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  1. First of i would like to say MAKO and PAYTON101 have to have some kind of mental disease. Mako have you taken your pills? Late 70's and 80's camaro's c'mon of course ive seen them i see them everyday on the road and quite frankly the only people i see driving them is poor white trash. They are ugly period. All camaros are ugly except for maybe the earlyier ones which were pretty much just mustang rip off's. Doesnt anyone else agree that the 80's camaros were some of the worst designed cars on the road. Still are. Again it is no wonder why they stopped producing those ugly ass things. And as for PAYTON101hahahahaha i laugh in your face. your stament "THE ESCALADE IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CARS IN THE WORLD" clearly shows your ignorance of cars. Really the most beuatiful car in the world? More beutiful then a Porche Ruf Turbo? More beuatiful then a Ferrari Testarossa,F50,maranello.Can you honestly sit there and tell me that an ugly bloated box of a design called the Escalade is more beutiful than a Ford RS200 or GT40. What about the SVT Cobra? i suppose that is ugly as well. And have you ever seen an Aston Martin DB7?, Audi a4? if you think that the escalade is better looking then any of these cars then the men in the white coats need to up your meds.
    How the hell can the Punisher call the focus a rip off of the bug. They look nothing alike. The bug is much more rounded and organic while the Focus is the oposite. The only thing that it has ripped off from the bug is it being the fastest selling car in the world. And that it borrowed from the original bug. Now im not saying that the focus is an exceptional good looking car but keeping my personal opinion out of this i must admit it is well designed. Now you wanna see Rippoff. Take a look at the pontiac Vibe GT. Obviosly borrowing from the PT Cruiser with the tall wagon look and if you dont agree with me once again i have back up (CAR and DRIVER latest issue).However i do not have a problem with that because they are simply trying to get into the tall wagon market. And as for the lincoln LS. it looks nothing like an asian car and is well designed and well proportioned. And you can hardly call it a rip off because it is trying to get into near lux segment that is doing so well. Caddilac is doing the axact same thing with the CTS and the LS is certainly better designed. ANd as for MF1lm's question, you will find that the cars i listed above (Me vrs. the moron Payton) are a few of the cars i find well designed as well as the volvo C70, saab 93 viggen,Caterham 21, 67-84 corvettes (Coke bottle) and of Course the diablo and the new replacement. I would also like to ask you a question MF1LM. you sound like an intelligent person dont you agree with most of what im saying?

    AND ONCE AGAIN FOR ALL YOU MORONS THAT DIDNT GET IT BEFORE I AM LOOKING AT THIS FROM A DESIGN STAND POINT ONLY. (that goes for you PUNISHER who obviosly did not keep this in mind while writing his post.)

    Everyone please agree the avalache looks like a bucket of Pee
    sighned, cream cheese
  2. creamcheese, I agree with some of what you're saying. In my opinion, the late 70's and 80's Camaro's are not very attractive. At the same time, I don't think that the early Camaro's are Mustang rip-off's any more than the Mustangs ripped off the Camaro. My father once owned a '68 Camaro Z28, and frankly, I think the car is gorgeous. Granted, it's rather bulky and has a lot of conflicting style lines, but then again, didn't most cars of the period? Even then however, the car just looks muscular, not particularly fast, but muscular, almost brutish. I like that in a car.
    Now back to the Cien, which I believe is what this thread was supposed to be about. From a design standpoint, I somewhat agree with you. I don't think the Cien is very attractive, but I have great respect for it's designers because they took they're own first step in designing there first supercar, which is something that can't be said for a lot of companies. Take Saleen and it's S7 for example. Get a couple pictures of the S7 and then find a couple pictures of a stock McLaren F1 (not a LM, GT, or GTR) and compare them. The body style, major body lines, most of the front section, the headlights, taillights, and the engine cover are all strikingly similary, although Saleen did put a lot of slits all over to give the car little more bite. Now I'm not saying the S7 is an ugly car, I'm just saying it could have been a little more original.
    When it comes to sportscar design, I think that sharp lines, angles, and severely creased edges are very bad when they are the only design characteristic on a car, as is with the Cien. I think that a sportscar should be more smooth, more drawn out, and that it's design should have much less tension. When one is looked at, it should look like it's traveling at speed even when it is standing still. One of the best examples of this is Pininfarina's Ferrari Rossa concept. The very short front and rear overhangs and drown out style lines just give the car a look of speed. However, notice that even this car uses sharp lines in the headlights and the front wheel flairs which extend down the body. So, they aren't always a bad thing.
    Well, this is just my opinion, now I'll ask all of you, what is the way to go; sharp lines, smooth lines, or both?


