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  1. I've seen two of them. Well, it was actually the same one twice. It was parked both times, so I didn't get to hear it or see it accelerate.
  2. yup the mustang is a little more powerful(torque and horsepower) that the 300zx
  3. well first off, realize that the cobra is about $55,000 the 300ZX is about $33,000, with that said, yes the cobra is faster, but the cobra-R has no AC, no lux-o at all! the 300ZX is a far nicer car, and made more for the track, then the 1/4, for my money, i'd take the 300ZX
  4. Its not a surprise I'm hearing this from jap crap fans, but i can do anything about u guys being dumbasses, but i can at least fill u in on some info: First off, i dont know if anyone mentioned, there is NO 90 Cobra! Cobras came out in 93, for the first time in a LONG time. here are the specs:

    93 Cobra: 5.7 seconds 0-60, 1/4 14.5
    94 Cobra: 6.3 seconds 0-60, 1/4 14.9 (closest competition for the 300ZX)
    97 Cobra: 5.9 seconds 0-60, 1/4 14.7
    01 Cobra: 5.2 seconds 0-60, 1/4 13.36 (not 99, there is a difference)
    03 Cobra: not yet tested but sub 5's. 1/4 in 12.56

    sorry to burst ur bubble guys, but u would have a better chance with a GT, not a cobra. Dont think im just saying this cuz i have a mustang, i speak from experience, not like u guys. So go back to finish watching "fast and the furious"
  5. Well this should be interesting. First off i may be a newbie on this site, cuz i just registered, but i KNOW for a fact that i know more about cars and i have more experience then u do. I posted times from general magazines, even though the times on this site are whack, im not speaking out of my ass like u are. I put only times that people on this site can actually check out. The times on these cobras are MUCH faster like u also say about the 300ZX. And who the f*ck are u trying to fool by saying u beat a 360 hp camaro when ur car was STOCK. Now i know ur dumb, but NOT that dumb, but rather trying to be a smart ass. My friend has a 96 300ZXTT, with 19 psi. That car is FAST, but he can't get a good start on the take off. Plus, he got smoked by my 18 year old spoiled friend with a 2002 firehawk. now that car is 345 hp, and ur saying u smoked a 360 hp camaro. Also, this car has 300 hp, and it weighs 3500. Maybe if u had more torque, it could hit 13.5. U tried very nice to fool, u thought i was some dumbass who didn't know anything about cars, or i had a jap crap. They're both the same thing. Try to fool someone else, its not gonna work with me. Try to be more realistic next time. And oh yeah, I rather push my ford than drive an import. Imports are like tampons, every pussy's got one.
  6. The good ol TT 300Z will still take about anything on the road today, granted its owner has taken proper care of it. For the price of a new mustang cobra, one could get a 300Z that will make 550-600hp. Also, the better looking car goes with the nissan. Especially those that have the Veilside kit. Anyone that knows veilside will agree. Oh, that is the CI kit, not that weird guru shit with the funky nose that totally wrecks the car.
  7. Why dont you take it a step farther and take the turbo off the supra or either put turbo on the mustang so that the engines are using equally competative mods. I'm sure the V8 will not loose.
  8. A mustang is not NA only because its V8. Most of them are NA, but there are others that are supercharged, like saleen, cobra, and steeda. And u got the whole concept the opposite way. People get v8's to go fast, not imports, u need to do a lot of work to imports to go fast. Imagine how pathetic ur car will be without those precious TT's? I dont know where the hell u guys got the concept that 300zx's were Ferrari and Viper killers. Most people in my town smoke turbo and TT 300zx's with preludes and audis. You have to do too much shit to ur 300 for that little 3.0 to handle that kind of power, or else bye bye engine. I dont know what kind of 300zx TT u have, but we dont have that sh*t around here where i live, from what i've seen, stock TT's to highly modified, they're all sh*t. And i'll try to send u pics of my friends 300zx and firehawk, and the guy bought the 300zx like that, everything was already done to it. he has 14 psi, and he has a button on the steering wheel, that gives him 4 extra psi, u know what im talking about, ever heard of it cuz its weird.
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    Where do u people get this shit!!!! It's obvious NONE of u have a 300zx, since ur sitting behind a computer. A stock 300ZXTT does NOT hit 13.5! You're smoking way too much crack. Yeah i dont like imports, but that doesn't mean im ignorant. I have a lot of friends with fast ass imports, 2 supras that run 11's, and a few integras that run 12's. and they all say that 300zx's are CRAP! and u wanna talk about performance for the buck, and check this out, the mods are cheaper than even buying this car! BTW, when u said they run 13.5 up here, are u talking about palmdale?
  10. You do know the 03 cobra HAS been tested right? it was tested in the sept 2002 5.0 mustang mag.. themag tested it at 360.7HP and 358.7ft/lb of torque.. not the numbers you guys were expecting.. the best stock runs were 13.1 13.25
  11. yeah that was exactly the problem.. they had tested it first with some mods like basani X pipe and intercooler then they took too long farting around and the track cooled down and there was no fresh rubber down.. i think they said the last runs were in 40* weather.. and there hadnt been a pass for a couple of hours.. said something like spinning all through first and shifts into second and third i believe.. ok the mods they did to it and its track times
    1 relplaced stock after cat with bassani stainless setup-371hp 362.8lb/ft of torque
    2 bassani X pipe-378.5 hp 374.6 lb/ft trq
    3 ditched the air box and added a K&N filter assembly -400.0 HP and 383.1 lb/ft

