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  1. Whenever I judge a car I use the absolute fastest stats I can find for all cars involved because that is still within what the car is capable of doing. C&D has some of the worst testers there are in the 1/4. They don't test their cars anywhere near their full potential.
  2. I know and that's why I prefer them compared to mags with professional drivers. It gives a reality check into real world stats. They are also always very very consistant. I only use C&D for comparing cars. MM&FF only test a small niche' of cars unlike C&D who test mini-vans to vipers. We can compare your mustang stats from MM&FF to those of the 300zx TT taken by C&D in 1992. The Z did 0-60 in 5 flat on the way to a 13.6 quarter mile time with only 283 pound feet of torque. Knowing that an everyday driver would never be able to hit that time in a mustang, the Z is much faster. I have raced plenty of mustangs, from GT's (most commonly) to a few cobras including witnessing a race between an 03 cobra and a stock 300zx.
  3. Why are we comparing to a 300 zx now? The GT could hit those times though taking advantage of its torque, even if the average person can't hit those numbers, who's saying you'll be racing the average person. If you take the absolute best times that the two cars can possibly run that would be the true measure of what the faster car is.
  4. Not exactly. The "faster" car would be the one which pulls more G's (the Z). The one that stops faster (the Z). The one that does 0-60 and the 1/4 mile faster (the Z). And the one that puts down the faster time around a track. (the Z). Comparing a Z to a mustang cobra is pointless. If you have driven both of the cars you shoudl know the Z is much much better in every way possible from feel to overall ability. A mustang cobra sells for close to $30K in 2001. Back in 1990 the 300zx sold for over $45K. What do you think makes up that extra $15K? A lot of things. Quality first of all, the quality of the parts used in the interior and in the engine. Second the technology, insted of using brute force to get power Nissan relied more on a graceful balance of engine size to car size. Along with it's state of the art -at-the-time LSD and RWS it was and still is one of the faster cars on the road. People can easily beat a Z28 in a stock TT giving you a clue that the mustang is simply a waste of time againt a car as fine as a Z. If you really want to be fair, compare a 1993 mustang cobra to the 1993 300zx. Even the kenny brown 320X was not as fast as the Z and it's cost was $10K more than a Z.
  5. Why are you bringing up the Mustang vs. the Z? We were talking about the S2000 vs. GT.

    And about the Z28 vs. 300 zx, I can provide links to a 12.8 stock down to the dirty airfilter. I don't believe a ZX could beat a Z.
  6. You can post as many links as you want. I have raced them and they don't even stand a chance. Maybe at sealevel but I live at 6000 feet.
  7. You can post as many links as you want. I have raced them and they don't even stand a chance. Maybe at sealevel but I live at 6000 feet.
  8. And I live at sea level, so what? What would a 300 zx run stock at 6000 feet.
  9. depends on driver. My friend who is an incredible driver managed a stock time of 13.5 most seem to average 13.8 or so, where as new mustang gt's pull high 14's and low 15's. Altitude kills big displacment non forced induction cars. A 2003 cobra managed to put his back bumper at my friends front bumper from 40-100, In all reality he shouls have spanked us like we were standing still, and that is even with forced induction. Altitude has almost no effect on smaller displacment turbocharged cars. That what makes it possible for a 300zx to lay the smackdown on Z28's At the drag strip most street driven cars which run fast times are AWD eclipses. they get into the 12's easily where as mustangs need a lot more HP to even come close. Sure there are the high HP supras and mustangs with nitrous which break the 12's but most of the DSM guys do it relitively cheap and humilate the V8's when it comes to 60' times.
  10. there is one thing i have to say...mustangs can't beat this...if the 2003 cobra was to go into a would have to use the brakes massivly...the only good things mustangs have is exaust...mustangs can only run in a straight line...i out handled a 2003 cobra in my old trans am....their suspension is shit...face it mustangs suck
  11. Ignore him he is a moron. He is must have forgot that a 2003 mustang is faster on a track than a Zo6 corvette. He cannot even spell exhaust.
  12. Mustang cobra sucks,300ZX all the way!