    P.S. creamcheese, Your last post was well stated and very good in my opinion, with one exception. If you would, try to leave out the put-downs and curses. They don't make the point any more valid and they have no place here.
  3. ugly ass car

    why is it that everytime GM try's to design something radical and new it comes out looking like something i found in the toilet, i am almost ashamed to be an american because there are som many ugly american cars, most of them from GM. I admit ford has some uglyt cars out there (IE:explorer sport trac,excursion)but some of there cars are smartly and eleggantly designed (focus,lincoln LS, new explorer,new navigator,svt mustang. Dodge has well designed cars as well minus a few like the intrepid which looks like a giant space terd. Please GM i beg you stop embarassing me with these concepts and anything you put out from pontiac. aghhhh what is the deal with the aztek .
  4. Alright, the Aztek was bad

    BUT, F*ck you for calling this masterpiece of automotive design ugly.
  5. This, my friend, is not ugly. And how about the CTS, from Caddy, thats not ugly. And the Escalade, thats certainly not ugly. How about the new TrailBlazer, that is a fine looking SUV. GM makes some very fine cars, ie. the new vettes, the new Silverado, and the Suburban and the Tahoe look a hell of a lot better than the Excursion and the Expedition. I realize that whether you like a car's looks or not is subjective, but you can't generalize and say that all or most cars from any manufacturer are ugly. But i will agree with you that the Aztec is THE ugliest thing i have ever seen.
  6. this is in the definition under the word ugly Cadillac Cien
  7. Ummmm..
    So by you saying look under ugly and find this car...
    they I guess looking under Biased Visually Impaired Incompetent Syndrome will show your name and picture right? =P

    Come on...if GM does design so many bad looking cars, then why has the Cavalier held the most years for best selling car?
    Ok....truck wise...I see alot more Silveradoes and Dodge Rams out there than F150s and the whole F series. the Explorer was popular, but now..come on...Trailblazer/Envoy/Bravada, Yukon, Denali, Escalade to name the most I've seen on road. Then comes like X5s, MDX, ML-xx...etc.

    I dunno what Ford is doing, but they are certainly not out doing GM now.

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  8. ummm actually punisher the f-150 is the best selling truck in the world. ya got that not the country the WORLD. Now tell me that there are more dodges and gm trucks on the road then the whole f series. So maybe do a little research before posting next time k.
    Also folks let me ask you all a question when was the last time youve seen a well designed car form GM. huh huh? you see the concepts but have they built any huh?

    anything from cadillac- ugly and bloated
    chevy ss- is it a car? is it a truck? no its so ugly its a a class of its own
    chevy avalanche-whats with the flying butresses in the back
    camaro/firebird-its no wonder why they stopped making these
    anything from oldsmobile\anything from buick
    The list could go on , and thats alot of ugly cars from one car maker. And stop telling me that the escalade is good looking its just a rip off of fords edge styling which is poorly done and overdone as is most anything from GM. now the few that i dont mind, Corvette yes i agree a great car esspecially for the price although the rear end could use a makeover, envoy ,trailblazer, both not bad.
    now before any of you reply saying that GM is much better engineered
    and the drivetrains are better please keep in mind that I AM LOOKING AT THIS FROM A PURELY DESIGN STAND POIN NOTHING ELSE.

  9. POINT*

    Also the CTS is ugly, pick up the latest issue of motortrend they go right out and say it.
  10. yes... very ugly...... sorta like all new Cadillac designs....take your straight line tool in MSPaint.. now make a whole bunch of sharp edges...repeat in every design... really it's sad the direction alot of automakers are going with their designs.... it's not just Cadillac, but they do lead the way....

  11. The CTS is a Machine! It was on Speed Vision the other day. My brother told me that even though it wasnt rated the best on speedvision he would definatly choose it over it's competitors specifically becuase he couldn't get over how nice it looked. Caddy is the only car company really going for the Hard edged look and I for one like it.

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  12. First off, by saying that the camaro is ugly makes you a #$%#ing moron! Take a look at the late 70's and 80's Z28 models. If you can do that and still tell me that they're ugly then your word will no longer be heard, because you are quite oviously visually impared.<!-- Signature -->
  13. Aight THATS IT!
    You f*ckin creamcheese or whatever, you are the dumbest most f*cked up person I have ever. First off I cannot see where the Escalade even resembles a Ford. And I say again, THE ESCALADE IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CARS IN THE WORLD. Secondly, I sgree with SRB, not too many Fseries around my 'hood but a lot of GMs.
    Face it, this is THE most revolutionary design up ot date. You're probably one of those Ford people and just naturally hate GM becasue they come up with better stuff. So, F*ck off and go post your shit at that ugly ass GT40 and TONKA and etc.

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    You want Ugly Fords here ya go:

    Tempo = wtf was that POS?

    Tauras = anyone wanna have a skateboard ramp or a speedbump?

    Aerovan = Ummmm...what happened there?

    Escort = did cave men chisel the design from rock?

    Focus = Beetle rip off? Sorta looks like a rounded Mazda 323 hatbak from early times.

    Crown Victoria = ummmm...yeah...cow on da road?

    Lincoln LS = Ummmm...Jap/Euro ripoff?

    Continental = hmmmmm...if the CV is a cow..then the Continental is what?...a Buffalo?

    Navigator = LOL...IT'S GOOD TKO (totally keel over) got better rating in all magasines in Performance.

    Mustang = Pony in serious lack of HP unless ya spend the cash of a Vette on it...and the Vette will still win!!

    Ford Explorer = Ummmmm...suspensions set up that couldn't take a punctured tire....yes boys and WASN'T Firestones fault.

