Re: WRONG!!!!!!!!!! 9.2 seconds my Ass!

Discussion in '1982 Mitsubishi Starion Turbo' started by NISMOMAN, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Ur so wrong....

    I Own a 98 Eclipse GSX-T And I get above 160....
  2. I thought cars like eclipses and epecially the new one were goverened aroud 124 or 117 or something.
  3. I owned a '95 Eagle Talon AWD(same as Eclipse GS-X). Stock 210hp, 210ft lbs of torque, 0-60 in 6.6 seconds, and I personally hade it at 130 mph before it wouldn't accelerate any more, (I was at 4000 ft elevation) but I have talked to people who have had them above 140. I beat a 69 Camero SS, a Mid 80's Mustang GT, a 3000GT SL and plenty of others. Granted all of these races were in town, so none of them got to top speeds. I am primarily an auto crosser so I can personally vouch for how this car handles (it's not a tricked out Colt).
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    I own one of these cars and i love it. actually the top speed on the starions is one 137mph I got the info from if you want to check it out for yourself.
  5. sorry the site is
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  7. HNDAKLLR im not doub'ting what you said
    im sure your car was governed because your engine
    can reach about 160 mabe its the arodynamics vs hp that holding you back or you may need a turbo or supercharger. to get it up their but the eclipse's engine is know as an engine that peaks out at 160

    but to me it will always be a tricked out colt
    I can't help it but the egg shaped eclipse will always be a colt to me.
    it's in the bloodlines. the new eclipse could be better, I don't know have never driven one
    but my old ladies 95 mustang GT got smoke by one, so they can't be all that bad.
    however I have driven a few of the egg shape one's. the Turbo did impress me but it felt more like a death trap I swear you can't give me that car. For starters its too light and the visibility sucks. in order for you to understand what I mean you would have to drive a Starquest or a 3000 GT.. I will give the GSX-T this much, it feels much better than its siblings thanks to its turbo, larger tire footprints and four-wheel-drive, its definitely much better than a colt. but without that you'd be back in colt city :)

  8. the eclipse GS-t and GSX-t can both get up to 160 with a "computer mod" as the dsm guys call it...

    hey you go on if ya do...hit me screen name is vengeance484


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