Republicans still believe in 911-Iraq links

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Homero, Aug 31, 2004.

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    Seriously, how stupid can be these people?

    Funny video

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  2. Has it been proven wrong?

    People still believe in alot of stupid stuff. Do you flame them?
  3. does you thinks the moon really exists?
  4. Republicans listen to Bush. Bush said there were links. Bush got informed wrong. Bush apologized during the re-broadcasting of M*A*S*H. No Republican has heard it. So they believe still that there are links.
  5. Me and Elvis went to the moon last Friday.
  6. Yes. All republicans all believe whomever is the top republican.

    *rolls eyes*
  7. Did you forget that ALL AMERICANS are brainwashed?
  8. There have certainly been links that the people who participated in 9/11 had big ties with Iraq, there just havent been any ties of top govt officials actually planning 9/11 themselves. It can be argued either way.

    You brainwashed south americans are just too stupid to think like that.
  9. Examples of these ties? Not that I don't believe you, it's rather my curious-being that screams for them.
  10. Questions to you homero.Do you always hated republicans or is it just because it is GWB?
    Are you by hazard a kerry and more supporter????
    About Argentina. Juan and Evita were friends of Nazis they even have hidden some nazis after WWII, if you think that Argentina is better than America then it is false.For these reasons. Argentina is not a capatilastic and free country where humans rights are respected. Argentina and its Minister or President Mr Carlos Menhem refused to investigate and open archives about some funds that were given by nazis in WWII. Argentina is not at the level of the US and it is a 1/3 world country.
    The US have done a lot for Europe and many other countries.You can't like the US that is your problem but blaming a country because of its president and its government has no sense.
  11. But Argentina isn't desperately trying to claim that it's "the best country in the world"
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  13. Yes that is true. But what is irritating for me as well as other people is to see people criticizing us because of its president and its government. Bush was elected and if he gets reelected that is because people believe in what he does. Bush is enough determined to fight terrorism by all the means. Many Americans care for their safety and they stand for Bush which is easily understandable.
  14. No, I don't support Kerry because I'm still waiting to hear his plans for Iraq.

    I don't think that Argentina is better than USA, that's the problem with the US people, they are always trying to see "who's better than who".

    Argentina is a capitalist country and humans rights are respected. Don't blame me for the Perons because I wasn't even alive when that happened.

    The nazi gold files are open, you're invited to see them from Monday to Friday at Paseo Colón 1013, piso 5.

    I don't hate USA, I just hate GWB, the people who supported him and the people who are planing to vote him again (aka, Republicans).
  15. According to the US-voting system, Bush is indeed chosen to be the US-president. That the way people act about the USA irritates you, is pretty understandable. And this time it's Bush, next time Bush or Kerry. I can't remember any president that didn't get critisized (sp?), once he has hit the office (or during the elections).

    What a reason could be for this acting (from mainly native countries it seems), could be a certain dose of fear. The USA really got a "don't think twice, just bomb, dammit!" name throughout the decades, by a lot of people.

    Though, to not lose myself in a negative spiral about it: I've thought many times myself of moving to the USA, because states like Utah, Nevada and Arizona really magnetize me for some reason. Oh well, next year I'll go to Arizona to check it out there in a 2- or 3-week vacation. And once there I might think different of the US as well. Time will tell.
  16. Understand this: I really don't care about what Bush did in USA, I care about what he's doing to the rest of the world.
  17. Whoever opened the nazi gold files, thumbsup to him.
    USA is the sole superpower since USSR doesn't exist anymmore. The US is the 1st economic power so that explains why US people are proud to have a leading country.
    Capitalist ok but what is the average income? what are the wages in this country? Can the standard of living be really compared to the standard of living of Western European Countries or USA?
    I won't blame you for the Perons, don't worry I amn't like that.
    Well you cannot like GWB and his party but if people vote for him that means they appreciate him .
  18. Thinking again of presidents.. I actually liked Clinton as a president: good speaker, able to let Palestina and Israel communicate with eachother in normal terms even (it seemed like it at least). But yeah, sidenote: he had a bad taste in women <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  19. That made me laugh.

    It could be that you dont understand the english language, or that you are just stupid.

    I said before Iraq didnt have any hand in the attacks, but the hijackers had been tied to Iraqi officials.

    Thanks for proving a point I said was false in teh first place, slick.
  20. There aren't any ties to either. This is why is was all bullshit.
  21. It's funny how one of those republicans first talks so much about freedom, and then she start talking about how Michael Moore should be tried for treason for "all the terrible things he has done, and said about our country. (the American's country, that is)"
  22. Before you keep laughing, read the topic tittle, watch the video I've posted and then try to argue. The point is clear. The woman says there were 911-Iraq links and that's a huge lie.
  23. You still dont seem to get this incredibly simple points.

    Iraq never "helped" with 9/11.

    They did have ties though.

    I dont see how that is such a hard concept.
  24. Now you're lowering your words, good boy.
    For your information, USA also had "ties" with Iraq.
  25. Not the 9/11 Hijackings.

    Like I have said 50 times, Im not saying that Iraq HELPED in any way with the 9/11 attacks. Im saying that the hijackers had ties to Iraq.

    I havent changed my point any.

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