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  1. THIS VS SKYLINE!?!?!?

    who would win
  2. shoot! that was on final jeopardy last night......<!-- Signature -->
  3. your kidding<!-- Signature -->
  4. ....Mc Laren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. skylines are nice but the mclaren is a gift from above!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  6. Are you f ing stupid, this beautiful machine against a Nissan Skyline. Just the naem Nissan should give you the hint that it has no chance against a mclaren, mclaren is a dominate F1 racing name and Nissans are domestic peice of craps, now the skyline is a nice car dont get me worng there but it doesnt even stand a chance against the AB Flah Supra and that thing got raped by a Mclaren. So next time dont even start a unintelligent topic like this.<!-- Signature -->
  7. you tell em lambo

    if you think that a skyline should even be mentioned in the same sentance as a mclaren you dont know a thing about cars.period<!-- Signature -->
  8. I hate skylines but i know someone that says the skyline can burn anything, this car, the F50 and a lot of other cars.
  9. <!-- Signature -->
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from rex4ev</i>
    <b>you tell em lambo

    if you think that a skyline should even be mentioned in the same sentance as a mclaren you dont know a thing about cars.period</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Sry I messed up on my other post, uh.. Rex your stupidity is showing you just used those 2 words in the same sentence :p<!-- Signature -->
  11. MCLAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. on a drag race the skyline probably would win....because it has much more power...there are so many cars which would win on a drag race!
    but thats not important!

    but a mclaren f1 gt was meant as a racecar which is street legal...the mclaren would destroy the skyline on a track. no chance for the skyline!

    a car is much more than power!
  13. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! erm the skyline would win with, the mclaren is no contest at all!!! i saw a movie with a skyline gtr r33 vs. Mclaren f1, the driver of the f1 had gotten out of the car before the skyline reached the end of 1000m!<!-- Signature -->
  14. That last post made no sense what so ever.<!-- Signature -->
  15. a skyline can beat a mclaren. on a track. in japan.
  16. 1 64 500-1 Mobil 1 NSX T.Matsuda / R.Firman 2:02'52.174 82 1'26.659 BS
    2 18 500-2 TAKATA DOME NSX S.Philippe / R.Lyons 0'28.398 82 1'27.341 BS
    3 39 500-3 DENSO SARD SUPRA GT J.Dufour / M.Orido 0'29.529 82 1'27.572 YH
    4 1 500-4 au CERUMO SUPRA H.Takeuchi / Y.Tachikawa 0'29.813 82 1'28.632 BS
    5 16 500-5 MUGEN NSX D.Schwager / D.Ito 1'12.062 82 1'27.716 BS
    6 25 500-6 FK/Massimo ADVAN SUPRA S.Yamaji / S.Ara 1'19.047 82 1'28.061 YH
    7 8 500-7 ARTA NSX K.Tsuchiya / K.Kaneishi 1'19.911 82 1'28.898 BS
    8 36 500-8 TOKUHON TOM'S SUPRA T.Tsuchiya / W.Gardner 1'20.394 82 1'28.819 MI
    9 100 500-9 RAYBRIG NSX H.Kato / H.Mitsusada 1'22.824 82 1'28.959 BS
    10 6 500-10 ESSO Ultraflo Supra J.Wakisaka / A.Iida 1lap 81 1'29.410 BS
    11 22 500-11 Xanavi NISMO GT-R S.Motoyama / M.Krumm 1lap 81 1'28.673 BS
    12 23 500-12 Castrol PITWORK GT-R M.Kageyama / E.Comas 1lap 81 1'29.505 BS
    13 76 500-13 YELLOW CORN McLaren GTR N.Hattori / E.Tajima 1lap 81 1'28.908 DL
  17. Moron, that was a Mclaren GTR, not a GT.<!-- Signature -->
  18. ya it was a GTR, the racing version of this car. & the reason the racing skyline is faster has to do with restrictions of the series, weight penalties, air restrictors, etc that are there to keep the series equal. and my guess to why the mclaren isnt competetive is lack of funding. i dont know why the skylines cant keep up with the NSXs and supras
  19. No, not lack of funding, the car was raced in Japanese competition years after it was released. Other cars have a lot of new technology that simply wasn't available at the time the McLaren was developed. <!-- Signature -->
  20. download the Top Gear video. it shows the mclaren toasting the skyline.<!-- Signature -->
  21. And that's only a normal F1, imagine what this could do to it...<!-- Signature -->
  22. This was just a stupid topic, no offense to the guy who started it. A Mclaren would smoke a stock Skyline, and looking good while doing it. I've always thought skylines were ugly, but they're still pretty fast.
  23. heres what it is...both cars kick ass...ive always loved both of these cars...but mclaren is stock 627bhp and light too...although a skyline souped up could prolly beat it the mclaren would win in a stock race
  24. The tommy kaira rs 01. is skyline gt-r bassed. It has a mid placed engine and a whole different body. It has 400kw at the wheels which is over 500 at the fly (All of you go by flywheel power) and if a stock gt-r dose a 12 0-400m, and this mclaren f1 dose 11, hmmm i wonder whats quicker? Sure these do 386km/h, but v12? how about all the cars you find on the tokyo highways that would beat that? Were talking inline 6, 4's and rotors. And don't say 'oh but thats not production' look at the money you spend on this. This issn't very production eather.
  25. Killer, like LAMBO said, you are a friggin' idiot! Not only would the GT murder (or rape, as someone said) a Skyline, but it would rape a lot of other souped up cars. But, like I said in the first sentence, you are a friggin' idiot by definition, and I'm assuming you have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about cars, especially about the McLaren. A f**kin' Skyline versus a McLaren... what the hell did your mother feed you as a child anyway? Obviously nothing of nutritional value...

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