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Discussion in '1995 Ferrari F50' started by Lee Iacocca, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Ok, I think we all agree, now.

    Viper is made to race

    F50 is made to expositions... that's exactly what I think..

    I agree with you.<!-- Signature -->
  2. Your talking about race vipers.... go look at the F-50GT. Then compare.....

    I would take the Ferrari regardless if it cost a million and a viper cost a dollar twenty five..... <!-- Signature -->
  4. Ok, how about if a Hennessy Viper Venom 800tt raced an F50?
  5. Hi "Ferrari Ops" ! I apreciate your comments !

    That's the spirit !

    We can differ in opinions but we don't need to blame each other for that !

    Look the 250 GTO, 512BB and 550 Maranello specs !

    They're masterpieces !!!

    But Should I forget their rivals ? (Shelby Daytona, Porsche 917k and Chrysler Viper GTS-R, respectively)

    Of course not !

    I love to see them fighting !

    The only problem here is some people which don't want to hear that I don't like Modena !

    I'm not a Ferrari brainwashed !

    But this doesn't mean I'm anti-Ferrari ! I'm anti-Modena !

    And I apreciate Ferrari engineers ! They're the Best !

    Enzo was an excellent head-hunter !

    He was allways looking and for the best guys in other companies and when they're good enough he was allways ready to spent all he had to hire them !

    I wish luck to Ferrari this year in FIA GT and a better championship than FIA F1 (no more cheats !)<!-- Signature -->
  6. So Lido, is a stock RT/10 Viper faster than a stock F50? that was my question, I apologize for not being specific enough.
  7. Ferrari F50.<!-- Signature -->
  8. F-50
    tested by bestmotoring by JAP's FAMOUS RACING DRIVERS


    11.1s 204kmh



    11.25s 203kmh

    Diablo SV




    in the 2000 jan issue "millinium dream car racing" in Suzuka

    I wanna ask some of you a question,what supercars is all about?

    I 've seen in a documentary in dicovery channel about supercars
    and there's an interview with both lambo and ferrari's chief
    engineer.And guess what they say
    'people don't buy a Ferrari only for its performance,engineering
    but for the unique passion when one's driving a Ferrari'

    Lambo's chief engineer provides some clues for the Unique Passion
    'the way that the Lambo turn through a corner,the sound made by it
    the way it accerlerate' a kind hard to understand AH?

