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Discussion in '2000 Honda Accord Euro R' started by SilvaRSX, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Ferraris Angel69</i>
    <b>i'm not trying to talk smack but how can a Forsa beat a Mustang? and what do you mean it's not a muscle car, not only are they muscle cars but they're classics? what kind of mustang did you race, a 89'? and about the supercharged Z06 Corvette getting beat by an Integra i know it can happen but who cares? it's like comparing a bike to a car, try comparing a STOCK integra to a stock Corvette Z06 or racing it and let's see what happens.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->who gives a flying flip about stock?! stock is boring. stock is for women that cant mod their cars themselves. stock is for those who dont really love cars. they just want to look like they do. friends dont let friends drive stock. i agree with that philosophy. if a modded civic can beat a viper, then that civic is way better than that viper. he won. hell even if he came close, it would be pretty damned good. a stock viper is fast, but who cares? its got a big boring engine from the factory, and if the owner buys it and leaves it that way, then he is just someone with a lot of money, not someone that really loves cars.<!-- Signature -->
  2. Vipers 90% of the time are left stock because most of the people that can afford one just don't care and buy the car for a status symbol. I relly don't like Vipers anyway.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Why is a stock Integra even being compared to a stopck vette in the first place. These two cars are two completely different types of cars designed for two different types of missions for the owners.
  4. whats with all you dumb asses saying this car is better, american cars are better than japanese cars??
    keep your comments to yourself. american cars and japanese cars are different in a lot of ways, thats why our society is balanced out in automotive. if american cars were like japanese cars, there would be no fun, all cars would be the same, and same goes for japanese cars with big engines.
    everyone has their own likes and dislikes, but it doesnt mean you can just go to some forums and run off like this
  5. Lol American Race car driver are stupid of course they dont now shit about Japan cars to they have to talk shit. In Japan racing is hella illegel. They race better then any American racer and there chevy,dodge,chev,and other gay azz american cars out there.But give lil respect the American classic are good. And remember if there wasnt any SMOG TEST every good Japanese car would be on the streets to day fewken up every American cars.
  6. Even hondas are comming out with bigger engines because there is yet to be a replacement for displacement. Any new technology you do with a 4 banger can often be done with an 8. And you make it sound like only American cars have 8 cylinders. Many European and Japanese cars do as well. And they aint small engines. The Q45 is a 4.5 litre! 1 tenth smaller than a Mercury or Stang Engine. Lexus also has a similar size engine. The NEW HONDA ACCORD has a bigger engine. If there was no replacement for displacement, why are the Japanese also making bigger engines? GM is the only manfacturer (in America) buildiing 3 cylinder engines. (maybe Japanese influenced but regardless).

    At this point in time of car building, there is yet to be a replacement for displacement. And don't say turbos because you can ad a turbo or super to a bigger engine. You must speak on a technology only smaller engines can benifit from in the aspect of performance.
  7. The new Accord V6 has the same engine as last year's one, but with mroe power, better fuel economy, quieter and smoother.

    Havinf mroe displacement means better torque, but that also means u ahve to pay more for gas, taxes, and the handling is worse.
  8. Here's what I think between Jap cars and American cars:
    Economy/reliability: Jap cars, can't pick a stupid-ass Neon, Cavalier, or any other domestic economy car over a nice, convenient, little Accord, Camry, Civic, or Solara
    Racing: American cars, come one now, domestics have way better handling, top speed, and acceleration than a weak-ass RX-7, Skyline, Supra, 350Z, or any other weak, Japanese sports car. So you gotta Skyline that does 155 MPH? Hell, my Camaro SS only cost 25ks and still smokes it.
  9. I agree. but at least they arn't made in china like everything is in America now.
  10. Once again, stupidity runs rampant in the SC.Net forums.

    What domestic car handles better than the NSX? NONE

    What domestic short of the Z06, (Italian designed) Viper, or the (European designed) GT40, or the (European designed) Saleen S7, handles anywhere near as well as the RX-7, Skyline, Supra, or 350Z? NONE.

    How many Domestics have a top speed higher than the Supra's, or NSX's 170 mph? VERY FEW

    And how many Domestics under $50,000 can match the Skyline, Supra, EVO, Sti, etc. for 0-60, or 1/4? only 1, the SVT Cobra, and it pales in comparison in all other areas of performance.

    Last but not least: the Camaro SS has a top speed of 157mph, BARELY faster than 155mph. How many Camaro SS's match the Skyline GTR's 4.9 0-100, AND 12.7 1/4??? NONE.

    So no, your Camaro SS does NOT "smoke it", what's worse, is the Skyline costs the same as the Camaro Z28 (nevermind the SS), is quicker in acceleration than the SS, and handles much better.

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