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  1. What the hell is wrong with Jeep? They look better than a Land Rover.

  2. Go back to school and get at lest a 1st grade education.
  3. I don't see celbrities driving Jeeps but there are some that drive Land Rovers because it is a name that is known for capable luxury SUVs. Jeep history, well what history? Did you notice that DailmerChrysler is falling deeper into an unrecoverable hole? I seriously wonder how much longer Jeep will be around.
  4. Jeeps are not ment for extreme luxury. They are ment to be affordable go any where 4x4s that are avalible to average income people and celbrities are to stuck up to drive anything without extreme luxury they always have to show off there money. And back in WWII celbrities did ride in the old WWII Willys Jeeps. Marilan Menroe was one of them and i dont see any Land Rovers on this site.

    If a celbritie owns it you know it is overpriced.

    And so what if celbrities dont ride in Jeeps I could care less about that. What are you going to say "oh look there is a celbritie driving the same car as me im so special".

    Jeep also won WWI and WWII and Jeep has a long history longer than Land Rover. Land Rover Was created by a farmer after WWII using his old Jeep chasie.

    If there wasent Jeep there wouldnt be a Land Rover!
  5. "And so what if celbrities dont ride in Jeeps I could care less about that. What are you going to say 'oh look there is a celbritie driving the same car as me im so special.'"

    Actually, Hummer wouldn't be Hummer if Arnold Swartzenager wasn't promoting it all the time.

    "E"something or others were designed for WW2, not WW1. I'll do some researh to see if the modern Jeep company has anything to do with the nicknamed WW2 Jeeps
  6. I found that the the Willys Company modified the original Bantam 4x4 and basically stole the fame from them. Willys Company did not design the original "Jeep," they only modified it by putting a larger engine in.
  7. why do so many ppl take this site seriously?????? its where ppl come 2 look at nice cars and find sumfin out about them but then the ppl that fink they run the site but really they jus sit infrunt of a screen at home typin a load of horse bollox sayin dont diss ppl n shit. evry american person iz the same they all fink they betta than evry1 thats why evry1 outside of the good ol USA hates americans, no im not from america im from england n yeh i woz talkin shit bout harlem coz u ppl take this shit so fukin serious
  8. you are so gay! what the hell kinda question was that?????????
  9. You have to learn how to type properly and not in pig latin. What in hell does "ppl" stand for? To me, it means Pre-Paid Legal. Its not my fault that Jeep built their empire on a lie.
  10. I think Topd dogg is right, people talk to much trash. this site is about cars, not about people to make fun of. and ppl = people
  11. Jeep may have built their empire on a lie... But it worked.
  12. Yeah, but I wouldn't call it an extreme sucess. I have only one friend that wants a Jeep and for a reason I don't know.
  13. The army gave them acess so it didnt take long to get a better prototype so blame them. the Willys company simply made it better. But shit happens thats life! And i have lots of friends that want a Jeep i do they are grate vehicles thay have cheep parts and in my offroad club only 2 out of 20 people dont have jeeps. One is Bill and the other is John but i think he changed to Jeep.
  14. Jeep is a poor man's excuse for a Hummer. I haven't got a clue when willys came into the picture. Ford Motor Company was contracted to mass produce the Esomething or other because they were the only company capible of it at the time without making major modifications to their plants. All the willys company did was take the original and stick a bigger engine in it.

    BTW, Ford has as much of a right to stick the name "jeep" on one of their SUVs as the modern Jeep company today does.
  15. You moron, Hummer has to be the best 4x4 there is, it's the best in the world. There is no other car that can compete agaist the Hummer and actually win. You and your stupid Bently Dominator would never stand a chance agaist the Hummer.
  16. You're a #$%#in dick head and you should go to hell along with avril lavigne. If anyone disses a hummer they're going to get shot by the army and should suck the biggest dick of all time!
  17. The armed forces couldn't care less about Hummer. All they are interested in is the HUMVEE.
  18. ? What's that supposed to mean!?!
  19. That's one of them there invisible posts. You have to be real special to be able to read those invisible posts...
  20. Really, then what does it say?
  21. i never said the bentley dominator or the lambo was a better 4x4 offroad. my question was what do you think is the ugliest and nicest 4x4 out there, to all you think #$%#s out there that means whats the best looking and the worst not the best offroader for driving up mountains etc
  22. The ugliest is any old Suzuki. The nicest is the H1.
  23. Leave 'tha top dogg' alone 'ight. He can talk how he wants. Stop being a racist retard. The best lookin' suv is tha Lincoln Navigator or tha Escalade and tha uglest 1 would be tha Lambo thing
  24. Re:

    nice language the topp dogg i hope the cops are up ur a** all year<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
    and i say the hummer SUT is nice.i think the suv one is ugly because of its yellow color.and i came to this form to see what was going on and i never seen a forum with such discussing language and if you want to swear all ya want just go to the THUNDERDOME FORM for COL(if they had one)sheese is it just me or when they did this forum all they did was just say stupidity and what is up with that poster sheese this forum i rate as a 5- for the language

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