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Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 360 GT' started by BigWillman, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. i think on the track a porsche would win just because of the heritage and racing tradition. i've allways wondered how a 415 hp porsche that weights 3400lb goes 0-60 in 4.0sec, while a viper with 500 hp goes 0-60 in 4.0 sec and has 3000 lbs.even with awd or 4wd i cant remeber which it still shouldnt happen.but it does.

    after talking to a man on the inside of ford about the svt mustang with a claimed 390 at the crank and a measured 370 at the wheels, i suddenly realized that some manufacturers have more hp than what they tell you. dont go by the horsepower go by the times that the car puts up.
  2. Your list is all wrong
  3. Ok I'm going to reply to the moron who thinks the Maser 4200GT won't beat a Viper because the 60 time is .2 seconds slower, first of all, ever heard of a corner ? no thought not or you'd not have made that idiotic comment, secondly when was the last time anyon esaid "hey I've got a cool idea, lets do a race to 60mph ??" thought not, the Maserati is quicker to 150 than that Viper, fact, the Maserati weighs less, fact, the Maserati can take corners quicker, another scientic fact.

    In conclusion, all of the cars I mentioned will beat the Viper because they don't weight two tons and therefore actually take the corners in over double figure speeds, that my friends is why Audi have won le mans 3 times in a row, that is why Americans cannot make F1 cars and have to concentrate on the vastly inferior Indycar and Cart series which show off the american race philosophy (oval - right, right a bit, quick quick it's a right hand bend, right, right some more, now go straight and then do it all over again 500 times)
  4. Again, you and your info are all wrong. Since when the viper weights 2 tons? Are you really sure that the 4200 GT will beat it? Not only in 0-60(Which is not very improtant) but also in skidpad, laterall g's, wide corners, 90° corners, blind ones, even in the chicanes the viper is faster(Not alot, but it is). And one big hole-in-the-ass-new, your maser weights way more than a viper.

    And even of that, I'll take the Maserati instead of any viper, but your discriminative form to judge, makes me to shut your mouth off.
  5. Viper weights 1.8 tons, Maserati 1.5 by Top Gear Magazine, nuff said I think
  6. The westfield xtr2 would smoke all three cars and costs about 30k. Of course you sacrifice any semblance of creatue comfort but thats not what we're discussing.
  7. the statement about the times is to show a relative figure about how fast a car is, a figure we can all understand and comprehend, a lot of us have not physicaly driven a viper or maserati and therefore have no concept about how fast one truly is

    to correct you on how much a viper and maserati weigh. maybe you have been reading the wrong magazine because a maserati weighs almost 4000 lbs according to "car and driver" or "motortrend" or "road and track", surely not all of these magazines have the wrong statistics. are we both talking about the brand new maserati 4200 gt with a 4.2 liter twin cammed engine and roughly 385 hp and 333 ft/lb of torque?
    the same credible sources say a viper weighs just over 3000 lbs that is 1.5 tons for the viper and 2 tons for the maserati.

  8. fact. a maserati corners on a skidpad at around .9-.93 g depending on you source.
    fact. a viper corners on a skidpad at around 1.03-1.10 depending on if you get it on how good of a driver you have

    i understand that real sport cars determine how fast they are on the track but since a viper is made to be fast only and a maserati is made to be fast and comfortable and very classy, i think it is only reasonable to assume even if you didnt know the statistics, that a viper would beat a maserati.

    comparing a viper and a maserati is like comparing a cadillac sts and a mustang. sure they are both have power and are both fast in their own spectrum, but you can just look at a stang and tell it is faster because that is its only purpose.

    you list is still wrong at least once because i remeber a porsche turbo being on it and a porsche costs 14k over 100k.

    dont call me an idiot just cause you are wrong

    once again you let you bised opinion on which cars you like inflate the performance of the cars. just because you dont like a viper doesnt mean it is slow.

    i dont like the viper at all, i think it is a primitive and low tech piece of machinery. id rather have a porsche. but it is still fast even if it does need 8.3 liters to get 500 horspower.
  9. Yeah yeah, whatever, the objetive of saying that the list was all wrong is because we're not discussing about the viper just to begin, and then, more than a half of the list is ALL wrong. Of coures the westfield would rape all of them in acceleration, and good handling also.
  10. Nuff said!! Hear, Hear!!!!!

    If that says Top Gear mag, it must be writed by ignorant people like you. NUFF SAID I THINK!!
  11. It's written by the BBC, but I'm sure you know more than the professionals <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  12. You're the ignorant one. Can't you spell 'written'?
  13. It wasn't supposed to be "written", Mr. "Jaluchi".
  14. i would take the ferrari over both the porsche and the viper. I think that when it comes down to it, the ferrari is STOCK like this from the factory(only three exist currently tho) and its all motor. The Porsche is a great car with excellent handling, dont get me wrong, but i just think the Ferrari looks better, sounds better, and has better reliability. Also, i hate most chevys, but the C5-R's will kick the Vipers ass, with a smaller motor. Think about it this way, does it sound better to say "I drive a Porsche", or " I drive a Ferrari". As several morons have said so elegantly before....."Nuff Said".
  15. POOR HANDLING!?!?!??!!? your an idiot, hows 1.04g's on the skidpad sound? and 69.6mph through the slolam, you gotta know the facts buddy or keep your mouth shut.

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