    Imports Rule and I love the Z!
  13. Hey look at me, I'm a stereotype.
  14. How could anybody care where a car comes from? I do not like mustangs, But I don't dislike them because they are american. I also don't like, bugs, sunfires, eclipse's, 3000GT's ect...
  15. Really, I usually don't care what it is. Just pisses me off when people are that biased.
  16. He's just closed minded and stupid. I don't like a lot of american cars. But it's not because they are american, it's because I don't like them.
  17. well I just joined this forum and there really seems like some stupid arguments here. I own a Z32 stage III+ and all I can say is the car is the all around shit! Yeah, it might not run the fastest 0-60 times (it's designed to be a track car) because of launching and it might not handle quite as good as a gen III RX-7, but in my eyes it is the best of all worlds. It is the best all around. Who cares if you have 700rwhp supras or mustangs. Doesn't mean your car can effectively use that power. And people putting all these numbers from magazines that vary by a whole sec. That should show how dependent the driver is to getting low times. We have a guy on that ran high twelves in a stock TT (posted time slip). And any z owner knows that the worst thing with our cars are launches because the back does not drop. But we can turn in like a ferrari!!!

    Now I don't like mustang because Fords are unreliable POS! And yes I have owned them and a family member works in the plant. I will forever go foreign for the reliablity. Believe me I am no mustang expert but isn't it true that ford got caught lieing about the oledr cobra numbers!!??? Something about inflating them and when they were tested by people after the fact, they were grossley mis representing people. I don't know, just know I love my Z!
  18. any one should know that mustangs can't handle...i would so like to see the 2003 cobra try a 2002 magazines...they only compare the zo6 wit a viper...cause the cobra is not worth mentionin...if i am such a moron...then y am i gettin a doctorate in medicine??..oh i know cause doctors don't make much money...even interns have to drive nice cars...and doctors basically drive vettes and porsches...i guess bein a moron paid off...cause soon enough i will be makin 300k...anyway the 300zx tt is a decent car...i like it...and it is decent enough to be driven...but it can't beat a vette
  19. Yep you really are a moron.
  20. Ok, I've been sitting here and reading about everyone's #%!@ing. Here's the thing. I've had the cobra and the 300zx TT. Both of them stock, and both about the same year. Don't forget, they are both stock. I don't want to hear about anything or from anyone that hasn't driven both of them and owned both. Here it is. . . . .the 300zx TT is faster, better handling, better looking, better design.
    Ohh, by the way, after I post this up, I will not look here again. I really don't care what anyone has to say. I have better things to do then argue with little kids that don't know anything about cars. This is my opinion and I know it from experience and no one can change that. When you get to own both of them, they you have to right to complain or #%!@. Thank you!
  21. I hope you know the 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra costs, brand spankin' new $36,300-$39,500USD, my personal est. according to Motor Trend. Just get the March 2002's back issue, if its still available to buy. Now the since the prices are around the same for both, it makes perfect since to say this, for the price of making a 550 to even 650hp 300ZX TT, you could purchase from FRPP (Ford Racing Perfomance Parts) a 5.4L mod V-8 bare engine block, and quad-cam 32v. cylinder heads, and fill the block all forged internals, (i.e. forged 4340 billet S.S. crank, forged con. rods and pistons), possibly a 4.100-inch bore and a 3.950-inch stroke with milling and honing processes as well, which measures around 5.8-5.9L's of displacement. All forged components for the cylinder heads, (i.e. forged sodium filled Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy intake valves enlarged (by 2mm), and dual honeycomb Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy valvesprings, with a Comp Cams XFR Faser reduction solid roller in. cams and solid roller lifters, for the exhaust side, forged Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy zink and potassium filled ex. valves enlarged (by 2mm), with Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy dual honeycomb valvesprings, solid roller lifters, and a Comp Cams XFR Faser reduction solid roller ex. cams, along with CNC porting, enlarged combustion chambers (to 72mm), with tulip-ground valve bowls, (in. and ex., of course), with an Extrude-huned ported and polish FRPP Cobra R intake manifold, with a custom Accufab dual 85mm throttle body, plus a HP Performance single/twin turbo kit, (or sticking with N/A add Hooker Super Comp long-tube tuned [or equal length] set headers w/ 3-31/2in. collectors w/ a Bassani X-pipe or a Headman true crossover X-pipe (3-31/2in.) with either the Flowmaster after-cat exhaust, (3-31/2in.), or a Cherry Bomb Vortex muffler after-cat exhaust system, (3-31/2in.) to 4in. S.S. tailpipes exits. Both of which will work on the HP Performance Single/Twin Turbo kits.

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