Re: yo call this ferrari killer!!!!!!!!!! you are stupd man

Discussion in '1980 BMW M1' started by 300 TURBO, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. yo call this ferrari killer!!!!!!!!!! you are stupd man
  2. Yes, it is a Ferrari killer! How about you check out the specs on the Ferrari 308 GTB, the BMW M1's contemporary. 0-60 in 9.4! Top speed 132 mph! I'd say the M1 kills it quite dead!

    BTW, learn to spell!
  3. It is a ferrari killer of that era...awesome vehicle<!-- Signature -->
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    And you say the 300 Z was a BMW killer? hahaha!
    BTW, stupid, stupid is spelled S-T-U-P-I-D<!-- Signature -->
  5. During this era of the performance world, the 1980 M1 had the its ferrari competitor on ice in terms of both acceleration and high end top speed.
  6. How can you the $115,000 1980 BMW M1 is being compared to the $30,000 1978 Ferrari 308 GTB. It should be compared to the $85,000 1981 Ferrari 512BBi which is still cheaper car & Road & Track at the time
    call the Ferrari 512BBi the best sports & gt car they had ever tested.

    1980 BMW M1 1981 512BBi
    0-60 6.2 sec 5.5 sec
    0-100 15.1 sec 13.2 sec
    Top Speed 162 mph 188 mph

    Of course it just like BMW lovers to always compared the Fastest BMW with the slowest Ferrari.
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    in response to a post by yank. i did some research on the original list price of the m1 and the ferrari 512bbi and found your numbers to be incorect. the original list of the m1 was around 60,000 while the 512bbi was at 120,000. i think you got your numbers from this site which is always a mistake. the 115,000 for the m1 is the price that this car sells for now. if you look after the 115,000 it has the letters USD meaning used. it would make sense to anyone who knows about cars that the 6 cylinder m1 would be 60,000 while the 12 cylinder ferrari would be 120,000. aslo the 0-60 numbers on the m1 are wrong as many other sites list it at 5.6 not 6.2. the 512bbi has a 0-60 of 5.3. that would make the 6 cylinder 60,000 m1 a very comparable (but not a killer) competitor to the v12 120,000 ferrari at half the price. before you post you should probably do some research on the cars that you are talking about and not go by the numbers shown on this site which are more often than not wrong. and if you see USD in a cars price that means used and it is not the original list price.

    below is a link to a site that sells classic cars and it show the original list price for the m1 at 60,000.
  8. I got my the prices from an old Road & Track book (Road & Track On Ferrari 1975-1981). They have list price on the BMW M1 at $115,000 & the Ferrari is listed at $85,000. I know the performance numbers on the 512BBi on this site are wrong, some how the performance numbers for the 1981 Ferrari 512BBi ended up being with the 1976 Ferrari 512BB.
  9. yank, your probably right. i trust road and track and the original list price i found may have been the original selling price the owner at the current ime wanted to sell it for. my mistake, sorry. by the way does anyone know what USD stands for. does it mean used or something else. im not too bright and they call me rainman back in the states. by the way i love bmw but id take the ferrari over the m1 anyday. magnum rules.
  10. USD means United States Dollars. It's the currency we use in America. It's an honest mistake I guess. You seem like a nice guy, otherwise I would just wail on you like I do to all the people on Supercars. But for some reason I can't be mean to you Geese. Just you just too nice I suppose. I mean you even appologized for being wrong. Such politeness as you have displayed is unprecedented at Supercars. I applaud you.
  11. im not completely stupid. the reason i come to this site and post replies is so i can get information or knowledge on something i was lacking beforehand. i will admit when im wrong and am not afraid to and i actually like being wrong because i always try to learn something in doing so. i am not a company lover(ig: ford, bmw, ferrari) rather i love cars and if a certain company makes a certain car that fits me i will repond to that car. my personal favorites are the bmw m3 and m5 which combine overall luxury and performance features. i dont mind a good ribbing from time to time on these forums whem im wrong or seem ignorant, but paul i applaude you for not doing so, as i seem to tune out when someone is just hacking at me rather than trying to provide me with information. damn usd=united states dollars, i should have seen that and i feel stupid.
  12. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Ahnuc Onun</i>
    <b>Yes, it is a Ferrari killer! How about you check out the specs on the Ferrari 308 GTB, the BMW M1's contemporary. 0-60 in 9.4! Top speed 132 mph! I'd say the M1 kills it quite dead!

    BTW, learn to spell!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Umm, I think that the site says 161 mph. tsk, tsk, read closer next time.<!-- Signature -->
  13. M1= 0-100km/h 5.6sec
    top speed: 266km/h
  14. yep... ferrari killer
  15. are an idiot.

    I don't feel like going into this too deeply but read up on what " Yank " explained a few posts up and find just how wrong and idiotic
    you really are.

    Btw , this is the best 'Delorean ' BMW ever created,lol
    Ferrari Killer ,pifft.
  16. its bloody ugly tho! specially the UK spec cars, the license plate (as u yanks call it) is offset n it looks crap! but i think thats y i like it...cuz its different

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