    Some people round here get a lot of figures and made a lot of smartass
    comments about Ferrari,or Lambo.Here's my advice for your,have a ride on them before you made any smartass comments!
  9. First guys, I'm just gonna warn you, unless I decide to type all this in one post, then there are gonna be several. First, to Guibo's comments... While I respect the fact you are a far more "senior member" than I of these forums, you are totally and completely wrong about your assessments of the 355 and Viper and such, especially under braking. I think if you actually LOOK AT MULTIPLE tests you will find the 355's numbers rather close. Besides the fact that hmmmm, let's compare a 2001 Viper and a 1994 355... Great accomplishment. About the acceleration, yes, people are now able to get very good acceleration times out of the Viper, but when it first came out (i.e. people who are unexperienced with the car.) the Viper wasn't getting below 4.5 seconds. Hmmm, unfamiliar with the car? That would be like say.... every magazine driver for any Ferrari, being as that most of them only get one test, and only a few starts... In the case of the F-50, only one, in a car with technical problems. But still, the 355 was getting 4.7 from some drivers, so time to time, that's not really that bad, is it? But hey, who gives a damn about a 355 guys? I mean, they are great cars, and believe it or not guys, Ferrari doesn't design for the numerically obsessed people on these forums who think that if a Viper get's a better acceleration time, then it is a better car. Totally, utterly wrong, sorry to burst your bubble. Oh, and about brake tests.... All right. How many owners of Ferraris just give a magazine their $100,000+ cars and just say, "Go for it, waste my tires into sheer flat spotted obliviion!" The answer would be none. Oh, about braking distances... Hmmm, Ferrari is a racing oriented company, right? Then I don't think they particularly give a damn about getting to 0, do you? NOPE! Oh, btw, also, braking distances have nothing to do with getting by on a track. Maybe they should do a 70-60 distance, 70-50 or 60-50 and so on... Also, if you check the most recent issue of road and track in the ultimate handling test (regarding the 360) even though it's "cornering speeds" weren't the highest in one of the sectors, it still had the quickest sector time. Imagine that. . . Speed not the only factor of getting around a track quickly? That's right kids... selecting the right line matters too, which is why Micheal Schumacher drives the Ferrari Formula 1 car, not any of us... Well, that and he has balls the size of the former U.S.S.R. (But that's besides the point right?) But back to cornering speed... That would have nothing to do with one car being superior assuming the speed is in reasonably the same range. Oh, and the F-50 GT braking test. Where in the living hell do you think you found a reliable test of someone brake testing the F-50 GT? Give me the URL. Then we'll see if it's a reliable source. When it's not, I'm going to point out that when you take a car that weighs 1500 pounds less, and has bigger brakes, newer ones, and higher tech ones that don't have to last years of abuse you get rapeage braking times. That's alot like saying that a McLaren F1 GTR is outbraked by a Corvette. But then, if you said that, you'd be retarded. And being as that the F-50 GT and the McLaren F1 GTR were designed to be in the same class of car.......... Just that the F-50 GT was quicker by all tests and stats. But hey, your braking test knows better. NSX files? Practically Ferrari's factory in Maranello themselves huh? So, let's use real sources. Because the fact of the matter is, the factories are the only ones who know, especially regarding the Ferrari, because there aren't alot of drivers giving their F-50 to a magazine to throw around for a day. About the straight line test for the the F-50... Odd, I see it lost around 110, because man, .5 seconds difference at 110 is lost completely, and actually it would be much farther than that, except that around 90, the differences close up from .4 seconds ahead or so for about 30 mph all the way to .1 ahead for the Viper, and then the F-50 loses it again... You know what this is guys? Bogging a gear, since the shifts for someone not used to a short shift Ferrari F-50 shifting gate are not particularly easy. But, hmmm, remotely lost around 110 eh? Well, ok, let's take the very best Viper time you've seen, at a whooping 11.97.... Then compare it to the quartermile time of 11.1 that alexly posted earlier, whooping it by almost 0.9 seconds. And man, if it's that much quicker in the quartermile, then how much faster did it get to those speeds? So maybe, the viper is alot farther behind than you might think. Another thing, the 360 being faster on the 'ring means alot, 1 second is a huge difference, as any actual racer will tell you. .1 seconds in qualifying on any circut makes you alot faster. 1 second means you got your ass raped. I have so many responses to your questions, but I'm really too damn lazy to type them here. Either post your AOL IM name, so I can respond there, or give me your e-mail. My AOL IM name is JanusOps . IM me, and I'll answer any questions you have about my opinions. Sorry, it's just that I don't have the time or the energy to answer everything here.

    Now, this isn't to say that the Viper isn't a very quick, relatively agile car. But I'm sorry, don't take a same driver, same day test. Get a driver who is familiar with both (it's alot easier to learn a Viper than it is a 360) and have them lap a track that is relatively neutral, not (on paper) showing either one favoritism, and you will see the Viper trashed. And that's a 360. Comparing the Viper to the F-50 is honestly, not just unrealistic, it's simple disrespect. This forum originated out of someone's lack of knowledge of the cars at hand. His question has been answered. It's not an argueable point, and for that I'm sorry to all the Viper lovers out there. But this is one car that has the Viper, plainly and simply outclassed in every manner. Give me a Ferrari factory test driver, and Steve Millen, or anyone like that you want, and give the Ferrari driver the F-50, and Steve Millen the Viper, and you will be totally absolutely trashed on any circut I can imagine. Nothing personal, but guys, the F-50 is shrouded in mystery, being as that there haven't been really any true tests of it. Just a few scattered here and there, and a pile of rumors 10 feet deep about what the car can and can't do. So, if someone ever decides they don't give a damn about their beautiful masterpiece, let's hand it to a Formula 1 driver for a week, and see what the car will really do. Until then, we can't do these kind of comparisons.
  10. Good post. Anyway, why does finding out how big the engine is take away from its great performance? Really, I don't quite understand whats so impressive about packing every horsepower possible into the smallest engine possible. I mean, what are they thinking?! "Hey, for our cars instead of making reliable engines, lets pack as much power as we can in this extremely small engine, and while doing that we can sacrifice torque! Yea!" Sorry, I just don't understand. Big engines are for a purpose. For example, the Vipers engine makes more torque at idle than the 360 Modena does anywhere in its entire rev band!

