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  1. i think American and Korean cars suck , but that's my oppinion , hhhhmmmm........i'd say the Ferrari F60 would be my favorite<!-- Signature -->
  2. what do u think is the best company and car of all time(goalie a

    Lamborghini has continually pushed the envelope in style and power from its early cars( miura ) to its more recent ones, diablo, mercialago, Bugatti i think has made the ultimate car in the 16/4 Veyron, combining luxury and power like nobodies ever seen, and Dominik Hasek as the best goalie, 6 Vezinas, 2 consecutive MVPs and an olympic gold dont lie<!-- Signature -->
  3. Bentley is the Best Car Company in the World to me. And arguably the best to most who know about Bentley. (Best customer satisfaction record ever)

    In contrast BMW is arguably the best car company in the world, but to me the Bentley just nips it. (it's either one or the other). I could be wrong.

    The 16/4 Veyron to me is easily the best car in the world and to most people. It's at least arguably the best.

    In contrast many people think its the Mclearen, but not for me

    In contrast again, many people believe the M5 is the best car. To me it could very well be but again I'll give it to the Veyron.

    Good mentionable car that almost makes the cut: Nissan Skyline R34.

    Good mentionable car company: Honda, Even though Hondas are very good cars and the company deserves much credit and respect, I personaly think they still have some work cut out for them before they can be considerd best company or best car. But that's just my opinion. They make very very good cars indeed! But they don't make GREAT! cars.

    The Car companies I'm rooting very strongly for: Hyundai & Cadillac. These two companies are trying very hard to clean up there act and thier image. I dont care who you are or where you came from! If your a skinhead, a fraud, or a so called "bad car company" If you are truly taking time to better yourself I will support you. <!-- Signature -->
  4. Best Company: Porsche, alwayz finding wayz to get more power out of that flat-6. They ruined the Can-Am series by dominating it. Porsche 959. Most popular 50 Gs or more cars on the road. Other stuff that I can't think of right now.

    Best Car: I agree w/ you 2. Bugatti Veyron.

    Best Goalie: Patrick Roy. Countless Stanley Cups. 500+ wins. Many Olympic medals(I should know what ones because I'm from Canada, but I'm kinda high. That's an excuse, right?)
  5. to Thugz: I aint no Thug. I'm Hiphop. Even though Thugs and Hiphoppas are kinda enemies, you kool. Respect to you.

    Plus I'm Kanadian 2! B.C. represent!!! <!-- Signature -->
  6. I'm more hip-hop myself. I only have the name because my friend and I were high and I couldn't decide on a name, so he pict it. I can't change it, so I'm stuck w/ it. Oh well, it's aight. B.C. REPRESENT!!!
  7. I don't think we can say there is a company which beat each others. Some are good for performances ( Porsche, Ferrari ...BMW... ), others for luxury ( Mercedes, Bentley ... ) others for cars with low price ( Renault, VW, peugeot...).
    So I think we can prefer a brand but we can't say this is the best ...
    IMO, I'd go with MB cuz I've loved their cars since my father bought one. <!-- Signature -->
  8. analogic, ur being quite good.i dunno about patty roy though, and he hasnt won any olympic golds in a pro league, anly juniors, Hasek lifetime save ave is 2.1% better than his, or anyone elses for that matter.Hasek has also had a carrier with a poor team, which he carried, unlike Roy with a stcked aves club<!-- Signature -->
  9. But how many Stanley cups does Hasek have? None. Roy is the best performing goalie in the playoffs. He comes through when it counts. Hasek is definitely a very close 2nd, and then a whole bunch of other Canadian goalies are 3rd through 10th.
  10. yes, becuase Hasek has always been with a poor team, untill now.This year he will win the stanley cup becuase he has an allstar team around him, like roy did for his past two cups.Though roy did carry the canadiens in his first stanley cup win, when he was a rookie.<!-- Signature -->
  11. In my opinion it's VW. They where behind such cars as the Lamborghini Murcielago, and Bugatti 16/4. Of course most of there cars like the golf, or jetta, aren't that great, they do fund many car projects that would make any person drool. Interms of what car is the best I would have to say the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec. I like the way it look and the performance it packs. It's also of coure a lot cheaper than Lamborghini' or Ferrari's.
  12. what the hell are you talking about. hiphoppers ARE thugz. and any way, how would you know anything about hip hop. there is not much in Canada.
  13. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Analogic</i>
    <b>to Thugz: I aint no Thug. I'm Hiphop. Even though Thugs and Hiphoppas are kinda enemies, you kool. Respect to you.

    Plus I'm Kanadian 2! B.C. represent!!! </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->hey are you black.
  14. just asking.
  15. the best car company in the world can't be Bentley or anything like that they make like 100 car's a year i would have to say GM
    cause of Names Like Chevrolet Pontiac Oldsmobile Cadillac Saab Hummer
    Buick so people might say ford but it looks like a bunch of euro's in here and plus FORD SUCK ASS<!-- Signature -->
  16. It's True. Ford sux ass.
  17. Im just gonna add my 2 cents in here about best car over the past recent times.

