Reasons why HSV's are so crap

Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 SV300' started by HSVnot4ME, Nov 13, 2002.

  1. HSV's are crap because.

    1. Made by GM

    2. Crap quality of make (experienced first hand this crap quality)

    3. Bad Power to weight ratio

    4. Old chevy engine (apart from hrt 427)_...

    anything else ???
  2. Re: Reasons why HSV's are so crap

    They look shit (big and heavy looking)

    The interiro is cheap and shit

    Quality of the car is down the toilet

    They arent really that fast, people just think so cause they have gay 5.6lt.

    They dont compare to any European or Japanses performance cars.

    They are really just a family car with a large engine!
  3. Re: Reasons why HSV's are so crap

    What part of the quality in HSV's do you find lacking, please explain as I've never come across any Holdens or HSV's that have bad quality.
    Despite the chevy engine being old, there is nothing wrong with it, and has a lot of potential for high hp.
  4. Re: Reasons why HSV's are so crap

    Please explain what part of HSV's quality is down the toilet, and no, work this one out for yourself and don't post what that other retard posts, and given these cars do 13 second qtr miles from the factory and some weigh upto 1700kg, that is respectively fast.

    HSV is no more a family car than a damm lancer being mums shopping car with a turbo.
  5. Re: Reasons why HSV's are so crap

    I have been a victim of holdens shite quality. I have a v* commie SS, within 3 months of getting it the interior started to fall apart. Within another 6 months the inside of the rear door had fallen off exposing the metal shell. Now is that a sign of Quality, i think not.
  6. Re: Reasons why HSV's are so crap

    Ok sorri 6.7lt, basically my dad ownes a VX Berlina they arent too bad for comfort but within 2 months the brakes needed to be fixed i dont actually know why sorri, also my mate had a HSV Senator Signiture and the boot needed to be realligned, also have you ever watched the news wen they do a feature on Holdends any they show the assemble lines? well take a close look at the bogans that put the cars together and the way in which its done.
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    Oh well please find out what was wrong with your Berlina's brakes, I'm interested to know. How the hell does a boot need to be realigned? They don't just move by themselves.

    And quit the assembly line bullshit, I'd like to see you organise the system better.
  8. Re: Reasons why HSV's are so crap

    I think you'll need to find more than one case of poor quality, before you badmouth a whole company. I mean if I were to apply your logic all Holdens would be perfect as my car doesnt have any problems. Catch my drift?
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    i have to go with holden nut on this i don't like the cars as much as some cars, but they're better than you're saying. power-weight on HSV, their's plenty worse. take a look at every other family car on the market, (cos that's what they are,) you'll see that only european would upstage them. the new M5 getting a V10, and the supercharged V8 in the AMG E55, should be better power, yes i mean supercharging an engine to get it to 500hp isn't a crime, but hsv have doen that to, HSV sent a GTS sedan i believe to europe with a supercharger, 500hp. the new m5 will get 500hp (i'm using america's shitty hp because kw is .blah blah)

    and they need to use the s/cer and the V10, BMW had to get a V10 engine to get high power as mercedes did with the superchrager on their V8, but yes. HSV did that too. how the hell are they such bad power to weight??
  10. Re: Reasons why HSV's are so crap

    ok first of all i said that...... they are up their with the best, not the best of the largeer family cars. they aren't as good as the top european cars, but i was pointing out that they are not far behind. the supercharged GTS does 0 - 100 in under 5 seconds aswell, but i think it's not quite as quick as the merc. and the M5 with the new V10 will be quicker than both IMO.

    to add another point look at the dominance of the HSV hrt 427... also to add that it was said to be slightly detuned to have a better chance at lasting the 24 hour race. And yes they've sold soem now. you have to seel at least 8 cars or something to get into that race.
    of course the HSV had a huge advantage being an australian car with australian drivers who were experienced at the austrlian track, but you still have to admit it's a damn good car.
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    Ok i found out wat happen to the brakes, they needed to be re-machined after 19 000k's, as for the boot why dont u ask holden or HSV that same question. as for 13second quaters i belive the R33 did a 8 second quater here in Australia and, donnt give me this stock crap becuase its unfiar to compare a stock Skyline as they have all the restrictions on them. Besides id like to know of any modified holden that can do a 8 second quater.
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    Every company has problems with their cars occasionally, even bentley have problems. Its not a sign that the cars are of poor quality but a bit of bad luck that you bought one with a few problems. They make thousands of commodores every year and very few would have problems, but obviously it is annoying when you get of those with problems
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    For one, cylinders don't give you the power - it is the displacement.
    The new M5 should be displacing 5.5ltrs with a N/A tuned V10 cranking out a whopping 500bhp; that's 90bhp/litre.
    The bigger displacement LS1 engine only puts out 400bhp due to poor technology like 2valves per cylinder and pushrods instead of OHC's.
    The current E55 uses a Kompressor to get low emissions, due to a superchargers ability to drastically increase torque and power Mercedes can attach a low emission exhaust system which creates a back pressure hence loses horses - which is not a problem because the amount of extra horses a Kompressor gives you.
    The Mercedes E55AMG is a LEV (Low Emission Vehicle) whereas the HSV isn't.
    The new E55AMG has 89bhp/litre.
    The HSV GTS-300 has 70bhp/litre.
    By the way the new M5 will be n/a, where did you get supercharged?
    HSV don't make vehicles to compete with the euro elite.
    Besides, the new BA falcon range is vastly superior to the current VY Holden/HSV line up.
    By the way the 427cu 7.0ltr engine is old and has around 77bhp/litre, I wouldn't touch HSV with options like Mercedes and BMW.
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    Sorry to tell you but Bentley do make bad cars.
    They only tow there cars at night so people don't see how poorly made they are.
    They large price tag attracts stupid ostentatious buyers who "think" they are getting something special.

