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  1. UGLY

    why make a car like this
  2. Why do you think its ugly? I quite like it. <!-- Signature -->
  3. Ugly? About time US has produced a concept that looks beautiful...<!-- Signature -->
  4. '50s "euro race cars" style<!-- Signature -->
  5. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Lido Iacocca</i>
    <b>'50s "euro race cars" style</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Yeah. Its good.
    <!-- Signature -->
  6. Because of luxury.
  7. it sorta seems like something from tonka or tupperware. Its just a little toy car that ate the lead filling from the donut, for something that small 3200lbs is just not accabtable. And how about some defining curves instead of looking like a jellybean with a open top.
  8. y is it ugly i think it is very nice i know you dont usually associate that with buick but it is
  9. I agree.

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