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Discussion in '1994 Jaguar XJ220 S TWR' started by 84FordMan, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Where Are All The BMW Fans?

    I hear them everywhere, but here, about how great BMW blends luxury and performance. Well BMW fans here is the only TRUE example of that, the XJ220 S TWR!

    Alas all the BMW fans are silent here, maybe the realized, this is the BMW killer or maybe they are just incapable of coherent thought after looking at this beauty. In either case, Jaguar has silenced them.

    Good job.<!-- Signature -->
  2. They COULD be at the Bimmer forums...<!-- Signature -->
  3. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 84FordMan</i>
    <b> I hear them everywhere, but here, about how great BMW blends luxury and performance. Well BMW fans here is the only TRUE example of that, the XJ220 S TWR!

    Alas all the BMW fans are silent here, maybe the realized, this is the BMW killer or maybe they are just incapable of coherent thought after looking at this beauty. In either case, Jaguar has silenced them.

    Good job.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Hey look, I'm a big Bimmer fan and I must say that your post makes me feel that your process of thinking is a little shaky. First off BMW creates sports cars and luxury cars. The XJ220 is a supercar. Supercar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a sports car, so before you try to make a comparison with another car, truly go in depth and take a minute think. <!-- Signature -->
  4. i'm right here as a bmw fan to say that this car is awesome. the one guy was right though, sports cars and luxury sedans for bmw this is a supercar; thus, this isn't really in competition with any bmw's. so there is no point in saying this car sucks because it doesn't. this car is great.<!-- Signature -->
  5. I'm a BMW fan and I think this car is awesome
  6. First off, I would like to tell you, whoever you are, that BMW is an INCREDIBLE designer and engineer of luxury, sport and supercars. Yes, even the XJ220 S TWR (a tuned supercar) falls victim to BMW's engineering, style and power. Yes, as hard as that is to believe, I shall prove it.

    First off, I would like to inform you of a concept, courtesy of BMW and Italdesign: the M12 or better known as Nazca C2. This machine has a BMW V12 modified by Alpina (a company trusted by BMW) that has a little more than half of the horsepower and no turbocharger(s) and it runs 3.6 sec 0-60 and 193mph. True, this is not as fast as the XJ220, but the fact remains that it is a NATURALLY ASPIRATED engine.

    Next, another NATURALLY ASPIRATED BMW engine in a BMW engineered vehicle, a personal favorite of many, many people in the universe: the McLaren F1. Yes, I'm sure that you have heard that it has a BMW engine in it as well. Yes, I am sure that you have heard of it's 3.2sec 0-60 and it's 240mph top speed. But I'm sure that BMW is killed by the XJ220.

    Finally, just for a little spice, let us compare the facts between BMW cars and the XJ220 S TWR, because you said that BMW (referring to all BMWs) was killed by this car. The XJ220 was unique in that it had 10 valves per cylinder. Yes, that's right 10 of them. And not only 10 valves per cylinder,but two turbochargers. Both of these facts contribute to the crazy specs of this car, but do realize that the BMW engines that eat this car alive, are NATUARLLY ASPIRATED. If you were to put two turbochargers on them, the results would be to scary for any one person to comprehend. Realize that BMW is not only very alive, but killing Jaguar and their efforts to bust into the supercar market. When was the last time that Jaguar released a true supercar like up above? BMW has been releasing supercars to this day. The newest, the BMW M3 GTR Strassenversion, a detuned race car that features more creature comforts than the above car does. Next time that you question BMW, I would advise you to look at the facts.

    Oh, and I almost forgot. Jaguar autos are notorious for failing at a relatively low milage. A forced induction vehicle, like the XJ220, and especially the XJ220 S TWR, lasts even less on the roads. On the other hand, BMWs last for 200k miles or more. In fact, my friend's 3 series (MAB062183) has about 200k miles and runs, sounds, handles, and looks like new (and nothing on it has been rebuilt, it is all original). The majority of BMWs that hit the roads don't leave them until about 250-300k miles of wear. I have never even heard of a Jaguar hitting that many miles. The M3s, M5s, Z3s, etc all last just as long, if not longer due to their added engineering. Even the race cars (true supercars) last extremely well on the tracks in comparison to other cars.

