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Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R' started by Tuscani, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Ultimate Sports Car

    You can argue about the Skyline or Corvette(which might i add are excellent) ,but this generation RX-7 is the greatest all around sportscar, outside of maybe the driving pleasures of 360 Modena or Murcielago.The Spirit R just pushes the envelope even farther, a 6 speed would be nice,but the whir of that sweet rotary engine more than makes up for it.ssswwwoooooossshhh!
  2. Well I know for a fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion: personally, I think you're a fruitcake.
  3. Is this much different than the last models sold in the US? I'm pretty sure Ford killed the RD for this car when they bought Mazda. It does'nt matter, the turbo kicks out 255 Hp from a 2500 Lb car<IMG SRC=""> Notto mention this has good useable oversteer. Gotta love this car. I did not know they were even being built anymore.<!-- Signature -->
  4. Yeah, they stop selling RX-7s in the States in 93. Though they kept selling them in Japan up till this edition apparently. Though the rumor mills swirl with talk of a 4th gen RX-7. I still haven't seen anything creditable to that yet though.

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  5. I was misinformed then. But yeah, I don't see any new Mazda sports cars for awile, with the new gen Miata and the RX-8.<!-- Signature -->

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