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  1. Wow.. that was beautiful. Can you shutdown everyone who thinks they know everything on all the SC.NET forums? This would make the forums a rather idiot free place.
  2. As I can see, you are not a very biast person, you have you opinions, and I can appreciate that. But, the invention of rotary engines came out by NSU, a manufacturer that Audi started off with in the late 1800's which eventually developed teh Audi NSU Corp. after the Auto Union in 1969. Anyhoo, NSU developed the first rotary-style engine, but then sold the idea to Wankel for them to perfect it and the engines were placed in Madza's. Rotary's have been found to be the simplest, longest lasting engines of all time. They are a basic internal combustion engine running off of "triangle-like" shaped rotation devices that rotate around setting off 3 flanks, same as a cylinder, but in a more concentrated and carefully timed sequence. So, it is mearly your opinion not to like them, but i just wanted to inform you as to why they are used.
  3. good ifo...except for the fact about them being the longest lasting engines of all time. your average 3rd gen rx7 last about 90,000, and the engine needs a rebuild. i dont want people jumping on me on that statement, the car will still run and be "fast", but as compared to brand new, the engine will be very, very tired (as compared to a piston engine with 90,000 will still run pretty near factory specs). i love rx-7, dont get me wrong, but the engine requires A LOT of ever wonder why they're for sale all the time? cant afford to fix them. somebody mentioned something about "all you have to do is make the ports bigger". talk about reliability after that (larger apex seals). doing these things greatly reduces the economy of the engine. a street port (3mm apex seal) tends to break a rotary engine down in less than 50,000 miles. it will significantly increase hp, but it will cost you in the long run, believe me, i know
  4. another thing about a rotary engine. they may have 1/3 the parts of a piston engine, but have you ever taken one apart or know someone who has?...not exactly a simple task. piston engines are very strait forward in how they are built, rotary engines are very hard to break apart. try replacing something as "simple" as a rotar about labor time.
  5. if you know what you are doing, it's relatively easy....
  6. Rotary engines kick ASS!!! they may be small, but theyve got power, and sound!!
  7. Wrong. Wankel are not a company, he was a man: Felix Wankel. He perfected the patent design then sold it to both NSU and Mazda (as well as some other companies, notably including Mercedes-Benz). NSU managed to release a car before Mazda (the NSU ro80), but the company folded soon after. Mazda however, successfully integrated the rotary into a full range of cars and the rest, as they say, is history.
  8. Rotary engines are reliable but all comes down to maint. and tuning. There is a street Rx7 making over 600hp on race fuel and has stock apex seals. ALL COMES DOWN TO TUNING. I have seen N/A rotary engines with more then 350K miles on them. Turbos are less but thats true for any turbo engine.

    As for Renesis.... Uh maybe in 07 MY they will be ok.

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