    I hate to tell you, but BMW kills Jaguars, and that's the bottom line.<!-- Signature -->
  7. This is an amzaing car but if you put the two companys against each other BMW would win hands down due to experience and just amazing engineering. Although Jaguar does also have some amazing cars such as this one and the XK line but it just hasnt put out as much as BMW has to date.
  8. that's nice that you have to use bmw v12 engines to match the power out of this car.
    are you even aware that this car is a v6?
    so then the XJR-15 goes out and rip all the cars mentioned apart in a non-supercharged form.
    jaguar is more than one car.
    the gtr strass, does not have more features.
    well it doesn't have a storage area, nor power windows, doors, locks, etc.
    jd powers ranked jaguar 3rd in most reliable and durable car.
    bmw was 12th.
    i car about the present, not the past, and anyway
    my 1986 jaguar is still running at 150,000 miles with it's original engine.
    then there are the race cars.
    XKR trans am for you. a natural tuned car 6.3L v8 engine giving off 700+ hp, in a sub 3.1 0-60 time, destroying the BMW strass.
    then there is the very interesting XKR-R with a pure 400hp out of a 4.0L engine.
    and the rare, but made, XK180. Which had recently been allowed to be driven by a select few, after a slight modification. A tranny upgrade to a 6 speed smg transmission. result is a 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, passing that of the M3, and the M3 CSL (tuned cars as well). and it's handling, has been rated even better than the XJ220.

    then there are the Arden modifiaction cars.
    which bmw will never match nor come close to luxury, nor performance.
    there is the 2003 Arden Lightweight RS, which is dubbed the CSL killer and matches the Strass, Using 4.6L engine it gives off over 400hp in natural power, and over 500+hp with the R version engine.
    0-60 i don't know, but it'll be faster than 4.6 seconds.
    and yes at a price tag, at a third the price of a BMW Strass.

    then there is the match up between the M5 and the S-Type R.
    Mototrend and Motorweek give their thumbs up to the S-Type. Though .3 seconds slower in 0-60. but as automatic compared to manual, that difference actually favors Jaguar for comfort. Also, since the Jaguar is $8,000 less and with MORE options, like leather seats, 11 way power seats, premium sound, rear detector, spoiler, all STANDARD options. just replace the tranny with an SMG found in the BMW, and you get yourself a car that destroys BMW.

  9. BMW cars do not go as fast most people think. Each famous sports car has its famous supercar. Dodge has the Hennessy Viper 800TT, Chevrolet has the Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette, Ford has the GT-90, Ferrari has those F50's and F40's modified by Hammanns, Mercedes has the CLK-GTR, Porsche has the Dauer Le Mans, and the other greats. BMW has no supercar. Therefore, it does not deserve any credit for making so-called supercars. The fastest BMW I've heard of cannot top over 195 mph.
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    maybe all the BMW fans, are back at their dealerships, with all the recalls they have.
    Jaguar offers reliability....
    BMW sells defective cars....
    last 5 years prove it
    and Jaguar has JD powers to back that statement up.

