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  2. 255!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Someone please explain to me why this car sucks? It goes faster than your dream car. I guess I could say McLarens suck because they're slower? Of course they don't really suck, but don't diss cars you don't know much about.
  4. Anyway, it's not a production car, it's only a record-breaking car.
  5. Is this car street legal? I thought the McLaren set the speed record for any street legal car. If this car's posted top speed it higher then it must hold the record (unless it's not street legal), no?

    on a second note, you think you could have the sledgehammer package put on a different model vette? i really got my heart set on a '79 but i want 880 horses pulling for me.
  6. McLarens are the fastes production car. The sledgehammer is street legal but only one was made.<!-- Signature -->
  7. Id like to meet the idiots who thing this car sucks... lets look at the facts... even though it was made in 1987 it is STILL the fastest street driveable car in the world. So Id like to see the logic in saying this car sucks, and another thing, just in case you didnt know, the McLaren engine was orginally developed by Chevrolet !!! you know why chevy has raced in formula one in 12 years ??? because all the other companies paid them not to compete anymore because they cant make an engine that can compete with a Chevy. Im not lieing, you can look up everything Ive just said and verify it all. So to you fools who think Chevy sucks, your just plain (*#$!#$ stupid... :)
  8. Callaway engineered this car to go faster than the posted 254mph. The driver, Lingenfelter, was too scared to push it even more, but he said the car was capable of going further.

    They put the sledgehammer's engine on a rack and let it redline continuously for 2 weeks straight before the engine blew-- tell me that is not incredible engineering!

    Granted, it may not have the 0-60 times of a mclaren f1, but give the sledgehammer an extra half mile, and the mclaren will eat it's $hit for breakfast.

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  9. I agree that Chevy and Ford make the best engines in the world. But they dont always go for high-prices and shiney surfaces to prove themselves. they're people cars. but the sledgehammer is a true testimonial of american raw power. BUT! a twin KKK turbo McLaren would be something to behold, if it would be stable enough, like the vette. :)
  10. Yall wrong. MOST car stuff is not posted on SUPERCARS.NET and cant be posted because tyhey are like an outside organization. VIPERS are the fastest. A street legal Streaker twin turbo could go well over 255 with proper gear ratio.>> and enough track.. ovals tracks are prefered. VIPERS ARE VETTE KILLERS.
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