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Discussion in '2002 Pontiac Bonneville G/XP' started by twincam, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. What would I do with a Pontiac?

    As stupid as the latest Pontiac comercial are, asking peoplle what they would do with a Pontiac if they had it for a weekend...; I got two answers; either sell it and use the money as a down payment on a European Saloon, or put a brick on the gas pedal and watch it fly off of a cliff.

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  2. if they gave me a pontiac i would drive it off a cliff, or blow it up. either way we all have a good time.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Or you could get a Ram Air Firebird and tear up the streets havin' a jolly ol' time.
  4. You could rip up the streets with this car too but not like the Ram Air Fire Bird. I would never think to drive a Pontiac of a cliff though<!-- Signature -->
  5. I actually like this car. A lil refinement in looks is in need but besides that it's great.
    Well unrestricting the HP would be nice too =P
    and getting a Getrag 5 or 6 speed =)

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  6. What would I do with a Pontiac?I'd make it a real streetrod and i agree with the firebird ram air......the only car i'd drive off a cliff is a Hyundai or a Proton.<!-- Signature -->
  7. Hmmmmm..that new Tiburon is quite nice =)
    I like it?

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  8. i'd drive this car for a while for fun, then sell it and buy something more suited to my single lifestyle.
    and ;skyline rules; guy the new tibby looks awesome and is awesome according to the first few test drives taken by the magazines<!-- Signature -->
  9. I love how Pontiacs have a great style, what I don't like is the very poor quality and the very poor specs of these cars. What kind of car has a 4-speed auto that is designed to go fast? All these freaking Pontiacs are auto. They do look good, but they are also sometimes underpowered. One of the cars in my club is a 99 Firebird with like 20,000 miles. It already needs a new tranny! what kind of crappy quality is that? I am impressed with style, but not the car itself. Cya in my rear view
  10. I like this car. And don't take anything away from Pontiacs. A firebird would tear up alot of the competition. Plus, the Grand Prix GT and GTP handles like a true sports car. Heck, even a Grand AM can stick to the road. Plus, the new Vibe GT is pretty sweet.

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  11. My friend had a 96 pontiac grand prix. stock 4-door 3.1 liter v-6 and 4-speed automatic. you know what? he only lost one race, and that was to a pontiac firebird. every mustang gt, eclipse, civic (pshhh...civic...ha!), or celica that crossed his path ate his dust. bear in mind that this is bone stock, except for the stereo. he didn't even have a K&N. so let's not diss pontiacs (well...except maybe sunfires).<!-- Signature -->
  12. The T/A WS6 kicks ass period, but nywayz, this Bonneville design is a good improvement over the last, at least the looks have been cleaned up and refined. The power seems decent, even though with a supercharger i would expect slightly more, (eg. Maxima SE puts out 255 HP normally aspirated, and comes with 6speed manual). The tranny seems out of date i mean 4 speed auto, at least throw in a five speed manual. Car is much improved overall. <!-- Signature -->
  13. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Mark</i>
    <b>Or you could get a Ram Air Firebird and tear up the streets havin' a jolly ol' time.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    you seem to be the only one here who likes this car besides moi.<!-- Signature -->
  14. This is probably the nicest car that pontiac has made in a long time and judging by the amount of four door Grand-what evers running around on the street they will most likely sell a shit load of them. But why o why do they make them so big? Im six four and id fit in a pontiac 6000 ( a car you really would want to push of a cliff). If they took this car and shrank it 10%, and used a alloy block then it would be a real winner. Also why no 5 speed?<!-- Signature -->
  15. I would get a hammer and beat it, then dad and I would drive a monster truck,(since I can't drive) we would run it over, then I'd get flamethrower and burn it up,(if my dad would let me, but he would since he does'nt like stupid cars like this), after that I would get a laser and turn it into dust.

    "Kids have a strong imagination," is what everyone says, I think they're wrong...HEHE.
  17. Well...Here's how it went.

    First, I would get a hammer and brake all the windows, then, I would get a monster truck and run over it 5,000,000,000 times...with my dad, of course, I can't drive, then I would get a flamethrower and burn it up and throw it in the river.(I added new things).
  18. I own a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am with a 2.4L Cast Iron HO 4 cyl. and it kicks ass... STOCK... immagine that after twin turbos and a supercharger... and also you can shift the automatic for optimal results... Pontiac Bonneville wit a damn nice V6 would kick more ass than my lil Grand Am unless I did a few mods such as NOS and a racin' cam and totally did everything I could... stand alone fuel system, direct port NOS injection, performance exhaust, supercharger, twin turbos... I could whip anythin' these street racers use wit my lil Grand Am if I could do my mods

  19. twin turbos and a supercharger

    hello am i missing something

    what would the turbochargers give you that the supercharger cant?

    awfully crowded under that hood methinks

    and if you wanted extra power from a supercharger why not increase the pully size?

  20. Ur a dumbass Mclaren!! this is actually a car that people could afford and get luxury,performance,and a great design.
  21. This is a business-man / family somewhat luxary car. It has a 4 speed auto tranmission for a reason, it is practical. A 5 speed manual would be nice but it would not sell as well as the four speed automatic for obvious reasons. This car isnt a street racer, its a big sedan.
  22. You know, I know how your friend feels I had the exact same car before I got my GTP. Even though it was an SE it was quick.
  23. Well then I would take a '69 GTO Judge and show you what a real car can do, so if you're gonna be an ass I'll be one right back. BTW I'm rebuilding a '66 Goat so if you want some come and get it!
  24. this cars actually kind of fast the stats on site are wrong they have a northstar v8 275hp cause cadillac wouldnt let them use the 315 or 300, so its actually fast and its a full size sedan thats half luxury half sport, so its not extremely comfortable but its definately almost the fastest in its class

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