    Models: BMW 325i Year: 2002
    BMW 330i Year: 2002
    BMW 525i Year: 2002
    BMW 530i Year: 2002
    Number Involved: 4,672
    Dates of Manufacture: November 2001
    Defect: On these passenger vehicles, the front strut mount thrust bearing was not properly positioned and secured. If the suspension is fully unloaded, the front strut could separate from the upper mount. This could affect vehicle handling and control, increasing the risk of a crash.
    Remedy: Dealers will replace both front spring strut upper mounts. The manufacturer reported that owner notification was expected to begin during April 2002. Owners who do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact BMW at 1-800-331-1117.
  11. Me
    but only of the 627 hp engine of the
  12. How can you even compare BMW to Jaguar I own a car from both companies and you have to realize that BMW is focused directly @ preformance for the dollar with comfort jaguar is just comfort and preformance is a small issue. Besides the XK series and the XJR both of which are incredible cars but nontheless if you compared a XJR to an M5 the M5 would win hands down, its just the law of German enginering plus the Brits cant do anything right except for TVR. And also their is nooooo comparison to the Mclareen F1 engin and the XJ220 engine becuse the XJ uses T U R B O S ok not 1 but 2 and one good turbo can produce a stron 100 to 150 HP which translates into alot of power!! Also the XJ220 is an exotic car you will mabey never see one on the road but M5's or Z8's you are almost garunteed a glance unless you own one. So there!!
  13. next production 5 series will use twin-turbos as well... no where near the HP rating of the xj220.
    Jaguar racing XJ engines easily outperforms the McLaren.
    Jaguar owns the racing titles.
    the prototypes 700HP v12 xj220 would have destroyed the Mclaren.
    the enginge was used in rally car racing till it got banned.
    and about performance, BMW uses displacement, while Jaguar uses superchargers. BMW are a lot more expensive than jaguars.
    you take the M5.
    and the S-Type R, $9,000 there.
    with the $9k, you can purchase the Paramount upgrade package.
    and there we go 450HP, and 0-60 in 4.6 destroying the M5.
    also perhaps you weren't aware, but Jaguar enginges are actually all detuned 10-20% on purppose to facilitate comfort.
    jaguar offers the better racing engines than BMW.

    the xj220 is one of my favorite jags, yes.
    but you can't beat the XJR-12, XJR-15, and the last, the XJR-16.
    i dont know about you, but i've seen 3 xj220s in my life.

    and lets talk about the current racing models of both bmw and jaguar, taking aside F1 for the moment. What does bmw have to race against the XKR Trans Am?
    the R4 in test runs even beaten the McLaren, as well as the Williams. Though the newer McLaren/Williams haven't been out yet. The Jaguar F1 car had the statistics favoring them. Now they have drivers....
    maybe make the misconcept that jaguar only had the xj220.
    but its more than that
    the XK180, in its 20 car production run is leading the way for the future F-Type, the XKR-R, 400hp out of 4.0L enginge with no superchargers nor turbo.
    Where is the best engineered cars in the world?
    thats the UK, and not the Germans.
    who currently claims the fastest car in the world?
    the UK
    that's all for now
  14. ok BMW has no Real Supercar and this is way better than anything BMW
    ever produced.
    Yes I know they made the engine for the McLaren F1 but BMW could never Design such a good looking and aerodinamic car as the F1's chassis,with out Mclaren that wonderful BMW V12 would never had propelled any Bimmer up to 240mph.
    BMW is a good brand but they know luxury,This Jaguar here is a
    SuperCar something BMw still needs to have.
    And don't go mentioning the Italdesign Nazca C2 either 'cause again
    that may have a Bimmer engine but the chassis isn't designed by BMW
    just like the Mclaren and the Nazca C2 is only a concept,this Jag was
  15. "The Brits can't do anything right exept for TVR"what the F***k are you talkin' about,Last time I checked Lotus are British and I Like
    lotus way better than TVR,TVR needs to make atleast one good lookin' car,lol..Like Lotus's Esprit,Elise/Gt1 etc....
    Besides look at this Jag/XJ220 Better then anything BMW ever produced,i'm still waiting to see if BMW can create a supercar such as this XJ220 here,lol
  16. the UK Produce the nicest car.
    oh, and did you forget that McLaren is British also?
  17. No I mentioned something about the Mclaren(earlier) but the F1 has a BMw V12 in it.
  18. yes, but an XJR12 has a better engine than the BMW V12 in the McLaren.
    the McLaren did not use the Jaguar engine for one reason.
    Its purpose was to beat the Jaguar XJ220. That's all.
    The optimal choice was the Jaguar XJR12 engine since it was more powerful and had a proving race record.
    But, the BMW engine was cheaper, and I'm sure the BMW engine builders were okay in trying to kick Jaguar out of the top car category.
    Though, country of origin of the fastest car in the world, still belongs to the UK.
  19. Makes sense,but is the XJR12 engine as light as the BMW one in the Mclaren?That's always very important lightweight,not saying the XJR12 engine is heavy'cause I don't know but just saying you know?
  20. No shit huh.........
  21. Shut up! The BMW fans can and probably will speak up, but only when BMW has a competing supercar!

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