    for the testing they had to change out the cat because it didnt belong to them so they used some experimental Bassani side pipe system -395 HP.. neways they made a 12.37 with stock front tires and a pair of p315/35R17 nitto extreme drags. then they put on front skinnies and a couple M/T ET drag slicks and unbolted the rear seat and got an 11.97 and an 11.95.. either way you look at it thats alot of changes to break the 12's and im saying stock for stock a 300ZX TT would beat the 03 cobra.. sorry just the numbers support it and im not biased.. ohh also these numbers were at 430 M above sea level.. soo this would be pretty much at its best..
  12. the mustang cobra-R is supercharged
  13. that had to be the stupidest thin gi have ever heard in my life. i'm sure it will not "LOOSE"?
  14. most of you children cant tell the difference between a cobra r and a cobra. and the vette can put down numbers like that with "only" 350hp because it weighs a hell of alot less, being its a sports car. the mustang is a muscle car which means a rear seat. and the vette got a nice redesign a few years ago and the mustang is riding on a chassis developed in the 80's. if ford woulda beat the bean counters over the head long ago and updated it stories may be different. many people are waiting for the dew-lite stangs before they write a check. and it all depends where you read the dyno results for the 2003 cobra. most of them are in the 390-400hp range. some over some under. the 300zx is overrated. it may say it was 33,000 but if any of you were around back then and tried to buy it they wouldve been closer to 40-50. and saying you complaining about your friend wanting to modify his stang to race you. your zx is modified so whats it matter to you cpt. hippocrit? "most zx owners use blah blah blah." and alot of mustang owners use the vortec s-trim.
  15. if i could understand that i would reply. the only people who think a 300zx is overated are those who have never driven one. a 300zx can hand a cobra it's ass end of story, we were not talking about the cobra R.
  16. my 93 celica could kill both. Its got a Ball bearing HKS turbo. Hi Power Exhaust. And Full Racing Drivetrain.
  17. and you are a moron. shut up and leave this site please.
  18. Could you explain
  19. sure, unless you have pics of your car, with all the mods listed than you are simply lying. people on this site know this because we actually know about cars, (obviously more than you do) i have managed to prove many people wrong in this forum, time after time. either they list their parts from a catalog, leave some out or add too many. one guy who said he had a 550HP 300zx said he had headers on it, if he knew anything he would know that a TT 300zx does not have headers. so go ahead make my day.
  20. Well There is so many . That I cant even write down all of them. But I can tell you some of the most important ones. Im not saying you dont know anything about cars, but Why dont you look at the specs on the turbo I got in my celica. Its the Gt3240 wit the EVC Pro Boost controller. And the Type 1 Turbo Timer. Plus a Steel Turbo Manifold. Plus a Gt Intercooler, borrowed from a Supra. Plus a Racing Wastgate, and lastly a Racing Blowoff Valve Kit. Beleive me now??? Oh and by the way I ran a 11.2 at Seattle Int'l
  21. nope, do not belive you for a second. you are way too vague in your mods. it sounds like you just picked them out of a catalog. unless you can list every single mod in your car (engine wise) than it's obvious you do not own a turbo celica. first off a 3240 would not fit on the newer GTS and to make it work on the older body style celica you would need a bunch of mods to keep from detonating the engine to peices. why would you mention a turbo timer? it's not a power mod? neither is a BOV. and you said "racing" wastegate and "racing" BOV "kit" what is included in the kit? and what makes a "racing" BOV and wastegate any different that a normal off the shelf unit?
  22. lol. You're hilarious.
  23. why dont you tell us what boost you're running, how much your car weighs, and how much power it makes. I highly doubt a celica is going to run low 11s without engine work.
  24. but he has "racing" blow off valves and a "racing" wastergate. those are good for a couple hundred HP. i already called him out a few days ago and i don't see him ever coming back, just like the 550HPveilside300zx guy, i owned him in a heartbeat. considering he thinks a TT has headers.
  25. It feels good to catch the meek part of society in a lie. Why was he banned?

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