Reasons why HSV's are so crap

Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 SV300' started by HSVnot4ME, Nov 13, 2002.

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    you can't abuse people for their views without giving a 1/2 decent arguemnt
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    And u cant come and hang shite on a car brand that many people love without expecting a backlash

    Your opinion this and in your book that
    we dont care ok

    You cant convert ppl so knock it off

    so enjoy what u like and leave Holden and Ford alone
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    i am not hanging shite on holden, i am making perfectly legitimate criticisms, unlike your racist jap bashing

    as for leaving ford alone, who was it that praised the XR6 T? ME! so how am i not leaving ford alone

    and i am sure there are many more fans of GTR's and skylines than holdens
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    I bagged Jap cars
    said nothing about the people

    how does that make me a racist?

    Only legitimite in your eyes, in your book this and in your opinion that.

    all subjective

    Ive made some legitimate statements about japanese cars too

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    More fans of jap cars than holdens
    I wouldnt think so

    but there are a lot of ric3rs around

    but holden and Ford fans go back generations
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    Agreed, a good definition of a ric3r. A shite car like an excel or suzuki swift etc.

    EVO's and Skylines however are not ric3rs
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    u have bagged jap society in general with a variety of offensive and racist insults

    and what legitimate criticisms have u made about jap cars?

    and how many times do i have to say, i like jap cars but hate r1cers! do u listen to a thing i say?
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    I havent said one bad word about the jap ppl or jap culture

    My hate is towards the jap auto makers
    their culture of stealing designs and tech
    their market share at all costs mentality
    the cars they make

    what legitimate statements have u made about Ausie cars?
    its all in your book this and in your book that.
    my friends this or my relative that.

    the only legitimate thing i can remember u saying was the report on Wheels magazine, the rest is just Tojo propaganda.

    To me your a ric3r
    u own and like them
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    twin cams?
    boxer engines?
    4 wheel drive systems?

    all makers want market share of course

    but they dont put presure on governments to get rid of older cars like toyota did here

    they have no honour
    using Italian names for their cars
    thats an insult
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    do some research
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    no u do the research mate, u came up with the claim, so get some evidence

    and the 4WD systems on jap cars bear almost nothing in common with their european counterparts

    and they have developed

    Variable valve timing (VTec, VVTI)
    first full aluminium bodied car (honda NSX)
    luminescent dashboards (Lexus LS400)
    intelligent airbags (honda)

    just to name a few

    and what have australian makers ever developed?

    and if you want a maker that focusses more on sales than the cars look no further than holden
    their production volume is so large that the quality suffers badly as a result. also add most american makers to that list.
    and i can't remember you saying anything legitimate
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    Variable Valve Timing actually appeared in a BMW first as it was invented by BMW (not Honda.)
    Intelligent Airbags, if you mean multi-staged airbags was invented by Mercedes-Benz.
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    thanx for the corrections, sorry about the misinformation. damn honda websites
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    You were right about V-TEC being Honda designed, but the Variable Valve Timing mechanism and lift control were not Honda inventions.
    Honda only invented V-TEC which is a slightly different method of Variable Valve Timing.

    What Honda said is just like Toyota saying we invented VVT-i, which they did but it's not the first form of Variable Valve Timing, if you catch what I’m trying to say.

    It’s like Mr. Whippy saying I invented Chocolate chip ice-cream, but he didn’t actually invent ice-cream itself.
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    yeah it was a thing i found in an old honda press release, now exposed as bullshit
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    yeah whatever mate.
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    Hsv's are one of the best value for money performance cars you can buy. They cost a quarter of the price of Euro cars like Mercs, BMW's and theyr'e not far behind in performance and quality.

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    heard of jap imports?
    think about it you can buy a 2001 R34 GTR for 90 or so grand, and it will put the sh(t through an hsv, 4.6 0-100, and 12.5 quarters.
    you could also consider R33's and R32's
    also WRX STi..55 grand, and will put the sh*t through a clubbie, and a GTS with minor mods.
    toyta supra TT...30 - 60 grand, 0-100 in 5.5, 13.2 quarter, and able to support 900hp on the stock engine block.
    and if you want a 4 door family chaser for 40 grand, with 1JZ GTE engine, 0-100 in 6 flat, quarter in 13.8, easily modified, and handle better than an SS (not saying much really)

    and if you think hsv's are even close to euro cars in quality, go down to your friendly bmw or merc dealer and sit in one. Hsv's are so far behind its not funny. euro cars are expensive, but the technology, safety, engineering, engines and handling more than justifies the cost
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    WRX STi hardly rips the sh*t through a clubbie, or an SS for that matter. Not to mention the fact that the Clubbie or SS would soon pass the WRX due to having jack all top end.

    Who the hell really cares what happens if you mod the car. I don't know if you are aware of this but you can modify the LS1 too. I could buy an SV8 for 40K, work the crap out of it and kick your R34's ass to Japan and back, and not go anywhere near spending 90K.

    And if a twin turbo supra can only manage a 13.2 second quarter that is seriously a waste of turbo and money.