    Cougar = Ewwwwwwwww www....a sporty coupe with no HP...and looks like a large FORD PUMA!!

    THUNDERBIRD = A car that totally did not fly. see..Ford is only so so.
    as for the GM
    Escalade = Most powerful SUV, fastest too...Most luxurious.
    Avalanche = 2nd place in best truck/SUV.
    Trail Blazer = 1st in best trick/ more HP for class.
    Cavalier = Best selling compact besides Civic.
    Caddy = Hallmark of American luxury....been around before Lincoln!

    you see..GM has a nice rich history...well so does FORD, but financially speaking...GM is way bigger.

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  15. guys
    you are amusing sometimes
    I have to admit it...
    but most of the time-.-you are just plain boring, you always keep the same arguments-... this X car is butt ugly--. nope, that Y car is the ugliest thing I've ever seen... and whatever, you actually forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

    Caddy's art &Science design movement must be praised, sure now Mr Old man Lutz... says its too bold for Cadillac and he wants the lines of the new Caddy's a bit more rounded, tonned down, I'd say that's a mistake, because Cadillac's of yore were trend setters in styling and now that they have a chance of reestablishing the brand for offering something different from everything' that's out there, ... some people want it back to the old school Caddy ...

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  16. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    This is not an ugly car! this car is amazing in every way!
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  17. Ok no the Cien is not an ugly car. It has quite a few attractive points.
    I mean if you actually look at it for a while it kinda looks like an Alien or Cyborg should be driving it but hey! I LIKE IT!

    And yes GM has alot of ugly cars.
    However they have some very nice ones.
    The Z06 is a beuty and I like the new SSR so shutup!
  18. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Solicom</i>
    <b>Ok no the Cien is not an ugly car. It has quite a few attractive points.
    I mean if you actually look at it for a while it kinda looks like an Alien or Cyborg should be driving it but hey! I LIKE IT!

    And yes GM has alot of ugly cars.
    However they have some very nice ones.
    The Z06 is a beuty and I like the new SSR so shutup!
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    uhhm nope actually I guess if you wanted an Alien on wheels you should think of a car with a more organic, retro-90's shape, not this one, this one is as sharp as cars can get yet its beatufully executed and doesn't look like a box on wheels or anything like that.

    I like the interior as well, it screams futuristic all the way but hey, it has some of the latest technology GM has, many things that you ain't likely going to find in any other car out there<!-- Signature -->
  19. want something alien?..go buy that APC from Aliens =P

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  20. I don't see where you guys are coming from, this car looks really good. The only thing I don't like is the back end, but the car as a whole is sweet. Why are all the GM haters calling it ugly? GM makes a lot of sweet cars, so does Dodge. Ford trucks are nice, but most of their cars suck, although the new GT40 is pretty sweet. Mustangs are totally ruined. Every year they get worse. What is going on? Is Ford having a contest to see how many fake scoops they can put on one car? Then they mass produce the things so you see one every time you turn around. I have an old Mustang, a 69 Boss 429, and the newer mustangs have nothing in common with it. They aren't even muscle cars anymore, I've seen them lose to stock Integras. Thats just pathetic. Ford should either give the Mustang its balls back, or quit making them.
  21. creamcheese, I have a question for you. It's very simple, very straightforward. If the Cien, and all the other cars produced by GM are so ugly and bland, then I would like to ask you: What is your opinion of a beautiful car? (also, like you, I am speaking purely from a design stand point)


    P.S. I'm not bashing your posts, so don't curse and attempt to sound all high and mighty when you reply, just answer the question.
  22. Like my theory..if GM is os ugly..then whyare therichest largest car company in the world rite? If they're so one will want to buy then rite?
    yet some how GM practically almost owne 40+% of all the auto industries in the world.
    Strange no?

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  23. This car is a masterpiece in aoutomotive engineering , in every aspect.There is nothing that can compare itself to this car.
    Every idiot that says that this car is ugly should be damned from thise website.
  24. Every American car company has at least one good car that stands out

    HD series

    Dodge Trucks 96' and on

    Thunderbird(new style)

    Series 1
    and so on.......
  25. Speaking of design are you doing comparing a SUV to freaking sedans and sports cars!!?
    That was the worlds most idiotic comparison "MORON"!

    The Escalade is designed to be a rugged luxury SUV!! It's basically one of the only ones you can truly take off road!! Lets see you take your precious Porsche Ruf on those trails.
    Also, let's see you try and seat 6 people comfortable in that Porshce or any of the other cars ya mentioned.

    As for the design stand's all personal opinion so quit flaming!! It's obvious you prefer rounder less cut cars than this. This car is very cut and sharp compared to all your other comparisons. Think about it, it's a totally different class of car in design wise!!

    As for the Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix, it's not that tall of a wagon. If you've actually seen them on the lot, they sit damned low, and hell, if there is not such things as copying, then alot of cars in the world won't exist.

    The sports car would be limited to only MB since they created the first one.
    The only trucks to FORD.
    The only hatchbacks to some smaller euro company like Renault or Peugot since the existed before the Honda Civic!!

    Think about what ya say because it automatically reflects your biased views.

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