Re: THIS IS THE BEST CAR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in '2002 MINI Cooper S' started by jeepman14, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. then u have serious problems!!!!
  2. Re: get a life, bigvic

    Speaking of piles of garbage...nice SS bigvic. North American V8 freaks like you make me sick. Go watch the last NASCAR race you taped and make yourself feel better about your SS. What a piece of garbage. I can't believe someone is stupid enough to come in here showboating an SS and ripping on a SMALL EUROPEAN COUPE!! Your car is obese. Its listed at 57bhp/litre, this car has 102bhp/litre. Simple math you trash. Its called technology. Go dragrace your car. I bet this friggin mini would take you on a track because it actually does something called handling. Ever heard of that? Or did the brochure that came with your SS go on and on about the chevy discount you get because you these obscenely obese tractors 'on slicks,' trash. Ugh.

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    THIS IS THE BEST CAR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    iŽd prefer a mini cooper s, a REAL mini, no bmw crap. the original one outhandles the nu one by far.
  4. it is DEFENATELY not the best car ever but it is a great car.
  5. And seriously, think about having 10 weedwackers all going at once, that would be pretty cool. maybe not as useful, but hey. And having 10 of these in stead of a lambo, also wicked cool. I've got nine friends, imagine a gang of 10 minis banging down the roads. I'd poop myself. But I guess I can only drive one at a time, really, so the lambo might seem better there. But i'll take the mini anyway. The value is much higher. Though I am a professional basketball CEO actor. by which I mean stockboy.
  6. hey!! it made the word #$%# symbols
  7. WAT THE HELL!!!
  8. why would u mention mclaren f1??? jaguar xj220?? WTF???
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  10. Re: get a life, bigvic

    Do you have a life besides GTA 3??? This car is so pathetic that it makes me sick. This is a picture that doesen't belong.
    Old ppl might think that this is a great car but i and many other ppl think that this is a worthless piece of Automotive trash. Save your money to buy a real car not this thing. ( It doesen't even reach the standards of a car). So remove the image of this substitute as you read this and if you still aren't convinced i have more reasons. gods ultimate car, Porsche 95 turbo could beat that thing in reverse in 0-60, 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile and anything else you can think of. top speed isin't even a factor in this car. 130 mph is reachable in a Jaguar X-type and it is verry underpowered. As a fact i have seen a race between the two and the Jaguar had at least a 2 sec. lead.

    Only cars wiht at least 400 bhp+ should be on this site. All others go to

  11. Re: get a life, bigvic

    130 is the limited speed of the X. true max speed is closer to 150, i believe 146mph.
    the current X isn't designed to compete in racing terms, as it actually use a AWD system, adding substantial amount of weight, and making it lose acceleration. Though it was only .1-.2 seconds behind the 3-series equivelant and ahead of the Audi's equivelant.
    Granted, the X has a higher top speed and HP, than it's equivelant BMW 3.0L .
    Though the next generation BMW should surpass that, but the next generation Jaguar 3.0, is well. Substantially superior in performance.
    Now, with the Mini. It's not a performance car. It's suppose to be, a UK version of the Beetle. Nothing more. It can be a performance car, if you mod it, or get the appropriate performance accessories.
    But of course, for the price to do that upgrade, you'll just get a M3 for a BMW product, or a similar car in that price area.
    Though I believe the older generation Mini (pre-BMW) were superior.
    and I believe you can also say the same about Jaguar (pre-Ford) with the exception of the XJ-220, the XJR16, XK180, and few other cars.
  12. first of all, i love the mini. its currently my fav car and i reckon it would draw almost as many looks from passers by as a lambo...i live in australia and read the best motoring magazine in the world, 'wheels' their article on the mini cooper s, the author stated: "Nothing (and i mean nothing) has the visual character of the new Mini- not the Beetle, the Audi TT, or the charming Sport Clio. The Cooper S has the depth to accompany the marketing hype, too. A great chassis, and effortless mid-range stonk are just part of what makes it so appealing and rewarding. And women absolutely adore it, so if you're male and it's been a while between drinks, here's an expensive way to make up for it." Obviously the mini has the media's approval...on the other hand, the lambo murcielago was put in the wheels list of 2002's worst cars, while the mini twice featured in the best cars....and you dont even want to know how those american tanks went...down in oz, where there is no bias towards american cars, us-built cars are a rare site on the roads...unlike in the us, where ppl buy them simply for being american....hell, the new pontiac gto is actually a holden monaro, an australian car! unfortunately they have ruined the front of the car in the redesign <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>...go the mini and the australian car industry!
  13. Who give a damn fool! get yo' ass a real car an quit trippin over dis euro bee-atch
  14. any one who says this car is shit r F*cken dumbasses. its a mad car..i dont know wat u dickheads r talking about but this car has performance!
  15. Okay, two things: One- this car is the best for its price. NOTHING you can get for 20,000 that's new is better than this. Two- This car is fun. Just because a Vector or McLaren is faster, doesn't mean they're better cars. And really, grow up- since when are you gonna buy any of those cars? And also that was a stupid comparison- well DUH those are gonna beat the Mini in a race but that's not what the Mini was built for. Really, it sounds immature when you say that a car is better just because it goes 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, because do you really need all of that speed? Of course I want fast cars but you can't say a car sucks just because it's practical and affordable. I'm gonna get this car after my first year in college. Do I care that it can't beat a McLaren? No. Seriously, unless if you have millions upon millions of dollars, buying a supercar is really, really stupid (unless if you can afford it without selling everything you own). I mean sure you can spend 1,200,000 dollars on a car, but what will that get you? You can't go fast on freeways without cops or traffic.
  16. Sweet Little Italian Cars

    This has got to be just one of my favorite cars. May not be much for saftey or speed, but it sure has good handling.
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    Re: Sweet Little Italian Cars

    May not be much for safety? This got 4 stars in the crash tests... it's one of the most reccomended small vehicles for safety.

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