Re: Why r they discontinuing these?

Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Camaro SS 35th Anniversary' started by cobra R, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. there being discontinued because the mustang is kickin the #$%# out of it in sales and GM need to do HEAPS of changes to at least be competitive where it counts, and thats the sales.<!-- Signature -->
  2. they're being discontinued fr a while but they'll be back...and when they are they'll be sweeter than ever.<!-- Signature -->
  3. "They are being killed because. They are ugly, no marketing, impractical, very large, bad MPG, too many piece of shit old ones driving around."

    -They're not ugly; in fact they look much nicer than the current Mustang Gt's and Lx's. Besides, it's a matter of opinion.
    -Marketing: I guess that's true.
    -Impractical? Says who? Bad in snow, perhaps, but it's no Ferrari that has to be taken care of and watched. It's not the most comfortable car, but when people buy cars, they don't say "Hmmm. Should I go for the Mercedes S600 or the Camaro SS? Tough decision."? NO!
    -Very large? Compared to a civic, maybe, but apples vs oranges... I guess SUVs are a much more reasonable size.
    -Bad MPG? 19/28 is way out of the question. I'd rather have the by-far superior 20/28 MPG of the S2000 with it's 250 hp, 153ft-lbs instead of the 325 hp, 340 ft-lbs of the Camaro. What are those stupid Americans thinking?
    -What the hell do piece of shit old ones driving around have to do with it? First of all, I don't see many, if any, piece of shit old ones. And if there are too many old Taurus's on the road, they're gonna discontinue those too? Funny reasoning.<!-- Signature -->
  4. I do realise that looks is a matter of opinion, but the most popular opinion I've heard is unattractive.

    With the older shit box camaro comment I am Just saying that, It hurts their image. Yes the educated, older buyer knows that at one point that car was good, and has nothing to do with a 2000 model. But many cant see the distinction between one generation and the next, feeling that the older beaten up car is an extension of the new ones.

    Some people see an old wroten out 87 Camaro with mismatched rims and blue fumes poring out the back and say, "You know if that is what the Camaro is about, I dont want any."

    Maybe I just live in the burnt out Camaro/Firebird/transam capital of the planet, or I am demented an notice every Camaro/Firebird/transam out there that is in ruff shape but I see hundredes of them and frankly, that is what kept me from looking at one when on the market.

    Note: It does speak well for their reliability for sure. Nobody seems able to kill them.<!-- Signature -->
  5. I see your point, I really do, but I don't see too many old beat up Camaros on the road. And if there are, then, while being harmful towards it's current image, it's a good thing because it proves that they're not easy to kill, like you just said.<!-- Signature -->
  6. Why r they discontinuing these?

    The camaro was like the first awesome sports cars that the US put out of detroit. They should keep making them. Case closed thes cars (firebird, camaro, and trans am) are the best cars that have been ever made. They are a good price, can kick japanese ass, and have solid american engines that can be serviced right in North America. Find any car for the same price and this car could beat it.
  7. The insurance on them is too high. Even the 3800 has low sales now because of the insurance rates. It has something to do with being front engine/RWD. Lots of people say the F-Body replacement will be FWD because of lower cost to the manufacturer and lower insurance cost to the consumer. This is based on things I've read/heard though, not written in stone. Even so its sad that so many "performance" cars are FWD now.<!-- Signature -->
  8. I think that it is more expensive to make a fwd car bec. the way the tranny has to sit and many other factors due to the drive wheels are also the wheels that turn.
  9. well i know they are only discontinuing it until 2004 when the new anmd improved model will come out and it will come standard with the ls1 eng. from what i have heard
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  10. All I gotta say is: "Chevy can kiss my #$%#in' ass if they kill off the Camaro"

    (Plain and simple...)<!-- Signature -->
  11. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from RealFox</i>
    <b>All I gotta say is: "Chevy can kiss my #$%#in' ass if they kill off the Camaro"

    (Plain and simple...)</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Hey, that sounds like a good motto for my signature<IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  12. they say that many people are starting to like trucks more than cars, so the sales of thr camaro and the firebird have gone down, personally i don't see the deal about trucks, sure they look nice when there lowered, but i would take an SS over one anyday. but, really i think they just need a bit of time to bring it back, and if they do bring it back, WATCH OUT PEOPLE, it will be crazy.
  13. They are being killed because. They are ugly, no marketing, impractical, very large, bad MPG, too many piece of shit old ones driving around.

    It is a shame because they do have impressive performance, I will say that. But when people think of one they think of either mid-life-crisis or the guy down the street with a skullet and 3 teeth in the 87 Camaro rust bucket with the confederat flag in the back.

    If Chevy brings it back in 10-15 years they will sell huge, but right now people are tired of seeing them.

    Trucks give you the muscle look, and feel with a whole lot of practicality, minus the performance, but you can change that. Domestic trucks anyway, maybe Toyota to.

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  14. The Camaro yes the Trans Am no a Trans Am looks amazing and is much more clasy then a camaro
  15. they are being discontinued due to the fact they can't compete the mustang out sells all f-bodys more than 3 to 1, the engine is getting outdated, i would not be suprised to see these cars as fwd, look hoe GM scrwed other name plates, the malibu, and impalla. But a bit of good news the GM subsitiary(sp?) Holden who makes 2 door rwd v8 cars may bring some over and it looks like they will be brought over as the GTO, diffrent name but same spirit. I am a FORD man but even i am sad to see this car go<!-- Signature -->
  16. BLUPNY!!!

    Again, goes to show Ford children don't know up from down!!!

    You say the engine is outdated? This engine is newer than the Mustang engine. The LS1 came out in late 1997 for the Vette, then all 8 cyl Camaro's and Vettes got this engine. From 1993 to 1997, all Camaro's got the LT1 engine.
    The LS1 is the most sophisticated 8 cyl pushrod\cam engine in the WORLD
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  17. Like it or not they do have great engines. But lots of people don't like the way they look. Me, I think that a ss painted in burnt orange is sweet, but most people don't think like me. Also price, $32,000 is alot of money. Even the z28s cost around $27,000.

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