Re: This is one of the best all time Supercars

Discussion in '1993 Lister Storm' started by Ratty, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This is one of the best all time Supercars

    It's a car rarely heard of. It's amazing in handling and it's looks set it apart from others.<!-- Signature -->
  2. rarely heard of? I would hope not if someone really liked supercars.<!-- Signature -->
  3. try this car on NFS3... and you'll re-think the term 'supercar' .. it will flat out haul ass ...acceleration is blistering ... and its fun to run circles around the cops with...though the car.. (Designed/Released by Electronic Arts) for the game posts a top end of 215mph ....but still this is a great supercar .. period..<!-- Signature -->
  4. Hey diablosvt...
    i'd like to see the stats on this car (NFS3) and a pic if you could

    and nice name by the way.<!-- Signature -->
  5. Storm is WAY too Boxy!!! It is HUGE and UGLY!!!<!-- Signature -->
  6. hey Grizz
    let me know when you catch me in your moms carmry.
    nuff said?<!-- Signature -->
  7. Never heard of this make, looks go though!
  8. Ive been in one of the four, around Silverstone at Topgear Live 1997! It was great. What a noise. Unforgetable.
  9. I have a supercar collection and this is my newest addition. It looks great next to my Bugatti EB110!
  10. Looks like the Viper boy's haven't found this yet, they'll come in claiming that a Viper would kick its ass,

    I think not.<!-- Signature -->
  11. i have a big respect for this car even if i am a mopar man. i have to recognize that this car kicks ass!
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  13. Are they still in the supercar buissness?
    Has anyone taken them over yet?<!-- Signature -->
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  15. Well, I wouldent say its the BEST, but it looks alright. And
    im likin that engine.its coo.<!-- Signature -->
  16. you can buy this car on GT2 and put racing mod. on it it looks tight
  17. A great for sure, course my opinion may be a bit bias, but look at the performance, the Storm hauls ass, the things pretty big, with a big ass engine in it, kinda reminds me of Aston Martin's big V8 Vantage, that thing can move too. Heh, besides the storm on the FIA GT a year back if I remember right, so there still around, would be nice to see a new car though.

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