvette would definetly win in speed and the price is much lower.
  12. whos talking about price?<!-- Signature -->
  13. Even I can stomp this thing I may not own a stock 84 500bhp and 500ftlbs of torque will tell you that but if you look at the 84's website the times are off and my times are way more impressive for instance I get to 60 in less than 4 sec's and get a 1/4 mile in 11.4 go ahead and talk crap about a vette but even my vette can stomp this thing even though I would still like to have this car.
  14. The fastest series 1 made goes 220 and cost 180,000. and it has a super charger.

    the series 1 without a super charger goes 175 top speed.
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  15. Well, I'd say that this car has an advantage becasue of its chassis, but it doesn't; it's a convertible. I'd say that it's better than a Z06 because of its weight, but it has so much less power, it hardly matters. I'd say that the breaks, suspension, and transmission are much better, but they aren't. Chevvy has done a great job designing the Z06, and this car can't compete feature for feature or spec for spec. What it does have is good looks, luxury, and exclusivity. That's why you'd buy one of these, not to beat every kid in a mustang you meet at a stoplight.<!-- Signature -->
  16. this car is defintely superior to the z06. it has less power but less weight also. in addition it LOOKS a lot better. has a clearly defined racing heritage in which it won against a lot of european cars. a lot of people in this room seem to think that driving straight is the only option. dont think i dont see all you guys talking about boss mustangs. tell you what. you strap on some drag slicks and meet me at the track. soon as we hit the first turn we'll see what happens.

    IN ADDITION. i see a lot of american car people talking about low end torque all the time this and that. its great for drag racing but in a road race who keeps their revs at the LOW end...where your making LOW horsepower and moving one.
  17. Listen, my uncle has a Series 1 believe it or not, one of the 500 made, and trust me it could take just about any Camaro, anyway if you would rather have a camaro than this car then theres something wrong with you.
  18. the vette is very pretty true but this car looks alot nicer <IMG SRC="">
  19. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from FI50</i>
    <b>Anybody who thinks a crappy chevy is better than this can just kiss my A*s!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    corvette z06 - 405 hp - 3.9 sec 0-60 - $50k

    hmm whos stupid now
  20. u really wud go for looks over speed and control? heh guess shows u kno crap bout cars
  21. Yeah i'm pretty sure most of us in this forum would choose this car over a ZO6 given the oportunity. 1. this car is lighter 2. this car is faster (with the supercharger) 3. this car handles better 4. it looks better. I know the ZO6 is a damn good deal (around 50 grand and you get near exotic performance). So guess this shows how much you know about cars.<!-- Signature -->
  22. hmm u must be crazy talkin strictly power.... the corvette overrules... camaro is out of buisness so i dunno why ure comparing... and well this sucks... the c6 will be much better than any of ure crap 370 hp with top speed more than it has for 2002 ... hmm who knoes more
  23. i personally think this car this car looks better than all vettes (not including the callaway c12 vette) and it could beat a zo6 but i would take either car in a second.
  24. I would like to have this car, but my scale model is ok for now.<!-- Signature -->
  25. Everybody knows the Lingenfelter Vette 427TT can smoke the hell out of this car. Now if you said the THIS CAR IS BETTER THEN ANY CAMARO AND MOST VETTES that would be a different story.

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