Reasons why HSV's are so crap

Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 SV300' started by HSVnot4ME, Nov 13, 2002.

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    hmmm... considering that htere are only two models of jap cars that I like how can I be "bending over for the japs". I also think that other ppl in here would also like the jap cars that i like ie. EVO's and Skylines. Anything else jap and its crap. Yes, please do give this bending over thing a rest. And if you look at my reasoning behind my last post, you would see that it does make sence and that it the conclusions that i came to are not moronic. If you had any idea about how the economy works and why tariffs increase the price of good cars like BMW's and Mercs. These statments that I have made time and time again have not just been pulled out of my arse. There is more than a century of theory behind my statments and to say that they are moronics is quite moronic in itself.
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    if you want more confirmation that HSV's are crap read the current issue of Wheels

    Apparently Holden thinks using 2.5 litres of oil per 10 000 KM is normal....
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    Oh look, another mindless post.

    Yes, wheel also quoted 2% and a massive 3 unhappy owners...thats right people! Not 1, not 2 but 3...out of 67,000 LS1's in the country...

    Peter Dichieria said that "of course its going to use oil - especially with the way people drive them"

    Police - No dramas whatsoever with the exception of a transmission and crank angle sensor.
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    2% is 1340 cars that have been afflicted, which is pretty high, also those figures were released by holden, so there could have been thousands of other problems for all we know
    as for the cops, it just shows how sh!t the old holden v8 was.

    if this so called 'high performance' engine uses oil, why do many japanese and european engines deliver equivalent or better performance while using negligible amounts of oil.

    if a magazine has written two articles about the quality of a car over the past 2 years, i don't think that reflects well on the car, especially if they haven't raised any issues about any other car

    if you can find some evidence to show japanese cars are, in fact, poor quality, then i will start to take some notice of your ridiculous posts
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    1340 may sound like a lot, but its still only 2%, which puts things into perspective, which isnt that many at all. There is nothing sh!t about the old Holden V8, our last car had a Holden V8 and we never had any problems with it.

    And for once get this through your head, I don't have any problems with Japanese cars quality wise, so do not even mention the topic to me again!
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    sorry that was mainly directed at that franksterGM moron
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    so you would not agree with me when i say that Australian quality build is not that good. Compared to imported cars i have noticed that the build quality is poor. If you have some evidence to proove me otherwise then u have no basis to call me a moron. And if you hadn't noticed that there is some logic behind my comments, but if you have forgotten then i will repeat it.

    Because there is a local car industry in Aust, the government has to protect it to keep GDP up and to keep the workers in the industry in jobs. They do this because if there were not tariffs on car imports then the locally made cars would not be able to compete with Japanese and Euro imports. This explains why euro cars are much more expensive than Holden and the like. Because of this protection there is less competition for the major local car makers such as holden. This means that they can afford to have a less quality car and spend less on R&D because they will be less likely to loose any sales to imports which are more expensive. Hense the lack of quality in Holdens and why they are much more cheaper than thir Euro counter parts. Now if you still think my logic is moronic that thats says a lot about you then.
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    Tall poppy syndrome dears

    anything Ausie that makes a mistake is canned in the press

    go and read up how many faults and recalls BMW and Honda have
    but the cliche of a badge cures all ills

    havent the M3 engine had a crankshaft fault?
    engines blowing

    doesnt stop some ppl drolling over M3's has it

    pornstar if u like Ginza taxis like them
    leave our car culture alone ok

    That economic theory lesson is all well and good if u wanna join the Democrats or International Socialists.

    We dont nmake much in this country anymore, u want to lose our car industry too?, not only the car industry its the component manufacturers too.

    ok so maybe we cant compate with the a grade Germans, but improving all the time
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    its called comparative advantage. I'm not going to waste my time nemore explaining this shit so if u wanna know what it is then look it up. And you odviously don't know your parties very well do you. Last time i looked Liberal stood for capitalist and Labour socialist. Now if i'm not mistaken these are more right wing comments.
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    Spare us the text book theory ok

    not everything is as cut and dried as u say
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    So what do you think would happen to the Aust car industry if tariffs on car imports were to be lifted and the free trade agreements that are being discussed between Japan and Aust and also US and Aust. The car industry here would be screwed unless they pulled their fingers out and started making cars to compete with better o/s brands. This so called Text book theory called comparative advantage has been implemented in many countries and has been seen to bring countries out of poverty. Singapore rings a bell. They used to be very poor 30 years ago, now look at them. The opportunity cost of them making products like cars is too high so they import carsr and export products with a low opportunity cost. This lead to a greater distribution of the countries resources and look at singapore now.
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    for F*cks sake

    do u ever listen?

    even if we do get free trade agreements with Japan and america, the car makers have a bit of sway and will either get some level of protection or pack up and leave.

