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Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by D Viper, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. True...but you buy it new the warrenty will cover almost everything for what, 5-7 years on the civic. So you wouldn't have to worry about buying parts for it.
  2. Not wear and tear items. Do you have any idea how much it costs to replace the tires on this thing?
  3. Preludes are nice. F-bodies are good. A 300ZX is great.
    I say you get a 300ZX. Pretty easy to tune. Not too hard to find.
  4. A 300ZX is good. They're easy to find and fix up.
  5. Until you get raped by your insurance company. I like 240s, rear wheel drive, soon as the snow hits the ground its rally time.
  6. The insurance on a 300ZX is bad?
  7. It is some of the worst I've seen. I looked in to getting one because I was inspired by a guy on my street. He has one putting over 500 Hp to the wheels. The only reason he could afford it was because he was 30. I couldn't afford the insurance on it.
  8. oh yeah, kinda off the current thing, but if you want a great ruoghly 3000$ car, go for a porsche 928 s or s4, you can get a great one for like 5k, and a not quite as good one for bout 3. they HAUL ASS too.
  9. i think an integra gsr would be tight im not a big import fan but i have to say the integra gsr is pretty damn good i found some turbos that putt out 400 hp witha built engine and fuel manegment butt 400 hp integra that aint bad at all then if u add an exhaust headers air intake the stuff thats cheap u will end up with over 500 hp now thats cool and the turbo is like 4 grand so u decide
  10. You never fail to amaze me. You could not find an insurance company to insure that car, which would mean it would be illegal to drive it. But you have no earthly clue about insurance, because you have never even been behind the wheel in your life.
  11. With a typical income for an american teenager you have to look at the following aspects, Gas milage, price, maintance cost, and insurance. Therefore you want something with a V6 or less, 4 door, not red, under $6,000 (or whatever your capable of), and not something that goes over 160Mph. Something i consider very nice for the price, and is what im currently looking for is a 1988-1993 Chrysler New Yorker/Imperial/Fifth Avenue. Find one of those w/ under 80k miles, leather interior, and some nice wheels, for under 5 grand and you've got yourself a damn nice car, when the leather was actually about 4 inches padded, instead of the stiff ass leather seats they make now. More comfy than a brand new caddy <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  12. BTW sorry to all looking for a fun-to-drive car i was only looking at the aspects of the car it self, not performance. However those are capable of about 300HP... if you wanna supe them up (and no not all r1ced out w/ wing and shit). If you're looking for something fun to drive id go for a 91 dodge spirit R/T, fast, compact, good on gas, and not too expensive. One of the only 4-cylinders id buy.
  13. i think that a honda civic or a mazda would be a good first car.
  14. nissan 240sx put a skline engine in there coilovers rims and a body kit u got urself a drift car thats a car i want
  15. I HATE CAMAROS, rustangs are better
  16. Try a Civic, then keep it when you can finally afford a new car, and rebuild it when you're experiencing a mid-life crisis, then join a Civic Club.

    Some beginner car options:

    Good, cheap, reliable cars: Toyota Corolla, Mazda 323, Honda Civic Cx, Golf TDI.

    Good, quick, reliable cars: Civic Si, Golf GTI, Celica.

    Good, quick cars than can be expensive or unreliable: Mazda RX-7, Datsun 510, Datsun 280ZX, Porsche 944, Mini Cooper.

    quick, cheap cars that are not good: Mustang, Camaro, Firebird, Fiero, Cavalier Z24.
  17. I'd say get a 00 Integra type-r
  18. id say a prelude
    theyre cool
  19. Buy a #$%#in Cavilier and put a gay exhaust on it dont buy an import
  20. Y?

    That would be very stupid, the cavalier sucks, in fact the only good thing about it is that it's cheap.

    Imports on the other hand, are pretty much all good, as long as you look for the right variant of the model (i.e. Si, GT, etc.) if you want a car that isn't slow.
  21. civic? think about insurance especially after Fast and the furious
    and not the golf gti go for a vw gti not the new golfs there not as good
  22. the 240sx would be a great car but the rb26 is too much for it and it would be a hell of a swap if you are gonna do a swap just go for the sr20's that'll give you more than enough power and if no swap at all just a reminder the aftermarket parts are PRICEY$$
  23. i don't think the kid is american considering he put down 3000 pounds not dollars and mentioned s13 200sx's stock turbo ... not sold in U.S. ...
  24. Okay smart one, lemme correct you on some of those.

    Datsuns are known for running very well and being extremely inexpensive, even for parts. Ive heard many people who have had theirs sitting out for years and they start back up without a problem. All you have to do is give it oil changes every certain amount of miles and they will run forever.

    If you always see them run down or just torn up its because
    1. They are only like what, 30 years old?
    2. In the 30 years they have been around, it has maybe 300,000 miles of hotrodding on it?
    3. Just not tooken care of

    Mini Coopers are not expensive, I have no idea what came through your mind when you listed that on there...

    You say Mustands, Camaros and Firebirds are not good? Why do you say that? There are so many people that have a Mustang and Camaro. I dont think people are going to want to go out and buy a car that isnt going to run well.

    Maybe all this you posted is the same reason you say "America is the terrorist" in your sig. If you think like a smart person you may one day realize that Canada is also an American country, smart one. There is this continent in the world that is called America you know and Canada is in the northern part of it...

    Think before you start putting stupid things in your sig and give me a reason why America is the terrorists.
  25. Datsuns are deplorable for engine reliability, I've seen too many blow their engines under normal daily driving conditions, and with problematic transmissions. Most I've seen had a price tag of over $5000 on them, even though the listed book value is under $1000. Don't get me wrong, they're good cars, but they do occasionally have their reliability issues, and they do often cost far more than they're worth.

    Mini Coopers, was looking for one for a while to use as a rally car, cheapest I found was $8000, I could find a better, faster, just-as-nimble car for less than that.

    I haven't seen a single older Mustang, Camaro, or Firebird without a lot of work put into them to keep them running, the reason so many people like them is because they have a lot of torque (making them easier to drive fast), and they are easy to fix with nothing to calibrate so precisely, and nothing to program.

    Actually, fool, Canada is in the NORTHERN part of NORTH AMERICA, as is the good ol' US of A, Mexico is in the NORTHERN part of SOUTH AMERICA, and the continents were named NORTH and SOUTH AMERICA long before the USA was in existence, they named it after the continent, NOT the other way around. Please deflate the hot air from your head before making such stupid posts.

    America IS the terrorist because for years they have been taking advantage of, ripping off, and bullying 3rd world countries to become as wealthy as they currently are, in short - they cultured the hatred for Americans by their own actions in areas such as Afghanistan, Vietnam, Iraq, India (find out who has ownership - Coke (R) - of Indias groundwater before responding) etc. What they have done in the past can now be seen in what they are doing to Canada, for years Canada has been nothing short of extremely tolerant and extremely kind to the US, now, the US is trying to run Asunder one of Canada's largest industries (softwood lumber trade), they have been trying to gain control of our water for years (one American company even sued Canada for $12,000,000 USD, because Canada would not give them rights to Ontario's Groundwater) forcing us to pay the U.S. money to drink OUR OWN DAMN WATER.

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    All those actions seem to fit the definition of terrorism (on a large scale) to me.

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