Re: What the ^^%$^&$@%^? Are You Kidding Me?

Discussion in '1998 Hyundai Euro 1 Concept' started by car guy 1286, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. ok you would rather buy a viper but do u agree with me that hyundi's suck shit<!-- Signature -->
  2. Hello!
    Excuse me!
    Give me a 10 good scientific reasons why hyundai sucks.
    Hyundai is like heaven for those people who can't purchase
    $80,000 Dodge Viper or $40,000 Cadillac.
    And if u are NOT interested in Hyundai at all,
    and if u HATE Hyundai,
    then why would u even look at the cars and judge the cars!
    That means u have some interests in Hyundai,
    whether it's a positive interests or a negative interests.
  3. Like I have said before. Some people loose to a Hyundai Tiburon in a race and then they cry and say they hate Hyundai's because they are jealous. Although I must admit I am quite fond of American cars. But the best is German. Porsche rules.
  4. I love the comment about Hyundai making "gay" engines... Has anyone ever looked closely at a hyundai engine? The original 1.5 in the excel was a mitsubishi... the Beta engine in the Tib and Elantra is a "clone" of the same engine that powers the Eclipse... do your homework before you sound stupid(er)...

    I bought my 99 Tib based on looks alone, power and handling second.. so far I have surprised quite a few hondas who thought my car was "gay"
  5. Man, the Z3 is only 3 cylinders, the porche 911 has also got a very small engine. Hyundai prefers to make car engines that are efficient. Not like yankee cars that are overly inefficient and very expensive. Yankees are #$%#ed in the new era of car making where efficiency will be king. World petrolium is running out and its better to make efficient engines now than later!!!
  6. For the Next person who disses Hyundai:
    I will come over to your house,
    I will slit your throat,
    And I will #$%# the wound.
  7. uhhhh.... Hyundai is probably gunna end up being like subaru with the wrx.. No body saw it coming, and from a company like subaru... HA!!!
    One of these days hyundai will com eout with like a 380 hp version o fthe tiberon or something and everyone will just be stunned. Give them some time, they will get rid of there economy car image, so did honda and every other japanese company.<!-- Signature -->
  8. What the ^^%$^&$@%^? Are You Kidding Me?

    What in the world is this? a four-cylinder? the design(TOTALLY messed up!!!!) Whoa!! Hyundai has some serious work to do.
  9. Why did they even try in the first place?
  10. they need one decent car but still failed.<!-- Signature -->
  11. LoL..

    Look at this.. this has 380 hp and was made in 1998..
    I think thats a really big accomplishment for such a small
    company to do, unlike japanese companies where they were
    paid lots of money just for the nuke back from WW II..
    <!-- Signature -->
  12. excuse me?
    you f***ing guys (like u) who thinks this car
    is messed up, is totally messed up in
    your Face and personality!
    it's a f***ing thing to judge a car
    very Badly like shit after only seeing it's design
    and hearing the name of the company...
    you're f***ing wrong!
    if Ssang Yong Musso and Ssang Yong Rexton
    becomes available in USA,
    it's going to be the top car in USA,
    beating every other car companies including Jeep.....<!-- Signature -->
  13. Na0 is talkin the right shit..
    I'm postin the pic of Musso.. <!-- Signature -->
  14. uhh.. sorry.. gay pic won't load..

    someone find a pic of Musso..<!-- Signature -->
  15. ok corean shut your #$%#ing hole all hyundi's are gay. They look bad they have the gayest engines and they #$%#in suck. Most of the people that know about good cars will tell you they hate hyundi's because their a piece of crap on wheels, and your still saying a tribon or what ever that #$%#ing car is call can do 400 hp with the right stuff but alot of cars can do that. Lets take the mustang cobra r that would smoke the living crap out of any gay hyundai i can name alot of cars that are gm or ford and would smoke any of your gay hyundai. And you also said that you would drive a hyundai over any Toyota, well toyota can also smoke any hyundi. so let me make it clear for you

  16. you know how much a cobra r costs? $75,000 and the warranty can only be serviced by rousch in detroit which for some people is along ways away and for that much money i think id buy a viper and supercharge it
  17. they cannot do that for they are from a country that makes sh1tty cars.
  18. Hyundai's are crap. But they're cheap

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