real specs.

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  1. ACCELERATION (Seconds)
    Zero to 30 mph: 1.6
    40 mph: 2.1
    50 mph: 2.6
    60 mph: 3.3
    70 mph: 4.4
    80 mph: 5.1
    90 mph: 6.1
    100 mph: 7.6
    110 mph: 8.8
    120 mph: 10.2
    130 mph: 12.4
    Top-gear acceleration, 30–50 mph: 4.7
    Standing 1/4-mile: 11.6 sec @ 126 mph
    Top speed (redline limited, mfr’s est): 223 mph
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    Thanks for that. i remember reading the Road and track with this in it, and they blew away the times posted here. But the info never seems that accurate here anyway
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    Isnt there a limiter put on it to reduce it from 650 hp to 550 hp to make it street legal
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    I think i read that in motor trend in september 2003 ish, it was the american muscle edition with the vette viper and mustang
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    ALSOME CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    real specs.

    Wow, this just barely beats my 4 door family sedan E55 AMG, which at the track, using Nitto tires, I clocked in an 11.7, I had half tank of fuel, and its bout it... pretty sad...
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    this would eat your car at the track although you hve damn nice car i have to say.
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    LOL. Thanks a lot, and I mean that. True it would eat ym car, but Im pretty sure I could keep up with it.
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    Thanks for the info.
    it's farirly accurate for this websight
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    curb weight 2,750 pounds
    weight distribution 40% 60%
    fuel capasity 19 US gal.
    horsepower 550
    torque 525 ft.-lbs @ 4000 rpm
    redline 7,000 rpm
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    how much is the jaguire xk180 going for?
  12. Motor Trend tested a S7 and it did the 1/4 mile in 11.4 seconds.
  13. it actually weighs 2,840 pounds and its Tourque is 520 ft.-lbs @ 4000 rpm.
  14. WRONG none of your figures were ever made, the ones posted are actual tested times. Mabey you are thinking S7tt
  15. it's impossible. this car cannot reach 200 mph..
    it's more like 177 mph..

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