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Discussion in '1998 Autech Stagea RS260' started by Super Chick, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I wnat this for a wagon<!-- Signature -->
  2. wagons aren't cool

    especially this one.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Wagons ARE cool!
  4. This wagon is wicked... Imagine pulling up next to some guy with a tricked out body kit on his honda civic and an exhaust system. And thats about it... You all know who you are(piece of crap rice burners). Yeah well even rolling up next to a celica gts, its a nasty thought but im sure it would be worth it.
  5. Actually this is a nice car it's a wagon sure but it's got some style to it<!-- Signature -->
  6. this wagon is has the heart of a skyline GTR...that means this wagon is fast
  7. depends onthe car
    taurus wagons suck ect
    anyway what about the impreza wagon wrx?<!-- Signature -->
  8. Wagons are cool. You can't tell me it wouldn't be cool to smoke mustangs in a wagon.
  9. <!-- Signature -->
  10. I think this wagon is pretty cool. What do you think about the WRX Wagon imprezawrx14? I'm not crazy about wagons though. It's so true about people who put wings and skirts on, most of them don't even touch the engine.<!-- Signature -->
  11. how about a Audi RS4 Avant wagon? Bring your Corvettes and Ferrari's to that!
  12. This wagon is hotttttttttt and has a very nice look
    with speed
  13. Actually yeah dude it looks pretty good... The front is real nice. Pretty fast to...

    keep the faith<!-- Signature -->
  14. You want a wagon hehe look up renault espace f1 id like to see ur supras take that on
  15. How can you honestly say that wagons aren't cool when you are looking at one that runs a 12.9 1/4 mile stock?!?!? What the hell is wrong with you? Pardon me, but last I checked, no car honda or toyota ever created (exception NSX) can run 12's stock...
  16. yeah wagons are cool, lots of room under the hatch for subs and amps!
  17. To all that do not like this car:

    You are a bunch of superficial morons that wouldn't know a good car from a rolling piece of turd...

    This car is an Skyline GTR R34 (engine - RB26DETT, drivetrain, brakes... everything) except for the body and cabin.

    If I had kids I would buy this car...
    <!-- Signature -->
  18. I know, but this one is cool...
    for a wagon.
    And its fast...
    for a wagon.
    And lightweight...
    for a wagon.
    And nice-looking...
    for a wagon.

    Anyways, the list goes on. I honestly hate wagons to guts. They're only for the typical soccer mom. What a waste, the Skyline's RB26DETT engine in this thing. Here come the wannabe ricers, with their body stickers and decals, ready to fork out $30,000 for this piece of sh-, I mean, wagon.<!-- Signature -->
  19. huh...i think this wagon its kinda fast too<!-- Signature -->
  20. yes they are.....

    your new wife wants you to sell your sports car and buy a station wagon... what do you do?
  21. Fast is a understatement for this Wagon. In the 'SPEED' magazine out here Downunder, a owner of the Autech Stagea with 250KW at the wheels admitted cleaning up both a 911 Turbo and the new E46 BMW M3.

    Also with GTR running gear, i.e the ATTESSA system, it will keep up with the best of the best on any mountain road or race track.

    A vechile for the family once I get married me thinks <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  22. I seen one of these in a magazines one day, and was wondering what it was, so today, I finally found out what it is, and god it is beautiful, but let me guess, they aren't in America?
  23. Re:

    It AIN'T a wagon! It's an AUV- Asian Utility Vehicle, more like an
    SUV x MPV.. By the way, it needs better turbos, twin KKKs or Garrets, and it'll smoke you anyday..
  24. Re: Re:

    This is cool
    its the family skyline GT-R
    Bring the whole family along while still having the performance to embarrass most things on 4 wheels

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