    All in all id have to say in my opinion the McLaren F1 in all its forms would have to be the best car over recent times. Its had such a dominating presence in the car industry for quite a while now, and has basically been in a league of its own until very recent times.

    I also wanna throw a cat amongst the pigeon's here and suggest the Subaru WRX as one of the best cars. This car has been tested by many independant sources over recent times, and has come out on top of many cars such as the 911 and both the Aussie V8's, the XR8 and the SS. Also when you consider the price of this car, it really mest be a contender for best car.

    Yeah thats about ill sit back and watch you all call me a rice-burner lover ;)
  18. never thought of that christoffer u are right, the wrx is a hell of a car especially considering the price...and if you'd noticed a couple of people already posted how they like the nissan skyline which is a japanese car as well...dont know whether i'd call the subaru the best, for me the best car would be either a blitz or veilside nissan skyline r34 gtr, (their performance is AMAZING and they look DAMN good too) or a ferrari 550 maranello (i dont think i need to say any more about it!)...and the best company would be bmw, cars like the m3 and m5 are testaments to bmw's excellence...
  19. R u's all #$%#ed or wat which #$%#in car company brang the #$%#in world 2 motorin Ford if it wasnt for that company u'd be ridin a #$%#in horse
  20. yeah and the british invented half the sports most people play nowadays and the rest of the world kicks their ass even though they invented it, so ford being one of the first has nothing to do with it...and there were cars well before ford, idiot! everything henry ford brought to the motor industry (like the assembly line) would've been thought of sooner or later anyway...
  21. Ok Ok!!! lets sort this out the British way, ill sgest a best cr company in the world and give it a reason.

    Renault : First eople Carrier
    VW : Engineering
    Bentley : Engineering and luxury
    Ferarri : fast but shit
    Aston Martin : Speed and Luxury
    Toyota : Reliability

    Personally i think they are the best companies, Aston Martin are my favourite but you cant go wrong with any of them.

    i recon american cars are crap, no offence, they have some good ones but the ret are big, ugly and handle like shopping trolleys.

    And i dont know jack shit about hockey except your allowed to beat each other up,<!-- Signature -->
  22. Best company for me is Lamboghini, because the passion it inspires, the impeccable design of their cars and sure their hauling-ass performance.

    Best car is a tough one, right now i'm thinking on '89 Lamborghini Countach 25th anniversary (one of the most beautiful designs and better performance of all times), '97 Lotus Elise GT1 (I really like that car), and 1980 Volkswagen Beetle 1600 (hey, that's my car).

    I don't know a damn thing about Hockey.
  23. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Thugz</i>
    <b>But how many Stanley cups does Hasek have? None. Roy is the best performing goalie in the playoffs. He comes through when it counts. Hasek is definitely a very close 2nd, and then a whole bunch of other Canadian goalies are 3rd through 10th.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Aight, first off, Martin Brodeur is the greatest goalie of all time. He has never had an all star team and he seems to be able to lead the Devils deep into the playoffs every year. And he's won two Stanley Cups. It's just too bad that he's having an off year this year.

    As for the best cars, for speed and performance I'd have to say Ferrari. For luxury and performance, BMW and AUDI (not to mention you can tune them to be pretty powerful). And for a combo of speed, performance, and luxury I'd have to say Bugatti. And for ULTIMATE tuneability, the Toyota Supra. The best SUV would have to be the Chevy Tahoe.

    Das my word.

    Peace.<!-- Signature -->
  24. Best car company of all time... hm... my vote goes to Mercedes Benz. How many people out there can't say at one point or another, they wanted to own a Benz? Sure, BMW is a great car company, but for the last few years, Benz has been beating it down in terms of more unique styling. Yeah, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, all great companies in their own respect, but not anything like a Benz. Same goes for the American car companies. It all comes down to money though. 200+ thousand dollars for some car that only seats two? Why buy the name? Sure the performance and all must be great, but nothing is above the traffic laws. Benz cars are a little up in the price, but not that far up. 75 grand for a M5 you can't tell apart from the other BMW sedans? Forget it, use the money for something else.

    I'm partial to Ferrari, especially the Testarosa, my all time favorite car. But my family's had the chance to own a Benz, 2 BMW sedans, a Nissan, a Toyota, Dodge, and Acura, my vote still goes to the Benz as being the best one of them all. Good power, good style, great car.<!-- Signature -->
  25. For me the best car company is a toss-up between VW and Porsche (my last VW went 600,000 miles before I traded it in for my new one).

    I'm conflicted between best car.... there are so many great cars to choose from. I REALLY like the Veyron though, that VW-developed engine is an animal.

    Best goalie??? Hmm... I'm not into soccer or hockey that much (although they're fun to watch). I can say though that the best WATER POLO goalie I ever saw was my friend Chris Haworth.

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