    The SV8 also matches the Toyta Chaser in performance, and is also easily modified.
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    Corners my friend corners...the first corner around and the STi will go straight past a Clubbie or SS....look at GTP racing

    The R34 would still beat an SV8 around any circuit you would care to name, modified or not. you could also beat it with an R32 or R33 for similiar money

    only 13.2 secs...only half a second quicker than any HSV, and will an LS1 support 900hp of boost reliably on a stock block?

    and seriously, the SV8 may match a Chaser in a straight line fight..but look at the technological difference...DOHC 24 valve turbo straight six with VVTi compared to a Pushrod 16 valve v8...double wishbone irs compared to semi trailing arms that opel ditched 20 years ago..5 speed auto compared to the 4 speed that one GM exucutive said some thing along the lines of 'why are they using that? thats a truck gearbox' the chaser doesn't eat oil either

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    Well from the little GTP racing that I have seen, it depends on the type of track as to whether an STi will beat a Clubbie or an SS. On the tighter twisty stuff they certainly dominate but on the wide open tracks they have a lot of difficulty keeping up. Also remember back to 1999 or 2000 I think it was where 2 HSV GTS's beat the AWD jap cars around bathurst in the wet.

    The HSV GTS has also recorded a 13.3 quarter mile, without the use of forced induction. I'm sure if it was turbocharged or twin turbo, beating 13.2 wouldnt be a problem. I am not sure as to how much power a stock LS1 block can handle because nothing too extreme has been attempted in Australia. I do know that the old 5L block holden used has well proven itself in terms of strength.

    There is nothing un-technological about using pushrods as opposed to DOHC. It does have its advantages over DOHC. For example, they are lighter, occupy less space, cheaper to design and build, easier to work on. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the 4 speed auto that Holden is using at the moment.

    Let me explain once again the oil issues with the LS1. I assume that you are aware of the low tension piston rings that the LS1 has to reduce friction. Well these rings need to be bedded into the bores during the run in period which will stop any oil consumption. This is done by driving the car hard - but not thrashing it. Do you remember when Wheels did an article on it and they asked the NSW highway patrol if they had any problems. Note how they said none at all...and I'm sure you know how Police cars are driven - flat out from day one.

    If there were a major design problem, it would effect each an every single LS1 on the road, not the 1-2% that seem to have the problem. For the record there are 4 LS1 powered cars in my street, 2 VX SS's (one of them is ours), a VU SS ute and a VY SS wagon, all of which have not experienced any problems whatsoever (our car has covered 50,000km, one of the other's has done 120,000km.
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    Good one mate, the HSV SV300 is $100,000 on road whereas the so called German equivalent (which is vastly superior) is $200,000 on road, so the HSV is half the price not quarter.

    The W211 E55AMG hits the 100km/h mark from standstill in 4.5 seconds as tested by Road and Track (50% fuel load and one 75kg adult male passenger.)
    The HSV SV300 will go from 0 – 100km/h in 5.8 seconds as tested by Wheels and Motor on numerous occasions (never have they dipped bellow 5.8s.)
    The new E60 545i is a 4.4ltr V8 with 245kw and 450nm of torque reaches 100km/h in 5.8s (official BMW claimed time) however we always see how BMW always underquote the potential of their cars for insurance reasons, so for only $50,000 more than the SV300 you can buy a more luxurious car with better performance, better fuel economy due to extensive use of aluminium and all around superior-ness.
    Here we have a car with a 1.3ltr smaller capacity absolutely kill a HSV; it isn’t even an M-variant, how embarrassing for Holden fans.
    The new E60 M5 will beat any HSV in reverse gear; just as Mercedes has done with its E55AMG and Audi with its RS6.

    HSV is far behind its European dominators in terms of everything really.
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    3 years ago is a long time...maybe the technology has just swamped the locals. also remember a GTR is a lot faster than an STI, so they would kick them if there were any in it (i believe they qualify for nations cup)

    what HSV GTS did 13.3? the quickest i have seen is a 13.6 in motor.

    there is one reason why practically every maker these days uses DOHC: it flows better. four valves will almost invariably flow better than 2

    even holden executives have admitted the 4 speed isnt the best box, and almost every review you read of holdens criticises it in some way, so there is no way you can say there is nothing wrong with it.

    if the oil problem wasn't significant, there wouldn't be so much documentation about it. as my mechanic commented, if any jap car uses more than about 100ml of oil in 10 000 km he will instantly know there is a problem. 1 - 2% is still a very high percentage for a problem like this. about 1-2 % of cars should have problems, not 1 - 2% having one particular problem.

    My previous 180SX did over 260 000km on it;s original SR20 without having to touch the rocker cover except when i swapped the cams. it never used a drop of oil. the most serious problem it ever had was a worn clutch, which i had dumped on numerous occasions, and so did, i assume, the previous japanese owner. this was a car that was 10 years old. if nissan could do it 10 years ago, why can't holden do it today?
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    Whether or not the German equivalents are vastly superior or not, they are not worth twice the money.

    Not only that, you could easily make a GTS as fast and option extra luxury features and still save on the German cars.

    The VY HSV GTS has recorded a best 0-100 of 5.3 seconds.

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    The HSV GTS that did 13.3 was achevied during PCOTY 2003, I believe it was Cameron McConville doing the testing.

    The reason why I say there is nothing wrong with it is because for one, we have 2 cars with this very box, and have had a 3rd car, and we have not experienced any of the criticuims that the reviews say. Secondly, when my transmission was being serviced I had a chat to the transmission mechanic about the box, mentioned the criticisms, and then laughed only to say its just as good as all the other boxes. And no it wasnt a Holden mechanic.

    Your so called documentation on the oil issue is just the media doing the old make a big deal out of nothing thing. I'm sure you arent that shallow and can see that. And like I said the problem is from how the car is driven, not the design of it. Our VX SS has covered 50,000km and has also not used a drop of oil yet, since the car is obviously well run in, this will not change.

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