    You wont care if they leave because u dont care about our workers and culture, but I and a lot of people will.

    and BTW only a few overseas makers are better than the Ausie makers
    the list isnt that big
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    I think that there are many, many more cars better than Holden world wide:

    Fiat, Peugeot, Alfa Romea, Audi, BMW, Rover, MG, Merc, Lexus, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Saab, Lotus, Ferrari, Lambo, Porsche, TVR, Bentley, Maybach, Maserati, Renault,Volvo, Bugatti, Pagani ... need I go on
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    MG definetly arent
    Fiat arent
    Renault arent
    some BMW arent
    Rover arent

    The koreans arent
    some of the Jap manufacturers arent

    That eurotrash attitude doesnt hold sway anymore

    who cares whos better and whos not
    You arent going to change a Holden lovers mind

    so enjoy what ulike

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    MG make some very nice cars, Fiat make some good cars and also owns ferrari, Renault make one or two good cars and WTF r u talking about BMW making some shit ones, the only shit BMW that i have seen are the Z3 and the X5 and Rover are classed as a Luxury car and make better quality cars that holden.

    Need i remind you that you brought up the point that most o/s car makers aren't as good as holden. I you may also realise that I didn't mention any korean or jap cars although the EVO and Skyline are very good cars.

    The euro trash attitude holds if the Euro cars are better make quality than holdens which is what i'm pointing out are most are.
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    Rover might be classed as luxury
    but that doesnt mean its a quality car

    its pommy shite
    gotten bad reviews from every reviewer
    with bad quality to boot
    same with MG

    to say they r better than the ausie makers is just being naive

    Fiat is a middle of the road brand
    in financial toruble now
    but hopefully then can recover

    Renault are just terrible
    the hyundai of Europe
    bad bad quality

    The BMW Z3 and the old model 3 series compact got bad reviews
    and working for BMW and doing the owner surveys on those models i can say the quality wasnt great either

    see your perceptions are wrong
    a Euro badge doesnt always mean better
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    not saying it doesn't however likewise having a jap badge doesn't always mean worse. EVO's and Skylines can win hands down against almost any holden, the EVO being a 4 cyl and the skyline being a 6 cyl
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    so what if they can?

    this is a board for holden fans

    not a board to compare holdens against cars they chouldnt be compared to
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    why shouldnt the japs be compared to the aussies?

    The Z3 is crap, but the X5 (especially is 4.6 form) is an awesome car, i know this because my brother owns one

    it handles well (better than any commodore i have ever sampled, this includes the GTS 300) goes well, and is practicle to boot

    Renault makes the Clio Sport, and the Clio sport V6, two excellent cars.

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    Your always going to get cars better than Holdens and Fords

    so what?

    if u like them drive them ok

    i only give it when ppl bag Ausie cars when they dont have to
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    well i dislike it when people bag jap cars because they have too much technology, are well built, reliable, have good performance and are 'r1ce burners'
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    Holden board here
    not a ric3r board

    u can like jap cars without saying
    ours suck major c0ck?

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    i wouldnt say aussie cars sucked cock, i would use a balanced and reasonoble argument, which you dont seem to be able to come up with
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    Actually u did say that
    so dont deny it moite

    u have yoru one eyed ric3r views

    i have my one eyed Ausie and American and some euro views

    u cant convert ppl
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    if i did say that, i meant most jap high performance cars, not r1cers etc, and can u please quote that?
    sorry for the exaggeration if i did say that

    i hate r1cers like civics etc,
    but love real jap performance cars, love euros, have a certain respect for the vette Z06, Viper, and crazy pick ups like the F650, and i think the XR6 Turbo has some definite potential, and a nice interior

    i am anything but one eyed

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