    Also, when I was debating, I never once said that the Viper was faster. I just think its quite amazing what the Viper might be able to run with the F50 despite only being 1/7 the price. To me, thats something to be proud of.<!-- Signature -->
  11. Think about it. if u made the Viper $480,000, It would BURN any car
  12. the f50 would chrush the viper into so millions of small bits and pieces about the sice of a corn of nesquick!....<!-- Signature -->
  13. F50 ? It NEVER won a race !!!!

    And Vipers are 8000cc !!! Come on ! Get REAL !!

    Vipers are winning in ALL GT championships in THE WORLD, including Le Mans GT...

    How many races F50 WON ???

    F50 is just for expositions... like a concept...<!-- Signature -->
  14. the vipers that are doing well in the FIA GT championship are race cars, we are comparing road cars.
  15. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ReeK</i>
    <b>the vipers that are doing well in the FIA GT championship are race cars, we are comparing road cars.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    And the Ferraris 550 Maranellos that ARE LOSING there are WHAT ???

    Does the F50 look like a road car to you ???

    Viper is a 8000cc.... nothing can beat this car since it's tunned to race...even a Ferrari tunned can't reach this...<!-- Signature -->
  16. Alexly, I love you, you're brilliant. Thank God someone finally came to their senses. Preach da' word!
  17. THanx,I am glad that you're to provide a lot of good and sensible
    comments <IMG SRC="">
  18. Muchas gracias. I appreciate that, because I try to put alot of thought and time into my comments, so it's good that someone actually reads them. :) Thanks.
  19. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from mafalda</i>
    <b>Circuit of Vairano
    Viper GTS “Europe” 383 Hp 1673 Kg: 1’23”481
    BMW M3 343 Hp 1670 Kg: 1’23”186
    360 Modena 400 Hp 1500 Kg: 1’21”490 (and track condition wasn’t no good, said Quattroruote, Vairano’s owner…)
    Porsche 996 Turbo 420 Hp 1670 Kg: 1’20'803 (tested with Viper, same day, same weather condition!!)
    F50 N/A, but is “a little bit” faster than 360… Fiorano: F50 1’27”00; 360 Modena 1’31”50...
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Ha! mafalda, what you fail to mention is that that Viper is the weakest variant you can buy. Actually, you can't even buy that one in North America, and in the UK, you can get ones with 415 hp. Nevertheless, the 406 DIN PS Viper (400 hp, SAE net; and standard in the UK, excepting the 378-hp variants) is only ONE second slower around Nurburgring than the 360 Modena.

    UK-spec Viper: 8'10"
    360 Modena: 8'09"

    But guess what? That Viper tested by SportAuto didn't even have ABS brakes. The Viper has had ABS brakes since the beginning of '01. Clearly, with the braking control afforded by ABS and the extra 50-60 hp available from the US-spec Viper, one can see that the 360 Modena would be outclassed.
    I mean, think about this: the 996 Turbo lost to the Corvette Z06 in a same-day, same-driver test. Not once, but TWICE.
    The Corvette Z06 has been beaten in a same-day, same-driver test by the US-spec Viper. Without ABS. Not once, but TWICE.

    Indeed, the lap times set at Thunderhill Park indicate a US-spec Viper with ABS brakes romps on the 360 Modena (2:07.65), the Z06 (2:08.39), and the 996TT (2:10.73). These numbers were set by Steve Millen in the January '01 issue of R&T.
    Sports Car International tested the 996 GT2 (under 2 minutes) and the Viper ACR (2:04.XX) at this very same venue for its July '02 issue, with veteran Porsche driver Johannes van Overbeek at the wheel of both cars on the same day.
  20. What do you think? Ferrari F50 VS Viper!

    I personaly don't know. What do you think.
  21. Ferrari F50 of course. A Ferrari is a Ferrari<!-- Signature -->
  22. Ferrari all the way!
  23. They both are cool cars but ferrari is well its ferrari! lol i say f50!<!-- Signature -->
  24. hahaha viper! yeah right the ferrari will smoke that thing!<!-- Signature -->

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