Re: ZR1's OWN ZO6's

Discussion in '1993 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe ZR1' started by fast furious, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. ZR1's OWN ZO6's

    its tru, you all know it
  2. no they don't. the only thing it has which z06 doesnt is a quad cam head. z06 looks better IMO, handles better, brakes better, is faster and cheaper too.
    This is a tre classic none the less. But Z06 is the true king of the modern vettes.<!-- Signature -->
  3. im gonna have to agree with tickford on this one z06 is the king of modern vettes casue i dont think 9 years old counts and modern
  4. I give those Z06 Corvettes a pretty
    good run for their money.<!-- Signature -->
  5. The Z06 is better in pretty much every way.
  6. I can't say i like the looks of the Z06 inside or out much. The outside looks like a C4, NSX and RX7 had an orgy, the C4 got pregnet and the C5 came out. The interior looks like a verry american screw up but, i can live with it in black. all they really need to do is change the seats they look so cheep. I prefer the 90 to 96 interior. they really screwed up in 97. maby the C6 will be better.
  7. the zr1 is far more than the z06 in terms of performances, i mean in topspeed and in quarter mile times.
  8. Ive seen those to compared on track here in atlanta the ZO6 beat the ZR-1 by a gap of 2.4 seconds
  9. ZR1s are great, their ownly problem is they are more than 200 pounds heavier than the Z06.
  10. zr1 kills the z06 facts prove it
  11. Agreed! but I don't think it would "kill" the ZO6, maybe just leaves it limping <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  12. what is the top speed of a z06 280 kph and what is the top speed of the zr1 292 kph for me it is more than clear the zr1 smokes the z06.
  13. Yeah, I guess in top speed it would kill it good. ZO6:171 MPH ZR-1 180 MPH
  14. and in quarter mile times too
    zr1: 12,1 sec
    z06: 13 sec
  15. i couldn't have said it any better
  16. well the engine of the z06 hasn't the same technology as zr1 engine so it can't be compared.
  17. I'll make it short and simple, the Z06 is better, cheaper, and nicer.
  18. not for me the zr1 lotus engine is better engineered and better built than the z06 vette engine.
  19. You may be a Dodge fan, but your a f**cking idiot! The Z06 kills the ZR1 by 1 whole second in 0-60, its almost 10 years newer and it definitely will have more technology inside of it than the ZR1. Obviously there going to make it better than the ones that came before it, or else they wouldn't get anywhere by todays standards.
    The FACTS are that the Z06 kills the ZR1 anyday anywhere compare the two cars and tell me that the ZR1 is not better than the Z06.
  20. first of all, small kid, i never insulted ya, so be polite with me! second if the z06 was so superior to the zr1 why is it top speed only 178mph? Can ya explain me that? An other fact is that the z06 's engine is a basic modified ls1 engine as compared to the zr1 's engine which is unique. Don't ya agree?
  21. i love this car
  22. The Corvette Z06 is lighter and stiffer than the C4 ZR-1 with roughly the same power and torque. It can consistently get mid and high 12's and 0-100 under 10 seconds, while you'd be lucky to get low 10's with the ZR-1.

    I'm not one to say what car is "superior" than what, but you should get facts before you try and make an opinion.
  23. I'm sorry, but I would rather have a ZR1 than a ZO6 mainly because the ZR1 is a limited production vehicle. I have a 1990 ZR1 that I just turned over 10k. I took it to the dragstrip and ran a consistant 12.6 with a different exhaust. Would a ZO6 outrun me? It's all the driver when its that close..
  24. I don't understand your reasoning. Because the Z06 has ONLY 178 mph top speed it is poorly engineered? There is more than top speed to a car. Wow, a jet car can do mach 1 it must be the best car in the world. The Z06 and Zr-1 have close acceleration, with the z06 slightly quicker. The Zr-1 tops it in top speed but the Z06 will easily outhandle the Zr-1.

    Yes, the LS6 engine uses a diffent cam, intake plenum, and has slightly different heads. It uses the basic gen 3 chevy small block design that is common to the vortec series found in pickup trucks. While it isn't unique, it is still spectacular. A bore and stroke can give 490 HP to the wheels on stock compression. I have seen high compression strokers running at over 710 Hp. The Ls1 platform is easily tunable and is dead simple. The unique, amazingly engineered LT5 engine is a little more difficult to tune. It takes a lot of work to do major upgrades on the engine.
  25. 178 mph, 181 mph, who gives a f*ck? Either way you look at it, it's still god d*mn fast.

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