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  1. yes shelby is one of the worlds best car builders
  2. Its good but a viper woulb be better.
  3. shut up vipers are extremley unreliable and are pieces of crap.
  4. In all fairness, the Z06 is a GREAT car. But, put Hoosiers or Racing Slicks on either car out of the box, and the Series One (even the normally aspirated version) would eat the Corvette alive on a road racing course.

    I am a road racer, I race a hybrid civic in Honda Challenge, a Grand Am cup Type R, and Sports Racing Cars. I also own a Series One, and an SLK AMG among other cars.

    The Series One has an incredible chassis, which is 5 times stiffer than a Viper. It has a racing bred suspension with inboard shocks, a perfect 50/50 weight distribution and a very close ratio 6 sp transaxle that is great on a road course, but sucks for 0-60 times.

    Having driven this car on the track, and also having driven the FIA 289 Racing Cobras (with updated suspensions) anyone who thinks that a properly prepared Cobra versus a properly prepared Series One would result in a Cobra win on a road course, has no idea how much suspension technology has changed in the last 40 years. Horsepower means very little on a road course, unless the car handles at least close to the underpowered competition.

    The only problem with the Series One, is that it can only be properly enjoyed on a road course, and the car is not designed to have a full cage that would make it safe to drive at the limit on a road course. My car has just been supercharged and is being shipped to G & W Motorsports (the guys who have a lot of Daytona Porche wins and who campaign the BMW Picchio Daytona Prototye in the Rolex Series) at Virginia International Raceway next week. It will be on the VIR course on November 29 and 30th at the G & W fall fling. I will report back on the car after that weekend. But the only thing the car could have used on the road course was more power, and now with the SC the power should be incredible.

    Again, the Corvette is a great car, I love them. But it is foolish to compare a 50-60K car to a hand built exotic car. The Corvette is most definitely the better value, but people that buy cars like the Series One are not concerned with value.

    Horsepower rules the drag strip, but not neccesarily on a road course. The power to weight ration of the Z06 and the Series 1 are not all that different.
  5. well you see .... this car is not really better than a vette or camaro because it is not a production car .... and another reason its not better is 'cause its NOT A DODGE!
  6. vettes suck. if u think mclarens are good u must like BMW.
  7. this thing tops out at 175-180. thats much faster than any vette. a vette that could compete would have 2 big nos bottles and then explode wen it reached 170. my friend's cousin owns a 2002 series 1. its god damn fast. he has raced a vette smoked it, 5.0 smoked it, civic killed it, his own mustang bullet smoked it, killed a 2004 sl500, to bad a bugatti veyron would crush it goin 252 MPH.
  8. yes a vette might beat the shelby series 1 but a GT350 or 500 wuld give 'em a run for their money. But the Shelby Cobra would kaine!

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