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  1. A friend has a blue with white stripes GTS. He's done a number of modifications to it, like the RT-10's sidepipes and he removed the wipers and it's the only GTS to ever come from the factory with white RT-10 wheels. I guess it was some good connections and quite a bit of luck that he got it that way. He founded one of the first Viper clubs, toured the factories, knew all of the main people involved in the Viper project, etc, but Chrylser had a policy where they wouldn't allow previous year parts to be put on new cars.
  2. dahldrin, what did he do to fill in the rear bumper? I've seen other guys put the RT/10 side exhaust on, and use diffusers in the back to mask it, and have also heard of guys simply putting the RT/10 rear bumper in the GTS's place.
  3. IIRC, he basically just has a block-off plate. Nothing too fancy.
  4. Ah, ok. Happen to have any pics of the car?

    Have you seen any pics of a GTS with a diffuser out back, while using the RT/10 side exit exhaust? It looks sharp!
  5. Yea I wanna see pics of that now too. Why did he remove the wipers?

    Edit: saturnvuedude, I sent ya an email.
  6. I'll check it when I get home from work tonight
  7. Come on, no one else has pics?
  8. Mmmm.. Yes !
  9. Thank you Tony, she's a beaty!!
  10. yep you bet it is
    vipers are so bad ass i would kill to get my hands on one

  11. hennessy
  12. wheres my pic?
  13. They are a blast. I've ridden in one, and have moved a few around at a dealer I was working at years ago. The clutches are actually really easy, unlike those in Mustang Cobras
  14. dam youve driven a mustang cobra
  15. the only 2 recent american supercars i like
  16. Not on the street. Just like the Viper, I've moved Cobras around while working at dealers
  17. Thats an RT/10
  18. my bad, not used to seeing RT/10's with roofs on
  19. i like them both too

    BTW how do you post pics, mine wont show up
  21. you #$%#ing idiot.

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