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  1. Yes, and how many Ferraris have you driven? If Ferraris can't handle properly, why did Road and Track give the 360 Modena their BEST HANDLING CAR award?
  2. Well by what i have heard the ferraris don't have that good of handling...
  3. Whoever told you that needs to do some research.
  4. Well mate...i got actually got that off of the Descoverary Channel...
    i'll let u they explaining to them that they need more research...
  5. Hmmm... Descoverary Channel? No wonder they can't get their facts straight...
  6. ahh...and whats that 'spose to mean...?
  7. It means you have no idea what you are talking about. Vipers are considered to have the worst handling of any car available.
  8. Ferraris can handle and I mean it...They for sure can handle better then Vipers.
  9. i don' tagree cuz ferrari hasn't won lemans last ten years and vipers have won their category three times at le mans so that says enough bout vipers handling
  10. Le Mans is no longer Ferrari's primary focus. If you recall, 10 years ago Ferrari had a lousy F1 team. Ferrari changed their goals and they now primarily focus on F1 (and have the best F1 team). Besides, what does LeMans have to do with Ferrari's road cars? Your friend Bluey here basically said that Ferrari road cars can't handle.
  11. Well i went down to look for the fastest ferrari f50s and the fastest one that i found was Ferrari Koenig which at 828 horses and 500 some torque had a flat 3.0 0-60. Now this being more then the viper by 28 horses was worse by .2 seconds. I couldn't find the 1/4 mile but I think it's safe to say that the viper would eat the ferrari for breakfest, the other f50 i found did a wopping 3.3 0-60 so yeah Viper and day is my verdict
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    You're ignoring one important fact. The 800TT used drag slicks to achieve that impressive 0-60 and 1/4 mile time while the Ferrari didn't. Wanna see how the 800TT performs without the slicks?

    Dodge Hennessey Venom 800 Twin Turbo (stats from Car and Driver)
    Drivability- *** (3 out of 5)
    1/4 Mile- 12.4 seconds
    150-0 braking feet- 767.9 ft

    You're probably wondering why the 800TT is just as fast (maybe slightly faster) as a normal Viper without the drag slicks. Too much low-end torque, my friend. By the way, the Lingenfelter 'Vette came in first place in that modded car competition.;action=display;threadid=4537

    (Thanks to Angus for the link)
  13. Mate...i know what i'm talking about...
    i'm talking about the fact that the Ferraris like the Enzo...
    can't handle for shit...only the F1 cars can.
  14. well ferrari is only good in formula but that is not the case when the question is bout producin' or manufacturin' top of da range cars?
  15. Sorry dude, I think you're misinformed. Ferraris actually handle amazingly well. Thats just what they do, and they brake really well.

  16. Lol, you think the Venom Hennessy 800TT can handle any better?
  17. LOL. Good one.

    Wait, were you serious? Uhhh, does 12.4 seconds sound right? The STOCK Viper gets into the 11's. Yet, for some reason, the Viper with 400 more horsepower is almost half a second slower in the quarter mile. Hmm, makes sense to me!

    Take a look at all those times. The conditions were HORRIBLE. The runs weren't even at a drag strip, but on a track. BTW, what does "too much low-end torque" mean? Oddly enough, Dodge decided to go with the unique pressure sensing accelerator pedal, rather an on-off switch for power.

    If you wanna know how the 800TT does without slicks, re-read the Motor Trend article when they first tested it. It clearly stated that with stock tires it did a 10.7 run.

  18. The F50 will destroy the Viper: the Venom is known to have horrible handling and braking. These are the f50's best features. Go f50!!
  19. Known by who? Little children on car forums?

    Fact: The Viper handles better than the 360 Modena. Horrible handling? If you say so...

    Fact: Car and Driver tested the F50's braking. The Viper stopped faster and in less distance than the F50. I guess if the Viper has horrible braking, that would make the F50's braking absolutely pathetic. BTW, the Viper has had ABS for about 2 years now.