    I didn't see the race with the HRT 427 but I am guessing all the other drivers were not as good with little or no international recognition.
    I honestly doubt and HSV can come from nowhere and compete with a Porsche.
    Put somebody competent behind the wheel of the Porsche and you will see different results.
    The C5-R doesn't do damage to top European manufacturers so why would the HRT 427?
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    David Brabham not good enough for you? There were good international drivers as well as some of the best Australian drivers such as Jim Richards, John Bowe, Brad Jones along with the Monaro drivers.
    There is no reason for the HSV to not be able to come out of nowhere and be competitive. If you have ever seen v8supercars, HRT makes very fast race cars so with the c5-R engine in it, it was always gonna be competitive if it could last 24 hours
  16. Re: Reasons why HSV's are so crap

    Actually there were V8 supercar drivers in some of the other cars just like there were in the Monaro. And the Porsche wouldnt have a chance around the track of winning anyway, despite it being able to handle better the torque from the Monaro just pulled it infront of the rest.

    I remember after having the safety car infront of the Monaro pull into the pits, the Monaro shot off and the other cars were out of sight within half a lap.
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    Aint Porches best? What do you mean by that?
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    ok and i said that they didn't have it u pwith the european cars. and i also mentioned the 500hp hsv selling in europe you seem to have forgotten that....
    supercharged was for the amg e55 if you can't understand what i've written.

    tell me what's going to have the advantage, 5.5 litre V8 or 5.5 litre V10??

    i never said that they were beter i said they are not crap because they do a damn good job at what they do. of course they're not perfect
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    i was at pukokowe ( idntknow how to spell it) and i was sitten at the edge of the back straight on the hair pin... this was 10th november for da v8s and they where racen and in the mixed cup they had v8 monaro and a gt2... now this gt2 did rip it down the straight but when it came to pullen out of the corners the monaro didnt kill it but it had the uppper hand.. torqu does have a factor in a cars performance... hp doesnt mean jack if u got no nm!
  20. Re: Reasons why HSV's are so crap

    what does hp actually do?
    I mean say you have 2 cars, both have 500nm or torque but, 1 has 300hp and the other 400hp...the car with 400hp
    will do...(what)...better??
  21. Re:

    well hp is the power and torque is the force. though i'm not too sure about it, hp does have input into your car, though a lot of torque is very handy when it comes into acceleration. but even if the 300hp car had a bit more torque, the 400hp would hold the advantage.

    My car has more torque than a new exec holden, but a lot less power, the only reason why it's remotely as quick is because my car's only 1400kg. But it's slower. (It has 105kw 315Nm) (newer base Commodores 152kW 305Nm)
  22. Re: Re:

    Age of the car makes a big difference aswell too. Apparently VN V6 auto's when new did 15 second qtr miles, Street Commodores are doing up one of these cars with 250,000km on the clock, and standard it did 16.5 or so...and they intend on making it an 11 second car :-D.
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    If it were a GT3 that explains it, the 7ltr Monaro wouldn't have a chance against the GT2.
    Considering that Porsche has just over half the engine capacity they should be aloud forced induction.
    A N/A. 7.0ltr against a N/A 3.6ltr just isn't fair; there is no two ways about it.
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    not really as a stock skyline does the 1/4 mile quicker than a HSV even though GTRs r detuned 2 206kw and d damn HSVs got something like 330kw. If u compare HSVs 2 other cars with less power for example the mustang cobra, the mustang would rip it in acceleration and top speed despite having an inferior power output and a smaller v8. And what if they weigh up 2 1700kg thats ur problem 2 deal with. HSVs still come with cassette players and still weigh weigh a damn lot.
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    Cylinders don’t mean more power!
    Lets look at BMW and TVR, both excellent N/A tuners.
    The TVR Tuscan Speed VI is a 4.0ltr 4valve per cylinder Inline 6 with 270kw of power.
    The BMW 540i is a 4ltr 4valve per cylinder V8 with only 210kw.

    The BMW with 2 more cylinders, the same displacement has 60kw less than the TVR, which is an Inline 6.
    Displacement is only where power comes from!
    The 5.5ltr V8 and the 5.5ltr V10 will have more power depending on the desires of their tuners, not the fact of having more cylinders; as the TVR and BMW example has proven.

    I don't see why people complain about $190,000 M5s and E55AMGs when in Germany the GTS, due to tariffs, is about the same price.
    The people in Germany are better of though, because they get the better cars without tariffs.

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