Re: This design looks like the '53 vette ! And not like an old T

Discussion in '2002 Ford Thunderbird' started by Lee Iacocca, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This design looks like the '53 vette ! And not like an old T-Bir

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  2. good thing you see it too....because thats the image they were going for, and im glad they did, instead of making some stupid new age stealth car

    oh yeah, the 53 vette, it had grilled headlights ;-)
  3. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU???? i thought that the retro Vette was cool but it wouldn't that Ferarri killer look, it would look like a mixes of every thing. and that just isn't what i picture as the next Corvette
  4. Don't you mean that MAGNA sTEYR Vette?
  5. Your not alone, Someone wrote to Motor Trend saying the same thing!
  6. I think it looks like a Thunderbird. Don't insult Vettes. Not nice.
  7. Scary as it may seem, I see more of the Nissan "Figaro" concept in the front end. In the late 80's Nissan was building several retro-styled microcars specifically for the Japanese market. The Figaro was the most "luxurious" of the bunch if that could be said about a microcar. Take a look around the web for the Nissan Figaro...there's a striking similarity more than just the front end.
  8. Please look at the picture above. This is in almost every respect a rounded representation of the 57' thunderbird, right down to the sailor's windows on the side. The 53-54 corvettes share a few styling characteristics as is most notable on the front, but this car is all 57'in its cues, with the exception of the fins in the rear and a more rouded style. I recommend a close examination of the two to truly see the vast similarities. The new 2003 even has the baby blue/white hard top package that was so popular in 56'-57' as well as a 280 hp powerplant...nice!

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