    Oh, and thats stock F50 and stock Viper.
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    If you look at all of the results of that C&D Supercar Challenge, you'd see that the 12.4 second 1/4 mile was not the best run by the 800TT. It was merely the 1/4 mile time during the best *overall* run by the 800TT.

    It's best 1/4 mile time was an 11.60 @ 135.48 mph:

    Which is not quite up to snuff with MT's test, that yielded 10.71 @ 137.6 mph on the very same stock Michelin Pilot tires.

    Now, if you look at the trap speeds, you'll see that the 800TT was putting down some pretty good horsepower numbers. True, all of the cars were pretty slow in that C&D shootout. If you look at the best quarter mile time for the AutoThority 996 TT, you'll see it recorded a similar time: 11.66 seconds. However, its trap speed was 7.28 seconds slower than the 800TT. This means that its AWD helped it to get off the line quicker (indeed, its best 0-60 was .3 quicker than the 800TT's), but once hooked up, the 800TT was quickly reeling in the Porsche. The 800TT knocked 1.3 seconds off of the AutoThority's 100-150 mph sprint.
    Should the 800TT have performed better? Yes, I think it should have. Some of its shortcomings may have been due to the "mighty hiccup that causes the engine to go completely flat at midrange part-throttle", indicating possible problems with the engine management system. Its braking suffered since it was still based on the '97 Viper (pre-ABS).

    But was the handling so bad? C&D wrote:
    "Despite the upgraded suspension, the ride is firm without being harsh, and the overall road manners are excellent. The least comfortable aspect of driving the Venom 800 on the street is the difficulty of getting into and out of the all-encompassing Sparco racing seat."
    With this in mind, and considering that it had so much torque going through only the rear wheels, and was outbraked by the AWD, ABS-equipped stock 996TT which was fine-tuned on a road course, does the fact that the 800TT beat the Porsche (driven by LeMans, 24 Hours of Daytona, and IMSA GT veteran Hurley Haywood) mean that its handling is "horrible"? Haha, I don't think so. That should pretty much dispel the myth that is a drag-only car. To put things in perspective, the 800TT's best overall run was only 1.2 seconds slower than the 2nd place AutoThority Porsche's. And a whopping 8.4 seconds *faster* than the 996 Turbo.

    BTW, the 800TT has yet to be tested with full racing drag slicks.
  21. Dude, if thats what it ran, than thats what it ran. It doesn't matter if it was on the strip or not. It should be able to do just as well on a track as on a strip. Not to mention, it would still most likely come in the same place, because all the other cars have to battle with the same conditions.

  22. dear DODGEMS-4,
    you cant put down the viper venom becuase first of all your id name is DODGE. second of all the venom is apparently not a pile of junk because it can keep up with a million dollar farrari anyday, and it is only 160000. just becuase you work with farrari's and lamborghinis does not mean your're some kind of know it all. thats why you work for people who own nice cars, and you cant own one your own. You wouldnt be talkin shit about the viper if you were so interested in opening the page and actually writing a whole bunch of mr. know it all bullshit on a site where you dont even like the car.
  23. I'm not trying to make excuses that the Viper would have beat them all if the conditions were good, because you are right, each car had the same conditions. However, you can't go saying the 800TT's 1/4 mile time is 12.4 seconds if you want to compare to other cars that were not tested that day. Know what I mean? He also blamed it on "too much low-end torque", which is a good thing, not a bad thing.
  24. Agreed, but if the conditions were better, the outcome would have probably been the same anyways.

  25. Sorry for not replying lately, I've had some severe migrane problems. Anyway, I was just presenting the road tests as written. I may be wrong about the low end torque; I'll give you that. I just saw no other reason why other cars had quicker runs in the same conditions (until Guibo made his post). By the way, in the future please don't talk to me as if I'm one of those silly children that just pull factless crap out of their asses. I would never do that to you because I've accepted that you usually know what you're talking about. If you wanna look for children, check out some of your fellow Viper fans.

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